TV Graveyard

Welcome to my homage to the cancelled and the short lived.

So what shows are we talking about for inclusion here? Well, my criteria is a show that lasted for one season or less, and that I've actually had the chance to see. I may also cover those actors who seem to have the poor luck to be with a show during its demise. They get a slight extension on the one season show rule - if they join a show for the last season, then they can also be included (so, for example, Eric Close joined the cast of "Sisters" for its sixth and last season).

The current list of shows I'm including are:

I may have missed a couple of obvious ones from the above. Please shout if you can think of any others.

Notable actors, who should be given a mention:

  • Eric Close - 5 entries - Santa Barbara, McKenna, Sisters, Dark Skies, Now and Again.
  • Jeffrey D. Sams - at least 3 entries - Wasteland, Cupid, Sleepwalkers - I say at least as his IMDB entry also lists Mondo Picasso, Courthouse, and Medicine Ball, none of which I've determine whether were axed or were conceived as mini-series; so he might have Eric Close beat here...
  • Kelly Rutherford - 4 entries (with one possible) - Homefront (joined in S2, which was the show's last), the Adventures of Brisco County Jr, The Great Defender, Kindred The Embraced - fifth entry would be Get Real, but doesn't list her amongst the main cast (and guest stars don't count or she'd get an entry for The Fugitive).

There are probably quite a few other recurring actors in the above list - I'll continue to flesh it out as I spot people (even when my suspicion leads nowhere - like after spotting Kelly Rutherford in The Fugitive). There are probably quite a large number with 2 entries (Nicole DeBoer springs to mind here - Deepwater Black and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) for example.