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Robocop: The Series


  1. The Future Of Law Enforcement (Part 1)
  2. The Future Of Law Enforcement (Part 2)
  3. Prime Suspect
  4. Trouble In Delta City
  5. Officer Missing
  6. What Money Can't Buy
  7. Ghosts Of War
  8. Zone Five
  9. Provision 22
  10. Faces Of Eve
  11. When Justice Fails
  12. The Human Factor
  13. Inside Crime
  14. RoboCop Vs. Commander Cash
  15. Illusions
  16. The Tin Man
  17. Sisters In Crime
  18. Heartbreakers
  19. Mother's Day
  20. Nano
  21. Corporate Raiders
  22. Midnight Minus One
  23. Public Enemies


01/02 - The Future Of Law Enforcement

"The Future Of Law Enforcement" is set five years after the original film, with one of the criminals RoboCop arrested back then (who was scarred by toxic waste) wanting revenge, and taking helpless old people hostage to get his attention. Of course, it's really just an excuse to show off RoboCop's abilities as he goes in solo to stop the bad guy.

His partner, Madigan, is trying for a promotion to detective. One of OCP's vice presidents, Chip, has brought in a mad scientist (Dr Cray Z. Mallardo) planning to build a supercomputer (Neurobrain) that will run the entire city, but Chip's secretary has her doubts. Cue the kid... Gadget by name, and causing a disturbance at the police station, including blundering into RoboCop's repair bay.

Ah, the missing homeless people from the news report at the start finally have an explanation. Aforementioned mad scientist needs a human mind to finish his computer off, but the last 12 have been a failure, so Chip has to go and find candidate number 13. Fortunately for the plot, Gadget manages to see the abduction from where she's hiding in an alley. Oh, and then when she comes to tell the police, RoboCop gets the job of escorting her back to Family Services, just so she can persuade him she's telling the truth about the abduction.

Murphy's son has run away from home, and his former wife is at Family Services looking for him. And then Gadget overhears a conversation between the head of Family Services and Chip about the Dogtown Boys and the fact they've recruited Murphy's son (Jimmy). Meanwhile, Madigan's decided to investigate the missing homeless guy on her own, and finds evidence at the scene.

Doctor Mallardo's experiment fails again - although the latest candidate was more intelligent, they need a younger brain... and the secretary blunders in. Okay, dumb pun, Madigan follows a lead to the "Ecoli Brothers - Meatpackers" warehouse, where the Dogtown Boys are trying to persuade a new bunch of members, and Jimmy isn't falling for their message. Fortunately, Madigate breaks things up before they attack Jimmy... and then discovers the Dogtown Boys haven't disposed of the homeless bodies like Chip asked them to.

Performing a retina scan on the deceased, Murphy matches it to the mad doctor. Fortunately, the computer search is detected by the doctor, and he gets Chip to release the criminal (Pudface Morgan) to stop RoboCop, who blows a hole in him just after he arrests Mallardo. Murphy is dead, and OCP isn't willing to pay for the repairs to bring him back on line.

OCP bring Neurobrain online, but the secretary (Diana Powers) is still aware, trapped in the computer, and listening in on everything that's happening (including Mallardo murdering three executives who badmouth him). Chip catches a glimpse of her, and Mallardo hears her, but aren't yet ready to believe she's still alive. The mad Doctor decides to blackmail the Chairman with his control of the computer. Fortunately, when Cray goes on a killing spree, Diana exerts her power and saves them... and then finds out her own plight, trapped in the computer with no body to go back to, and no option to crash the computer as people would die if she did.

Fortunately for Murphy, felons can't run companies, and he's the only one with evidence of Mallardo's crimes. So the Chairman authorises RoboCop's reinstatement at the same time as giving in to Cray's demands. Chip and the mad Doctor devise a plan to eliminate Diana, and Chip also has time to sneak into the lab and wipe Murphy's memories. Diana manages to get out of the lab, repair RoboCop, and direct him to come out and save her... how come she can appear as a hologram anyway?

Madigan picks up Jimmy; the police Chief picks up Gadget and makes friends with her, finally planning to adopt her; Murphy has to fight his way through a line of goons as well as Pudface Morgan to get in the building and save Diana at the last minute. Chip and Mallardo go to gaol. And Madigan gets promoted to detective.

03 - Prime Suspect

"Prime Suspect" looks to be a RoboCop 2 rip-off - we've got a bunch of war Veterans, brain dead and cryogenically stored by OCP. But they haven't got the money to continue storing them, so a cyberneticist wants to reanimate them all as new robo-cops. Of course, there's a bunch of religious protestors who are against the idea. And there's the mayor, who's in bed with a crime boss, and RoboCop being the only one with the evidence against him.

The televangelist steps up his PR campaign against RoboCop, and Murphy commiserates in a church (where he originally married) with Diana. Then the reverend gets killed while taking a bath, and the ballistic evidence point to RoboCop (his ammo, his targeting ability). Clearly it's the cybernetic war vets from the start, but meanwhile RoboCop gets framed and internal affairs want to shut him down (thereby wiping his memories). Murphy refuses to declare where he was, claiming Directive 1 (To Protect The Public Trust) prevent him.

There's a sham hearing, where we find that RoboCop's gun is encoded to him, and can't be fired by anyone else. The Mayor determines that he should be shut down, so Murphy takes Madigan hostage as an escape tactic. After a brief chase and shootout, Murphy ditches the car in the river and escapes. The internal affairs guy realises Murphy might make for his church and corners him and Madigan there. RoboCop escapes into the sewers but is seriously injured by the IA guy's idiot assistant.

Diana patches Murphy through to headquarters where Gadget shows him the prototype of his circuitry so he can repair himself. Diana is the person RoboCop is protecting, who could give him an alibi. The duplicate circuitry leads Diana to discover that the scientist who created RoboCop's neural circuitry (and wanted to make the cybernetic war vets) also created his gun... hmmm, think there might be duplicate?

Unfortunately, Lipincott is with the cyberneticist, and he's put together the same theory, so obviously he's in trouble. The scientist used the prototype gun and the targeting in the prototype helmet to kill the reverend. RoboCop gets Gadget to call in the IA guys. And then there's a shoot out... how come the IA guy's gun runs out of bullets, but the prototype seems to have an unlimited supply?

04 - Trouble In Delta City

"Trouble In Delta City" opens with Murphy in a high speed pursuit of another car... but when he manages to catch them, it turns out Madigan is driving! There's a crime wave sweeping Delta City, and there's a new weight loss pill on the market - there couldn't be a connection could there? The Chairman wants to step up distribution of the NoGain tablets, but the OCP executive (Frosh) in charge of the project knows there's something wrong and wants to stop it.

It seems Mallardo was involved in the development, even from within his gaol cell, and the pills are addictive and have a de-inhibitive effect. He was planning his revenge, and plotted everything... and he has an agent on the outside to help him. Gadget gives Madigan the evidence of NoGain's dangers, and she goes to the plant to stop it.

RoboCop, coming to the same conclusion, shuts down distribution of the pills. Mallardo's co-conspirator on the outside turns out to be Pudface Morgan in disguise looking for revenge on RoboCop, and phase two of the plan involves putting concentrated NoGain in the reservoir... except in those quantities it's lethal, as demonstrated by Pudface on Frosh when he captures him and Madigan. During the final shootout, Madigan gets free of her bonds and stops Pudface from shooting Murphy.

05 - Officer Missing

"Officer Missing" opens with an ad looking for human research subjects (as animal testing is banned), and Old Detroit is suffering from power shortages. And there's a sick little boy whose parents live out in the blackout zone... which is suffering from roving gangs who come out when it's dark. Diana tries to persuade the Chairman to go down to Old Detroit to see what's really happening - arranging a ride-along with RoboCop.

However, RoboCop and the Chairman end up in a fight with the gang when trying to save the family with the sick child. Murphy is seriously injured, and they're taken to a nearby clinic for temporary shelter. The Chairman discovers a low-tech solution to the power problem has already been invented, but meets hostility for having closed down the local manufacturing plants.

The guy who built the power units has to repair a seriously damaged RoboCop to stave off the gang outside, and so the police can come in and find them. But there's a risk that Murphy's memories will be lost during the procedure. The repairs are a success, the Chairman determines to licence the power units, RoboCop stops the criminals, and retains his memories.

06 - What Money Can't Buy

"What Money Can't Buy" sees a theft of lungs from an organ bank - fortunately, the container has a tracking device on it, but it's going to present the transplant that the boy from the previous episode needs. The theft leads to Murphy and Madigan having to track down all the scattered elements of an organ smuggling ring. I think they ran out of ideas for this episode - it's just a regular police procedural and doesn't really need to be a RoboCop episode... but at least there's lots of Diana in this episode...

07 - Ghosts Of War

"Ghosts Of War" sees a bunch of veterans robbing an armoury, but they're all more than a little crazy - Joan of Arc? Megabyte Man? When Murphy tries to stop them, he's hit by a plasma cannon and seriously damaged. Madigan is put in a tough position by a prejudiced OCP executive who doesn't want her poking her nose around his weapons research division.

It seems the crazies were part of a secret bioweapons mission that they want disclosed to the public, and they'll fire the plasma cannon into the MetroNet computer system if they don't get their way. But doing so will erase all data in the system, including Diana.

08 - Zone Five

"Zone Five" sees Jimmy out in the rundown area of the city, selling water, when a couple of punks try to shake them down for the money. A bunch of vigilantes turn up to put a stop to it, and then RoboCop blunders into the middle. It seems the vigilantes, calling themselves the Community Action Patrol (or CAP) have been licenced by OCP to provide security in the area!

A new drug, Fun, removes all sense of guilt from the user, and its use is troubling the city. And Madigan's been undercover to track down the supplier. The idiot guy from Internal Affairs from Prime Suspect is now head of OCP's security division, and therefore the cops' boss, and he's the one giving Zone Five security over to the CAP Crew so the police can concentrate on other areas of the city.

Okay, and who didn't see the fact that the CAP Crew are the ones distributing the Fun drug? Madigan gets outed by her Fun dealer contact, but Murphy comes along and tags the guy, running him into Zone Five before getting stuck with a grenade and losing an arm. But the CAP Crew make an example of the dealer, killing him before he can talk. The OCP idiot sticks a chip in RoboCop to prevent him from entering Zone Five.

Madigan and Jimmy independently discover that the CAP Crew are the Fun manufacturers, and they go to the Chairman with the evidence. He agrees to have RoboCop's programming changed so that Murphy can go in and stop them.

09 - Provision 22

"Provision 22" opens with a protest outside WebCare against the titular provision, and Jimmy and his mother are in the middle of it. WebCare are dependent on the provision for their profits, and they have a rehab programme that will teach the protestors their position in life, and they target the leaders of the protest, including Mrs Murphy. RoboCop steps in to stop the WebCare security arrest of the protestors, but the Reverend in charge still gets held until the Police can produce a court order to free him. The chances of the good Reverend being put through the rehab programme before he's freed? And do we really have to suffer through an episode of "How does Murphy get his former family off of welfare?"

Finally we get an explanation of Provision 22 - it's illegal to work while receiving welfare benefits. But Mrs Murphy is working anyway... and she gets picked up for it. They've already brainwashed the priest, and now they've picked up RoboCop's wife. Fortunately, Diana's pushing gets Murphy to check the law, and his wife is being detained illegally. RoboCop breaks into WebCare and frees her before she can be brainwashed. And Diana persuades the Chairman to look at WebCare's financial data.

But there's still the inside bomber to deal with, which Murphy leaves Madigan to deal with, and then there's getting the family off welfare... yawn! The Chairman fires the evil WebCare executives, but he's then planning to go to the Mission, where the bomb is... Except, it isn't a bomb, it's a sonic device that turns brains into mush. Strange how it still causes a big explosion though!

10 - Faces Of Eve

"Faces Of Eve" sees an OCP scientist discover the secret of DNA reorganisation, where someone can completely change their appearance at a genetic level. Of course, the chairman immediately spots the economic possibilities, but the transformation seems to have a slight flaw, in that it only lasts 3 hours. Of course, from the scientist's point of view, that's a great selling point, as it creates a continual demand for the product. And then there's the two criminals who break into the lab and steal a prototype unit.

Of course, the product has a particular appeal to Pudface Morgan. And his first act out of gaol is to try to kill the judge who put him away... except Jimmy witnesses the attempt and has to be kidnapped. Fortunately, RoboCop is there for the abduction and tags the van.

Meanwhile, the scientist discovers another problem with his product, even when using the FirmaToner to stabilise the change. Of course, questioning why RoboCop feels it necessary to grab onto and hang from the wrecking ball Pudface is operating is beyond me, but we might as well have a pointless action scene after he rescues Jimmy. Pudface uses the Eve device to make himself look like the police captain.

Pudface uses the Chairman's face and computer to activate RoboCop's termination sequence, but Diana's on hand to keep him going until Lipincott can stop the process. Meanwhile, Pudface has to sit in on an OCP executive meeting. Charlie has to do some illegal hacking to get use of OCPs satellite network so he can stop the termination.

11 - When Justice Fails

"When Justice Fails" sees Tori Tolan take over Cryo-Nautics, the company responsible for the OCP SpaceTram fuel. Tori isn't exactly liked, having something of a reputation for smash-and-grap corporate takeovers. Someone at the courthouse attempts to kill Tori, but RoboCop manages to save her... and she sets her sights on acquiring him.

Tori pressures the Chairman into selling RoboCop to her, in return for the fuel for the SpaceTram and not disclosing his insider trading of Cryo-Nautics stock. The previous owner of Cryo-Nautics is worried about the untested fuel for the Tram. A report exists showing the fuel has a tendency to crystallise after 10 hours, becoming dangerously volatile, and someone breaks into Cryo-Nautics to get that report. But RoboCop stops the theft, losing a leg in the process, and then having to report to Tori Tolan to protect her.

Tori's chief lawyer (and ex NSA guy) frames and then kills one of Cryo-Nautics former executives for an attempted bombing on Ms Tolan. Madigan doesn't buy it though, and starts poking around at Cryo-Nautics. After murdering the scientist, Murphy determines that it has to be the lawyer... who manages to freeze Murphy solid in the final showdown... and a very silly snowman he is too. Once he thaws, the lawyer tries to escape, but slides into the cooling system and gets frozen solid himself... not sure he'll survive that one! And based on the fact we just had really poor CGI cracking and falling apart, I think he's probably dead! RoboCop and Tori Tolan contact the Chairman to abort the SpaceTram launch... presenting him with the evidence of the fuel problems. She also turns the company back to its former owner, and she goes off to join a beauty spa.

12 - The Human Factor

"The Human Factor" sees a bomber escape from gaol to return to his wave of attacks against OCP. The guy who caught him 12 years ago? Murphy's father! And in another use of a Forever Knight star (after Nicholas in Provision 22), we have Lucian LaCroix as the head of OCP's new Anti-Corporate Terrorism (or ACT) Team. RoboCop has to work closely with his father.

The mad bomber wants to get his revenge because OCP stopped his hair growth research based on spider webs and he's still bald because of it. Unfortunately for the ACT Team, the bomber's initial five attacks match the pattern of his previous ones, so they fall for the dummy attack as number 6. Fortunately, Alex and his father are on to the new pattern and get to the refinery to stop the sixth bomb.

But, the bomber having planned for the obvious, has set the bomb to respond to RoboCop's thermographic scan. Fortunately, his father's hands are steady enough to trip the off switch with his old police badge. Then Webber threatens OCP towers, and although Lucien locks the building down and evacuates everyone, the bomber still gets into the boardroom with a nuclear device. Of course, to get in and defuse the nuclear bomb, RoboCop pretty much has to give the game away as to his secret identity with his father.

13 - Inside Crime

"Inside Crime" sees a TV crew following around a bunch of masked criminals as part of the titular TV show. Apparently, they can't interfere with the crime as that would be illegal. The head criminal turns out to be Pudface Morgan, who gets away when the film crew spoil Murphy's line of fire. When Robocop's second attempt causes the cameraman to fall off the fire escape, he has to catch the guy and let Pudface get away. But then the other member of the film team wants Murphy arrested!

The show gets great ratings, so the woman running it teams up with Pudface Morgan to organise a rematch between him and RoboCop. And then she continues to cooperate with Pudface for ratings, while he sets up the theft of a gold shipment intended to cover the next Delta City expansion.

But when Morgan takes the camera crew plus the Chairman and Madigan hostage at OCP towers, Murphy doesn't fall for it, realising that the guy in the mask might be one of Pudface's henchmen wearing a vocal modification device that makes him sound like Morgan. However, he still lets him break into the vault with the gold, but he's delayed the live video so that Pudface still thinks the hostage situation is ongoing. Then he can come in and save the day. Of course, Inside Crime gets replaced on the schedule with a new programme, "Those Darn Vigilantes"!

14 - RoboCop Vs. Commander Cash

"RoboCop Vs. Commander Cash" sees Commander Cash breakfast cereal making a big hit with the kids, and the special glasses that come in the packages apparently reveal secret messages in the ads and on the boxes... any chance we're dealing with subliminal messages in the adverts to brainwash children? Lending credence to my theory, RoboCop chases down a runaway delivery truck, that turns out to be full of kids...

Oh look, the Commander Cash actor has been tied up in his dressing room and a criminal has stoeln his suit. I wonder who it could be? Oh, hello guest actress Lisa Howard, playing the dumb blonde assistant to the OCP executive taking the fall this episode. Okay, and that's just weird - the OCP executive is played by Barry Flatman, who appeared in Earth Final Conflict, with Lisa Howard, and in a single episode of Forever Knight (Spin Doctor), also with Lisa Howard!

The fake Commander Cash isn't really being evil, he's just telling kids to take the commercial rubbish they want without paying for it - much like the subliminal messages are telling them. Turns out the fake Commander Cash was a former scientist at OCP military research, and he invented both the subliminal messages and the Commander Cash cartoon character. But he was swindled by the OCP guy who'd invented a chemical that makes people suggestible to subliminal messages.

15 - Illusions

"Illusions" opens at the Amazonia Nut Company, who are shipping weapons in crates full of peanuts. Except the police raid the place, and Murphy was hiding inside one of the crates. The guy running the gun shipments has hired The Magician to stop the police - a guy in a mask and stage getup who appears and disappears in a flash - and he's bringing in a couple of extra hitters to cut off the head (the OCP Chairman).

Madigan goes to a magic store to get help in tracking down The Magician, and appears to be getting a boyfriend into the bargain. OCP have a big get together to unveil the latest version of the Police Interceptor, and with the Chairman announcing it, the two henchmen (well, one henchman and one henchwoman) are there to take him out. Unfortunately, Madigan manages to slow down the woman turning the lights off and RoboCop manages to get in between the Chairman and the sniper with enough time to detect him with his night vision.

And then there's just the basic detective work of tracking down the Magician... and his identity is obvious considering there are only two possible suspects! But Madigan gets to show off some basic sleight of hand during the episode...

16 - The Tin Man

"The Tin Man" opens with an ice cream van that also appears to be a front for a bookmaking organisation. But then they have a shootout with a sandwich vending truck. The OCP guy in charge of the criminal think tank has decided to override RoboCop's directives so that he's as ruthless as the criminals. When the Chairman shoots down his plan, the guy calls the prison to activate something called Tin Man, which appears to be a guy with electrodes stuck to his forehead.

When the Tin Man guy breaks up an illegal fight ring, RoboCop also comes in, and recognises him as Molloy, a former partner. He manages to tag him before a talking bomb blows up the building. However, when the Vigilante (Malloy) gets back to the prison, he's kept comatose on the machines... but when he's left alone, he appears to wake up for a brief moment... so presumably he'll wake up and go on a rampage at some point!

During a shootout with more goons, Murphy manages to get through to Malloy, and bring him back to the police station. Gadget gets addicted to the lottery, stealing money from people to try and win. Malloy escapes from custody to follow his orders to take out the the heads of the illegal gambling, but he's struggling to even survive the confrontation. Murphy makes it there to intervene, but Malloy takes a rocket launcher strike before RoboCop can stop the criminals. However, it's possible Malloy gets away...

17 - Sisters In Crime

"Sisters In Crime" sees the OCP executive fired for the Inside Crime incident running a campaign alledging OCP is sexist, and demonstraters have gathered outside the OCP Towers. But a bunch of demonstraters break through and accost the Chairman and his limo. They're armed with spraypaint, but RoboCop manages to apprehend them with only a minor change of colour!

Chip Chaykin's back... he was fired in an earlier episode, but I don't recall which one... and here he's teamed up with the women protestors for some buyout of some company. Two of the women (plus Chip, disguised as a woman), get into see the Chairman, and kidnap him. Chip sticks around to inject a virus into the OCP computer... Ah yes, Chip was fired in the pilot, as he knows about Diana. The virus traps Diana in a big yellow bubble which takes 24 hours to kill her... how is Murphy going to find out about it?

Chip gets into the Chairman's stock portfolio so he can manipulate who gets a vote in the buyout. Ah, without the Chairman, the votes for his shares are divided between the other board members, and the buyout will go through - it's a hostile takeover of OCP by another company!

18 - Heartbreakers

"Heartbreakers" sees Diana missing having a life. She apparently loved to dance. Someone breaks into some research lab and steals a device called a heartbreaker. Meanwhile, someone hacks into RoboCop's file. One of the criminals gets away with the device, giving the two cops providing backup heart attacks. I guess now we know what the device does! Why does the hacker want RoboCop's identity?

The second device they tried to steal was an enhancer - designed to boost a device's effectiveness 100 times... better keep that one under wraps! Of course, OCP are involved with the research. The escaped criminal uses the heartbreaker on his accomplice to prevent him talking. The OCP executive responsible for the research is the one who looked up RoboCop's identity. The criminal decides to use Murphy's family against him. Lipincott uses VR to enter MetroNet to look into the hacker.

Diana and Lipincott meet in VR, and she suggests it might be an OCP employee. Lipincott wants to go for coffee, but Diana suggests they meet back in the computer. Nancy Murphy is taken hostage and RoboCop has to deliver the power enhancer and long-range scope to get her back. RoboCop's directives get in the way of him following their request, but fortunately, Uphold The Law comes lower on his list than Protect The Innocent. Lipincott goes back into the computer to find out why RoboCop is acting so strangely. Diana gets her dance...

19 - Mother's Day

"Mother's Day" sees the attempted bust of one of the Detroit crime lords (Molotov) for smuggling caviar. He's wearing a device that scrambles surveillance so the cops can't get video footage of him, but Sergeant Parks witnesses the entire transaction... so clearly he's at risk as the chief prosecution witness. But instead of hitting him directly, Molotov's goons are going after Gadget.

Jimmy and Gadget are hanging out together at the mall, and Gadget's upset about the forthcoming Mothers Day. What's EVE doing on sale? Did OCP sort out the problems? Two goons try to grab Gadget and Jimmy, but RoboCop gets there to arrest them. Molotov recruits Pudface Morgan's two goons to make a second attempt. Gadget meanwhile is looking for her mother, and she's now got a name - Sally Modesto - to look for.

The goons get the information on Gadget's mother, and Park's putting pressure on her persuades her to try to reunite with her mother. But clearly those goons are going to step in and impersonate the mother. Or they're going to go out and hire someone to play the part. Cue Camilla Scott (Inspector Thatcher, Due South) as the counterfeit Sally Modesto, who gives Gadget her ideal life. However, she realises her mistakes and tries to get Gadget out of trouble once Molotov enters the picture. Although it's wrapped up that Sally is counterfeit, Parks has done a DNA comparison, and she is really Gadget's mother...

20 - Nano

"Nano" opens with a jewelry thief getting nabbed by RoboCop and Madigan... and he apparently got in and out without tripping the alarm. Getting him to talk lands him in trouble, when the guy backing him (and hiding in a car around the corner) shoots some glowing blue worm things into a nearby bus, which comes alive and runs the thief down. Madigan manages to get on board before it crashes in a fiery blaze. Let me guess - the glowy blue things are nanites? Madigan's neck was broken in the crash? And before the end of the show the nanites will miraculously heal her so she can come back next episode?

Oh look, there's Madigan in a hospital, with severe spine and neck damage and no hope of recovery. And here's some scientists planning to rob some bank with their nano-machines so they can buy some macguffin to give them the computing power to allow the machines to cure people. Fortunately, RoboCop manages to get to the bank robbery just in time to tag one of the robbers. Lipincott's having no luck discovering what the gunky residue left behind is... but then gets a break with IRS records.

The criminals are sending the nanites into Metronet to shut down all the police and fire alarms in the city... and clearly this'll have a deleterious effect on Diana... she's decided to throw a party in all the city's computers! Diana gets some great lines here... Fortunately, RoboCop cures her before Madigan dies due to the power loss at the hospital. The bad guy gets captured... and oh, look, the scientist cures Madigan! Yawn!

21 - Corporate Raiders

"Corporate Raiders" sees a group in rubber Chairman masks raiding companies with high-tech hardware (including mines and chemicals that cause people to lose their memory). Meanwhile, the Chairman himself is presenting an award for something or other... and the winner is Jimmy Murphy. Of course, there's also the excuse to get Murphy's father back into the show, with him spotting a criminal hiding in the shadows at the ceremony.

Turns out she has a metal hand... not sure why... and the raiders want to capture Mr Murphy alive for something... And clearly RoboCop didn't drop enough hints to his father in the earlier episode, as he definitely doesn't know it's his son here, and he's slowly putting the pieces together. It turns out the elder Murphy was the one who caught the woman with the metal hand originally. And now she wants revenge. Of course, RoboCop's helmet gets knocked off in the final confrontation and his father finds out. Cue pointless sentimentalism. And the third set of credits, this time with the Joe Walsh and Lita Ford performing in a montage of scenes. I'm not sure this is any better than the tune played over RoboCop driving... but can the producers make up their minds!

22 - Midnight Minus One

"Midnight Minus One" sees a bunch of extras from a Mad Max film stealing stuff and then getting in a car chase with RoboCop. Unfortunately, his car is filled with a biotoxin, and he has to seal it with him inside to contain the stuff. Meanwhile OCP are launching a crime prevention computing system - Leader. Meanwhile, there's a criminal about to be executed, whose confession included destroying a canister of gas that turned up in RoboCop's car... so something fishy is going on.

The guy running the Leader programme, who was a child prodigy, kept the gas, and seems to be holding prisoner the psychiatrist who treated the criminal on death row so he believes he's guilty. Madigan stumbles into the middle of it, but gets thrown off the roof for her troubles. Fortunately, RoboCop turns up with a glowy yellow electric field generator that slows and stops her fall.

The Leader guy meets with all the world's crime bosses, persuading them to pay him five million dollars in return for him deleting them from all crime databases everywhere in the world. Unfortunately, Molotov's attempts to stop RoboCop by sticking him in a crushing machine fail, and he stops them all. But can he stop the bad guy AND stop the execution?

23 - Public Enemies

"Public Enemies" sees another Pudface Morgan outing, with him breaking into the Cyborg Resupply center, where all of RoboCop's spares are. Robocop gets caught point blank by a grenade, and all his replacement parts are destroyed, so if he's damaged, what do they do? And this really is an all star final episode, as Pudface Morgan is teamed up with Chip Chaykin. Mallardo put in an appearance right at the start... so who else can we expect?

Madigan questions Mallardo... who claims to be getting psychic information about future crimes. Ah, even the useless OCP executive is back (whose name is Foster, not that anyone cares at this point!). Mallardo's psychic premonitions are really transmissions from Chip over the TV in his cell. The secret service are in town, and don't trust RoboCop, so they've got him on crowd control. That doesn't suit whatever purposes Chip and Mallardo have brewing, so they get Pudface to kidnap the useless guy to show off RoboCop's abilities.

Mallardo is let out to tell the President that she and the Chairman are at risk from a remote controlled bomb... and RoboCop confirms that he is 100% certain he's telling the truth. So Murphy gets let in on the security for the event. Except, he's the bomb... presumably they tampered with his spares, which was why they had to destroy the original supply. Of course, the villains are determined to double cross each other - Chaykin plants a bomb on Morgan's van, while Morgan plots to kill Chaykin and Mallardo once they've stolen all the OCP shares.

RoboCop manages to put together the fact that his own weaponry is the bomb. So he corners Chip and Mallardo when they're trying to escape... Of course, he threatens to wait with them until they tell him where Pudface is... which they know leaves them at ground zero for the bomb. RoboCop goes to confront Pudface, who plays the evil villain to perfection by not detonating the bomb when he can, and instead trying to run him down. Murphy pushes the van over, so Pudface pushes the button... blowing up his own van. So all three criminals go back to gaol. Cue moralistic ending...


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