TV Graveyard



  1. Pilot
  2. Lights Out
  3. Watershed
  4. Alpha Male
  5. Unnatural Selection
  6. The Hunt
  7. Fish Story
  8. The Cradle
  9. The Dredge
  10. Origin Of Species
  11. Us Or Them
  12. Power
  13. Redemption
  14. All God's Creatures
  15. the Nest
  16. The Fittest
  17. The Key
  18. Re-Evolution
  19. The Son Also Rises
  20. Run And Gun
  21. Round Up
  22. The Last Wave Goodbye


01 - Pilot

A plane up studying a hurricane that's on its way to Miami is blown out of the sky by hundreds of glowing things that were under the ocean surface. Homestead, Florida, out in the Everglades, and Park Ranger Russell Varon is helping people get to the shelters and batten down the hatches before the storm hits. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Larkin is getting some news footage of the preparations. Russell's kids, Jesse and Rose, are looking for the family cat, and Larkin's brother Dave is more worried about getting enough beer to last the storm than looking after the kids.

Russell's ex-wife Mariel is being kept busy at the hospital, and her new husband, Sheriff Tom Underlay is keeping an eye on the general preparations - and seems eager for the storm to hit. Tom's daughter Kira doesn't think much of the school's "hurricane survival tips." Mariel makes a last-minute detour to check on her children, but Rose is missing. She's out looking for the cat, which is when she observes the lights falling from the sky offshore. Jesse's not too happy with Mariel's overprotectiveness. Russell finds Rose and the cat, but his car is flipped during the drive home...

The military rescue them after the storm has passed, and everyone's okay back home... even if the house is a bit smashed up! The Sheriff puts in an appearance because Mariel didn't make it home after leaving the Varon residence the previous evening. The search finds Mariel's car, but she's not in it, and there's blonde hair on a nearby treestump. Dave's interested in Rose's story of the lights landing in the water. Mariel's found naked, lying in a nearby pool! But she seems to be having trouble remembering stuff.

The Sheriff wants to order a quarantine, and seems to know more about Mariel's condition than he's letting on. Dave and Rose are floating around the Everglades looking for her glowing things, but they find a piece of wreckage instead. There's also a skeleton floating amid the wreckage! Rose and Jesse are packed off to see their mother. The local priest is found alive after 20 hours in the water, and he has the same shell-shocked look as Mariel.

Dave went back for the body - and he's convinced he's found evidence of aliens. Persuading Russell to go out into the swamp with him, they find a glowing thing under the water, that attacks Dave. Russell has to fish him out of the water and get him to the hospital. Rose is concerned that Mariel smells different to usual. Mariel's acting oddly, and the Sheriff seems to be oddly concerned with the priest's condition. Oh yeah, and the whole "first days are the hardest... baby steps" line from Tom to Mariel isn't suspicious!

02 - Lights Out

Russell takes the body to get it checked out. Dave's concerned that the quarantine will leave them vulnerable to the aliens. Rose misses her mother, declaring that Mariel isn't her. A diver in a wetsuit shows up seriously injured in the ranger station - he's got strange puncture wounds spread out across his body! Dave's wounds match those of the diver.

Mariel manages to extract some sort of spiny thing from the diver's wounds, that he gives to Russell to identify. Russell discovers that the diver was part of the air force, but they're denying anyone's missing. Mariel and Tom were out all night - and Mariel is concerned that she didn't even think about calling the kids when she was away. Rose is still convinced Mariel has changed since the storm. Larkin can't get out of town - the roads are closed even though the quarantine hasn't yet gone into effect, but she can navigate around it on back roads.

The diver, Paxton, has told Dave "don't let them in" and he's convinced the air force were planning to meet a UFO. Someone's stolen the corpse from the boot of Dave's car. How does the Sheriff know that the diver will be dead before morning? Why does Paxton's wife believe her husband is on a mission overseas? Tom and Mariel come to pick the kids up again... and Russell isn't very happy about it...

Larkin's boss doesn't want to cover the mysterious air force diver story! And the air force have swooped in and taken Paxton's body from the hospital. Russell and Dave find a wedding ring in the boot of the car where the other body disappeared from. Rose tells Tom about the lights she saw during the hurricane... and Tom admits that he saw them too!

03 - Watershed

Dave starts making internet broadcasts about the alien encounters in town. Russell is running tests on the creature sample pulled from the diver. Dave wants to check out the ring at the local jewelers. Mariel zones out on the water flowing from the tap. Armin Shimmerman puts in an appearance as the jeweler. Jesse and Kira take a shortcut to the gas station, and find an overturned RV, half submerged just off the path. The pair of them swim out to it.... but their investigation atrracts one of the glowing things, which attacks Jesse.

Kira runs back to get help - getting Russell to come for help. Jesse's seriously injured, but still alive. The jeweler finds a date on the ring - 2-14-86 - but is that the wedding date? Most of Jesse's wounds are glass related from where he was thrown through a partition - they don't match the alien attack on the diver. Kira's blaming herself for the attack. Larkin watches mysterious unmarked military trucks roll into town.

Jesse reacts as if he's being given the wrong blood type - but he's been given Mariel's blood, and she used to be the same blood-type! Larkin questions the army about the trucks, and they lie about why they're here. Russell gets a look at Mariel's blood-test results - and they show massive amounts of haemoglobin, which either means contaminated equipment, or that the donor was a dolphin or whale! Tom takes Larkin out to where the air force are working, to question them directly. She can't tell anyone about it - but they're alledgedly recovering the team that Paxton was part of - a search a rescue team looking for a downed weather aircraft.

Tom and his first wife Grace were married on Valentine's day, 1986 - but Dave misses the fact that the date and inscription are written on the back of their wedding photo! Everyone gathers at Jesse's bedside, by which time Mariel has a plausible story about the blood mix-up. But based on her behaviour in the bath later, she's still got a water fixation!

04 - Alpha Male

Larkin's filming a report when a woman attacks her claiming "she's one of them!" Okay... Larkin's an alien now? Ah, Aisha Hinds puts in an appearance as Russell's deputy. Why does the Sheriff have water back on when no-one else does? The woman who attacked Larkin is tied to the bed in Mariel's care - the woman was schizophrenic but her medication was cut off by the quarantine.

The mayor gets a lot of community pressure to ease the quarantine. Tom claims his house have a well, which is why he has water when no-one else does. A bunch of infected baboons escape into the Everglades, and Russell's in charge of tracking them down before anyone else is infected. Tom isn't happy when he finds out about the possible contagion. Dave gets home, but Kira and Jesse and still out - at a beach party - and Kira's being seduced to go off with her boyfriend. Jesse wants to leave, but Kira asks him to wait for her.

While Kira makes out with the boyfriend, a glowing thing appears in the water nearby. Oh yeah, dumb boyfriend wants to wander out in the water and touch it... good plan! Larkin manages to find Kira and Jesse just after the sun comes up - as they're leaving, the boyfriend reappears, completely naked. Russell manages to shoot the male baboon with a tranquiliser, making it easy to catch the females. An inspection shows that none of the baboons are carriers of disease. So what's causing the rash of infections? Tom gets to re-impose his quarantine.

Mariel puts together that the victims of the illness are linked by their presence at relief centers. The medical guy that Larkin was interviewing at the start may be the common link, and Russell and Tom go to question him together. Turns out he's the carrier - but he's not sick himself - as he visited the research center after the hurricane and dropped a flu sample, infecting himself. Tom's willing to drop the quarantine as long as he can keep his "safety circle." Russell still wants to know why the guy isn't sick... and Tom might know something about that, considering he doesn't fear any contagion from the guy and goes into his trailer to talk to him!

05 - Unnatural Selection

Rose sees one of the lights in the water near where she's playing, and Larkin's upset that she hasn't been told about them. One of Russell's colleagues is having marital difficulties and wants to talk to Russell, but he's busy trying to corral his family. The priest invites Mariel to the church "survivor's group." The colleague of Russell's breaks in to a store and gets himself shot by Tom. Russell goes to see the dead guy Carl's wife, who claims she asked her husband for a divorce and that Carl went crazy and she had to call the sheriff.

Kira wants Jesse to go with her to talk to Carl's son. Larkin goes to see a friend of hers on the nearby military base. She's intrigued by the OSI hangar on the base. Dave builds Rose a treehouse. Carl's son tells Russell that his mother has been a completely different person since being pulled from the water. Mariel goes to see the priest. Carl's son, Gage, moves out of the house as his mother no longer wants him there - she's found comfort in the "survivor's group."

Larkin sneaks into the OSI hangar! She observes a whole bunch of metal boxes, just like the one she observed earlier, but has to leave before she can find out more. Russell confronts Tom outside the church, and observes Mariel entering. Tom speaks to the church group - he and his first wife were on a flight that had an emergency, dropped 6000 feet, crashing in the Everglades. 19 hours later, Tom was pulled from the water, the only survivor.

06 - The Hunt

Patrolling the glades, Russell and Mona find a Cuban man on his floating car. All his family were killed by lights in the water. Kira's previously attacked boyfriend, Derek, shows up to make up with her. However, his driving attracts Tom's attention, who warns him off seeing Kira, because "she's not his type!" He shows up at the house to see her again anyway... except while hiding in the closet to avoid discovery, he seems to be more interested in Mariel than Kira!

Derek approaches Mariel at the church group. Someone's spying on Rose and Larkin at the house. Dave, Jesse and Russell go off on a fishing trip - and manage to track down one of the glowing things. They manage to get a net round it, but it gets away... but not before Russell manages to tag it. Derek continues to stalk Mariel, even when Tom warns him off. Derek takes Mariel back to where he was attacked, but Tom's in hot pursuit.

Tracking the signal, Russell finds a man rather than a fish, but can't make a closer examination as the man's father is holding a shotgun on him! Tom teaches Derek that he can breathe underwater. Larkin's mysterious stalker runs her off the road in the rain, overturning her SUV.

07 - Fish Story

Larkin's missing, although I guess, from her point of view she knows exactly where she is - stuck in an overturned SUV slowly filling with water, and unable to reach her walkie-talkie. She manages to escape and disappear off into the glades, shortly before Russell finds the car. She encounters a dead body, stuck in its car since the hurricane, so it's pretty bloated and rotting. Dave and Russell continue to track her through the glades.

The dead guy's car won't start, but his boots appear to fit, so Russell has better tracks to follow. Larkin makes it to a road where she hitches a ride - although the man in the truck doesn't really want to take her. As such, when she suffers stomach pains, he stops at a nearby rest-stop to let her use the bathroom, then lies to Russell and Dave to throw them off the trail. He also claims the truck has broken down and they can't leave.

Mariel and Jesse have a heart to heart about her divorce. Tom knows the mysterious people who ran Larkin off the road. The fisherman reveals to Larkin that the military asked him to catch a giant squid... that glows when it swims! When Larkin collapses, the fisherman leaves, just before Russell and Dave show up to help her. Mariel has trouble getting the baby on the ultrasound, but then it shows up healthy. Ooh! Tom hired the fisherman to throw Larkin off the trail, and he didn't know the mysterious pair, but did question them - turns out they were air force and trailing Larkin after her discovery at the base.

08 - The Cradle

Mariel's having nightmares about Jesse discovering she's no longer human. Following up on the squid lead, Dave and Russell find a baby abandoned outside. Larkin's sick of bed rest. Tom brings a woman and her daughter to the ranger station, claiming that the daughter is the mother of the baby. But the daughter, Christina, wants nothing to do with the baby. Christina is one of the storm survivors... and after a full examination at the hospital, appears to never have been pregnant!

Tom talks to Larkin - she ran the plates of the mysterious car, which was registered to the Air Force, and whose owner died two years earlier in Afghanistan. Tom suggests they won't bother her any more unless she keeps digging. Mariel goes to question Christina, but finds she's murdered her mother! Larkin and Russell have a fight about his lack of action concerning her run in with the Air Force.

Mariel questions Christina at the hospital. Tom tells Mariel he wants a baby with her. Christina and Tom talk - and she's got him pegged: that Tom hasn't told Mariel for fear of losing her, that they shouldn't do a DNA test as it'll be a match and yet her body has never given birth, and that Tom's desperately trying to control everything. Russell makes up with Larkin back on the dock where he proposed to her.

Mariel goes back to the pool where she was found after the hurricane... and dives in. Something she sees freaks her out! When she gets home, she tells Tom it was her own rotting body she saw. Tom goes out to swim in the pond while Mariel hosts dinner for the kids... He finds the body, but then comes home and claims he found nothing... how long's Mariel going to keep believing this rubbish?!

09 - The Dredge

Mariel wants Tom to dredge the pool where she thinks she saw her own body. Dave joins the church group, and Mariel clams up during her storytelling when he enters. Something's poisoned Russell's favourite pond and all the surrounding animals are dead. Russell flips out on a couple of marijuana growers who have been dumping fertilizer there for years... but they claim the pond was already dead... and Larkin isn't exactly comforted by Russell's behaviour!

Tom confides in the priest that he's worried he's losing Mariel, and he advises him that Tom needs to give her a truth she can believe. Dave bonds with Mariel over lunch, although he doesn't get an answer to his "are you a pod person" question. Russell autopsies a dead alligator found at the pond, and admits to Larkin that he has a criminal record. Tom gets called in by the coroner as there's some sort of bacteria speeding up the decomposition of some bodies found near the poisoned pond.

Dave hacks into the department of corrections to find out what Russell's crime was. Tom cordons off the pond due to the contamination. The rangers find part of one of the creatures in the alligator's stomach, and Dave broadcasts the details on his blog. Ooh, some Russell back story... he came off the boat from Cuba at the age of 10, and went to live with his only family in the US, an uncle, who wasn't a nice guy, and sucked Russell into his drug dealing trade. Russell finally snapped from the bad treatment, and the uncle shooting his best friend, and smashed his uncle's skull in... fortunately, he was a minor at the time, and they managed to plead self defence.

Mariel comes over to drink Dave's beer and admits to him that although she's not a pod person, she is different. The she asks him what he saw in the water. He gives his E.B.E. explanation, and then Mariel admits that she saw herself in the water. Tom dredges her pool, but they don't turn up anything. Lab results on the thing in the stomach turns up human DNA amidst all the other results. Dave asks to keep coming to the church group. The dredging finds a body - a dead blonde woman - isn't that the female corpse from the coroner's office earlier?

10 - Origin Of Species

Dave gets kidnapped out of his bed. Jesse, Rose and Larkin are off to a hotel for a holiday, and Russell was supposed to be going with them but he's got questions to answer about the alligator and the thing in its stomach. Tom's one armed deputy is doing some digging into the dead blonde woman, and from the sea water in her lungs, she was clearly moved after death. Dave's questioner does some slow water pouring to test him, and he apparently passed.

Except, then they try to drown him. He appears to pass that as well, because one of his captors reveals a set of scars in the pattern of a creature attack. The internet cafe proprietor puts Russell on the trail of an Iraqi woman who was asking about an abandoned military facility. Tom's deputy has continued digging, and Tom asks him to meet him down by the water that evening. Dave's about to leave Healey and Priya rather than listen to their cryptic hints when Russell tracks them down.

The kidnappers show evidence of previous incidents similar to the current events in Homestead. A fishing village in northern Venezuala, a prison off Cuba, and somewhere in Brazil, and in all cases, the people changed went on a killing spree, usually ending with themselves. Priya's husband was one of those changed in Brazil, but after returning he snapped one night, soaked himself in gasoline, and walked into their childrens' tent setting it ablaze.

Tom's deputy, Lewis, is lured into the water by one of the glowing creatures, and Tom just watches it happen. But why does he act panicked when it drags Lewis out to sea? We get a close up view of the attack as it pierces Lewis with its tentacles. Healey takes Russell to pick up the creature specimen. Lewis returns from his encounter, having walked from the beach to Tom's house. He doesn't really remember what happened, but he believes it to be a miracle... as he's got two arms!

The internals of the creature specimen look like they could be evidence of a womb - so what, the creature grabs you and then grows a copy? Tom tries to persuade the priest to talk to Lewis - he's clearly scared of people discovering the change in the deputy, and suggests that the change is in fact a test, that Lewis needs to make a greater sacrifice. Priya gets shot through the shoulder.

Tom takes Lewis out to an abandoned poacher's hut, and gives him a chainsaw. Turns out Priya took the skeleton from Dave's car, and reconstructed the skull. It's 10 years old, making it the first known attack, and she's moulded the face... to match the Sheriff's! Lewis makes his choice with the chainsaw!

11 - Us Or Them

The husband of one of the survivors comes to get his wife at the church, as they've got two sick kids at home. He's a little aggressive getting his wife, but the crowd turn violent and start beating and kicking him. When Mariel steps in and tries to get them to call 911, they all just stand around, providing no help. Tom takes Lewis back to his house. What's the room with all the padlocks? Russell surprises Mariel in her office, and asks her to accompany him home.

Rose wants Jesse to throw quarters in the hotel pool for her to retrieve. Jesse garners the attention of an attractive young woman who can hold her breath for a reaaaaaaallly long time! Mariel gets to see the skeleton, which Russell claims is Tom's. Dave's convinced that the creatures create a hybrid from the human DNA they absorb. Jesse talks to the girl - Emily (Nicole Garza) - who was in Homestead during the hurricane, and is obsessed with water.

Mariel confronts Tom to get answers to what happened to her during the hurricane. Instead of telling her, he's going to show her! Emily wants to take a bath with Jesse, and is really pushy about it. Lewis is also suffering from the water fixation... and he's shocked that Kira has no real belief in God... and that Tom might not have either.

The last thing Tom remembers from the night the plane went down, was orange lights in the water, and the night of the hurricane when he saw the same thing, he wanted Mariel to see it too. However, he was apparently incapable of stopping her being taken. Mariel of course doesn't believe he tried to stop it, and blames him for her change. Tom's pretty angry when Mariel declares she's going to leave him, and fight whatever's happening to her.

Jesse joins Emily in the bath. After being disturbed by Rose and Larkin and sneaking her out the adjoining room, Jesse completely misses the newspaper report about three University of Florida girls who drowned in the bath and the fourth girl missing whose photo matches Emily. Tom, even though he's searching for his wife, now has to go looking for Lewis as well, and calls in a favour.

Oh that was silly - Russell consoles Mariel... stop kissing your ex-wife you fool! The trail of candles lead to a surprise return of Larkin and the kids - she's naked in Russell's bed, but has dropped the kids off at the Underlays' - so where are Tom and the kids? Okay, yes, stop beating us over the head with the mysterious locked door!

12 - Power

Two deputies take Christina out into the glades and throw her, handcuffed, into the water. Tom's still missing with the kids and Mariel and Russell are trying to find clues to their whereabouts. The power comes back on and they start getting mysterious phone calls from someone claiming that the sheriff "poisoned my house." Eventually they enter Tom's office, decorated with a whole bunch of old artifacts and artwork. Finally, Tom calls, but he doesn't reveal where he is. Russell lies to Larkin about his whereabouts. The kids don't appear to think they've been kidnapped, and seem excited about the posh house they're staying in.

Jesse seems to be spotting clues that don't match Tom's story about giving Mariel time. Dave tries to get Russell to talk to Larkin as she thinks he's having an affair, but Russell spots the mysterious lurker and chases after him - getting beaten up by the lurker's companion for this troubles. Tom's brought a mysterious bodybag with him to the vacation home.

Mariel's tending to Russell's wounds when Larkin comes in - seems she was worried about her husband. And she's got questions... oh, look, it's the "no-one will tell their loved ones the truth to protect them" plotline - that never ends well! Fortunately, after a phonecall from someone telling Mariel "you betrayed us", Russell tells Larkin about Tom maybe not being human any more, and that Mariel may not be either. Tom's huge body bag has presents in it - Robin Hood for Rose, jewelry for Kira, and a gun for Jesse! Ahhh... but Tom had two bodybags, and hid the real one under the bed.

When two deputies come to the house to take Russell's statement about the prowler, one of them has injuries as if he was the prowler. Tom's going to bring the kids back in the morning, after a secret conversation with Mariel - which she won't tell Russell the contents of. Tom puts the body bag on his boat and takes it out into the glades at night before dumping it overboard - was the trip just so he could dispose of a body? When Tom returns, he and Mariel give Russell custody of the kids! Okay, and the body bag is recovered on some "uncharted key" where Derek, Christina, and a bunch of other transformees are. The bag is full of supplies - clothes, weapons, you know, stuff to take over the world!

13 - Redemption

Kira's upset with her father about sending Jesse and Rose away. Lewis has left Tom a crazy sounding note in their mailbox, saying Tom has betrayed him. Someone breaks into the house and shoots Tom three times in the back- and he starts having flashbacks to the crash. Two mystery men appear to be guarding his hospital room when he regains consciousness. The doctor claims they're from the government with questions - and that he can't see his wife because she's dead. So is this current day or plane crash day?

Okay, it's flashback time, as Kira's very young and Mariel's still married to Russell. Ah, and then we're back in the present day, and the paramedics are loading Tom onto a stretcher. Kira calls Jesse and tells him about the shooting. Healey calls Russell en-route. They have to give Tom a blood transfusion, and Mariel's not sure what blood type to give him, settling on O-Negative. Back in flashback land, Tom and Russell meet, and Tom wants to be taken out to the crash site.

Healey's advice is that Tom is acting as a stabilising force in town and that if he dies the creatures will descend into chaos like the other sites did. Larkin has to do a television profile of Tom, and wants to tell the world what she knows, but Russell wants to avoid a witch hunt. When Tom has a reaction to the blood during the transfusion, Mariel suggests giving him her blood instead. Healey meets with Russell, suggesting he needs to stick around, eliminate the creatures in the water, and try to find out what the hybrids want. Healey's CIA assassin partner, Szura, is hunting Healey, after having been taken in an earlier incident, and will go through anyone to do so.

Is Larkin going public? Russell tries to persuade her not to. Tom sends Mariel to unlock the hall closet - oh, look, an empty storage room - well, empty except for a little red box. Russell asks for Tom's help in stopping the story. Larkin discovers that Mariel and Tom were close even after the crash 9 years ago... so who's Rose's father? The box contains the plastic rose from Tom's hospital visit after the crash - a symbol of hope to Tom, which might have been what kept him going all these years.

14 - All God's Creatures

Someone's lurking outside the Varon residence. Tom gets let out of the hospital. Wow, and that's a busy church group! One of the group comes forward with information about Lewis. Someone leaves one of Dave's records near a footprint in the woods by the house. Tom meets with Lewis out in the glades... and he's sharing a tent with Kira! Lewis can't have been the guy who shot him - Kira was on the phone with him at the time of the shooting.

A whole bunch of Dave's stuff has been stolen, and Russell can't identify the footprint - it might be a horse, or a deer. Tom comes over to talk, and Russell gives him Szura as a possible suspect. Dave finds a small shelter built by the water with his stuff in it, but Rose sees something large by the house and Dave locks everyone in a room while he tries to stop whatever it is. Dave corners it in the garage, and then does something useful, hitting it with a tranquiliser dart.

Kira goes to talk to Mariel - she wants to know what happens in the water, and why it hasn't happened to her. The thing in the garage looks a lot like Dave... a result of his attack. And it seems to have an affinity for Larkin. Kira's really pushing to find out what's in the water, and Lewis suggests she speak to the priest. Tom finds out Lewis has been speaking to the priest recently, including about cutting off his arm. The priest believes Tom has misled them all.

Tom knows Szura, and knows that he's running a camp down in the Keys, and he wants to send the priest there! Dave and Russell return the dead Dave-hybrid to the water. And Kira thinks about taking a nighttime swim!

15 - The Nest

Christina chafes under Szura's rules, and her and Derek leave the training camp. Kira wants Lewis to go into the water with her. Russell wants to tell the kids, as they're starting to wonder why they can't see their mother. Larkin suggests he run some tests on Mariel to find out what's really happened to her. Kira has a fight with her father, and goes down to the water to take a swim. But rather than a glowing creature, Derek and Christina find her... and Christina wants to go shopping with her.

Mariel comes out to the Ranger station. Derek and Christina take to shoplifting, and talk Kira into it as well. And then they move on to breaking and entering... and then to murder! Christina starts suffering from stomach pains... or maybe it's the nasty looking veining breaking out across her belly. Mariel's suffering from pressure in her abdomen, and suggests they need to do an MRI.

Christina decides to take Kira for a swim at knife point. The MRI shows some sort of growth that may be cancerous, so they need to do a needle biopsy... and Mariel will have to talk Russell through it as she can't handle the needle. Kira goes into the water... and there's the glowing fish thing grabbing her. Russell finds Derek and Christina on the beach, as well as a seriously injured Kira - so where's the clone? Christina suffers the pain again, believing she's pregnant. The needle biopsy shows eggs - it's not a tumour, it's a giant ovary!

16 - The Fittest

Mona runs into Derek and Christina at the ranger station, and Christina clubs her over the head with a fire extinguisher before locking her in a cupboard. Kira has a bad heart valve, which Tom suspects is why she wasn't killed and copied. Healey admits that his real name is Alonzo. Mariel wants to talk to the kids about Kira's attack. Tom persuades Russell not to call in the cavalry and go into the glades after Christina and Derek together. The fugitives are heading for an abandoned hunting camp, and Christina's pregancy is proceeding very rapidly.

The conversation at the hospital doesn't go well - after Dave's slip about aliens, and Mariel's lack of real answers about what she and Tom are now. Russell and Tom find a bunch of migrant workers from Honduras - the other workers won't let them live in the camp any more. And there's a whole boatload of hybrids in the main camp, all doing some underwater fishing. And they killed one of the non-hybrids for stealing food. Russell and Tom call in an immigration guy to deal with them. Christina is about to perform a home-abortion with a rifle cleaning rod, but something start tearing at her inside before she can start.

Larkin's military friend is persuaded that the military are lying to him, and gives her an access code to the base computers. Russell and Tom make it to the cabin. But when they enter, they find Christina with a glowing organism in her belly. Backup arrives, but it's Derek in the truck and he holds Russell at gunpoint until Tom releases Christina. But Christina has different plans than leaving with Derek, and shoots him before driving off. Dave manages to get a photograph from the military computer that shows Szura - and it's the immigration guy that showed up earlier. And Healey's dead.

17 - The Key

A pair of campers find Christina hiding in their car. The kids are going back to school, and Rose has a new teacher. Christina takes Mariel at gunpoint to get an examination of her pregnancy. Dave and Russell find a key in Healey's van, that leads them to a boat at the marina, and the fact that Healey was looking for an island. Christina's baby continues to glow. Tom meets with Szura about containment and about needing Russell's help, but he seems to have different ideas, wanting to take Duncan and find Christina and the baby.

Dave and Russell find satellite photos of an uninhabited island with a new road on it - so who build the road? Christina's womb is filled with babies - as Mariel puts it, she's having a litter. Mariel manages to get a note to one of the nurses that Christina is there. Jesse's struggling at school, as all the cliques have changed, and many of his former friends are now hybrids. There's a bunch of kids in the gymnasium throwing a basketball around with their eyes closed. But he does make a new friend with a kid who wasn't changed.

The new friend's father was changed during the storm, and he's worried that if people keep changing the normal ones will be in the minority. Mariel tries to swap out the IV for something harmful, but Christina cottons on - fortunately, her message to Tom allows him to get there to avoid her getting shot. Russell and Dave's boat trip hits something in the water. Kira accidentally lets slip to Jesse that Tom took Mariel to the water the night of the hurricane.

Russell has to take a dive under the boat to cut them loose, and Dave's suitably nervous. They got hung up on a brand new channel marker. Szura and Derek meet with the Sheriff en-route, and take Christina back to the island. Dave and Russell get to witness their arrival, and Szura shooting them both as an example to the others of what happes when you try to go it alone. Something bursts out of Christina's body after her death.

18 - Re-Evolution

There's a blood trail leading from Christina's body to the water. Larkin hits a soldier with her car just outside the air force base. The Air Force go to Tom and tell him a psych patient back from Iraq escaped, and a car matching the description of Larkin's was seen in the vicinity. The guy won't go to a hospital, but he does have a water fixation.

There's an old military barracks on the island, along with a huge satellite dish. Good reading material - Sun Tzu, Survival handbooks, Robin Hood and the Cambrian Explosion. Oh, and there's a whole radar/computer center with no uplink capability, only receiving data. But they're monitoring water temperature via satellite images. When Larkin finds the guy's wounds already healing, she discovers that he was on the hurricane hunter aircraft that went down. When he freaks out, Tom gets there and declares no-one will lie to him. Tom tries to get the truth from him, but the Air Force show up and snatch him before they can get any answers.

Kira's back at school. Jesse's new friend's been kicked out of his house after leaving a bowl of soup out. The hybrids on the island are holding inspirational meetings. Russell's suggested two possibilities - they're an invasive species that'll wipe humanity out, or they're humanity's next evolutionary step. Jesse and his friend get into a fight in the school library with a bunch of hybrids - and when the teacher steps in to stop it, the hybrids just stare at her and she backs down and accepts it, so is she another hybrid? Russell and Dave question the priest.

Tom asks some tough questions at the airbase, finding out they're holding all the crew of the aircraft that went down. People are apparently coming up to Kira at school and asking her which side she's on. Russell and Dave find a war-room on the island, and a satellite phone - allowing Russell to call in the cavalry. Jesse's the only one given a talking to by the school over the violence, as they claim he started it, siding with the hybrids. Jesse also believes Mariel is not his mother - that Tom killed her during the hurricane.

The coast guard show up to answer Russell's call for assistance, but Szura's with them! Tom gets some answers from the military - the project has been running since 1996, the year of Tom's plane crash. They've been aware of the changes in people since then, and now have all the crew of the weather plane in their lab being experimented on. The titanium boxes each contain a skeleton from one of those converted into a hybrid.

And the Air Force claim there are other factions involved, ones who would see Tom as part of the group being experimented on. Szura's one step ahead - cleaning up the bodies, having a possibly-hybrid coast guard agent on his side - and running a relief centre as a guy named Dennison. That's not going to help Russell's credibility! Jesse's learning to shoot the gun Tom gave him, and he's practicing on pictures of Tom and Mariel.

19 - The Son Also Rises

Russell tries to take Jesse's gun from him. Why is Mariel scrubbing the floor in the middle of the night? Szura's giving a speech to the hybrids about instinct - and he's telling them to rise up and use the gift they've been given. Kira calls Lewis - he too is feeling restless that evening... something's going on with the hybrids. Russell goes to the Underlays to have a talk with Tom about Szura, and he's fed up with keeping the secret, but he lets on to Tom that he's seen photos of Szura with the military. Tom claims he knew nothing and goes to ask Szura a whole bunch of questions - but Russell's already got a team on the way to pick him up.

Okay, Rose's teacher is being freaky - teaching the kids about extinction. Jesse feels like he's in occupied France - one of his friends' sister was nearly drowned in the pool by the hybrids - and he's riling up sentiment against Tom. Russell's investigation has fallen apart - the chief park ranger is close to Szura, and he's having Russell placed on administrative leave. And what does Mona really know about what's going on? The kids at school are setting up to confront Tom when he gets back from Szura's island.

Tom and Lewis find the island completely deserted - so where did everyone go? Larkin and Dave try to decode Szura's Robin Hood book to get a hint of his plan - and when they find that another hurricane is on its way, they think they know. Russell asks Mariel if he can take the kids out of town, and he'd like Mariel to come with them. Rose's "life and death" homework has everyone suitably freaked. Russell goes off in search of Jesse and Brett, whose friends have grabbed Tom and holding him for questioning. But they've only actually got Lewis, and he's lying in the bottom of a swimming pool seriously injured.

Mariel's been stocking up - the hall closet is full of water bottles and batteries. Brett's friends go off the deep end and Jesse has to deal with them at gunpoint to get help for Lewis. Tom takes Russell to a petrol station, where all the hybrids are stocking up on water and petrol - and Tom's worried about everyone else, because they don't know a hurricane is coming. Tom wants everyone to co-exist, and he wants Russell's help in stopping Szura before more attacks occur. Szura calls, wanting to meet with Tom - but he calls from the hospital using Kira's cell-phone (and blocks the ID so Tom doesn't know he did it, which seems to defeat the purpose if you ask me!).

20 - Run And Gun

Hurricane Miranda's on its way, and Szura's armed and ready. Some of Tom's deputies arrest Szura, and he's hoping to hold him long enough to find the rest of the hybrids. Tom and Russell try to persuade the mayor to give everyone the option of a voluntary evacuation. Tom tells Russell to get Larkin and the kids out of town. Lewis regains consciousness, and Kira's there, and Lewis is trying to get her to reconcile with Jesse. Dave's decided to make a documentary on the destruction of the human race, or at least footage of the E.B.E.s when they come in with the hurricane.

Rose's backpack is in Mariel's office, and it's got a Robin Hood book with photos of the kids in it. Someone's written in the front "Do you know where your children are?" Dave gets the job of retrieving Rose from school, but the teacher won't let her leave with him. He does get to sit in on another "life and death" lesson though! Szura's no longer in the gaol cell, and he's left a message for Tom in blood - "You Can't Contain The Future!" And there aren't many friendly faces in the Sheriff's office.

Jesse tries to apologise to Lewis. Rose's teacher admits to Dave that she has stage 4 lymphoma and she's dying... probably before the end of the semester. Kira won't leave town if Lewis is going to be left behind, and she runs off from the hospital. Mona's leaving town (so perhaps she's not a hybrid), and the management in the park ranger department appear to be telling different stories to different people. Rose's teacher finally gets Mariel on the line and agrees to let Dave take her.

One of the deputies has picked Kira up - and he's got a camera with a telephoto lenses. Deputy Munger gets a radio call from Szura and Tom overhears it. Tom tries to get Munger to tell him where Szura is, but ends up having to kill him without getting any information - of course, crashing his cruiser might not have been the smartest move. Russell and Jesse go to investigate why Black Point Sound has been closed off. Okay, Dave's fallen for the teacher. And Lewis persuades Kira to leave - that he'll be there for her when she returns.

One of Russell's colleagues, Frank, has made a deal with Szura. At least Russell now knows where all the hybrids are hiding out - they're under the water at Black Point Sound. Larkin tries to give a news report that the hurricane is going to hit Homestead directly, and the studio desperately try to cut back to the studio to tell everyone that everything is okay and the storm will hit West Palm Beach. Dave decides to stay behind. Everyone else attempts to get out through the glades as the main roads might be busy. But there's a surprise in store - both Tom and Russell are going back, sending their wives and the kids on.

21 - Round Up

Dave's recording the storm, and appears to be building a mount for his video camera in the car. A tree falls in front of the car, blocking Mariel, Larkin and the kids from getting away. The other deputies try to talk Lewis into betraying Tom - or maybe Kira. Dave injures his hand because he keeps trying to secure the door with rope rather than nailing it shut like a sensible person! Someone else beat Tom and Russell to the Sound, killing Frank, and evacuating all the hybrids who were there. Okay, and why did the hybrids leave all their clothes behind?

Tom thinks they're all disguised in military uniforms. Not only are they dressed as National Guard, but they're armed as well. The Guard show up to help the rest of the family where the road is blocked, but they're all hybrids, and they're taking the humans to Szura. Lewis and the Deputies turn up at Dave's - and decide to torture Dave to get the truth out of him. Larkin spots the truck is going back towards Homestead, and Mariel lets on that the soldier is a hybrid.

Tom and Russell blunder into one of Szura's trucks, and Tom has to kill the driver when he goes to kill Russell. With a little radio subterfuge, they find that all the people are being taken out to the water. There's a big military hanger they're taking everyone to. And they try to separate Mariel from the kids. Dave ends up at gunpoint, and suggests there's a satellite phone in the garage so he can call the Sheriff. Okay, maybe nailing that door shut would have been silly - as it wouldn't give Dave his handy escape plan!

At the shelter, Tom comes up with a plan. Russell sneaks in hanging to the bottom of a truck, but he wanders into the hybrid's room rather than where they're sending the humans. He does however manage to stumble onto Mariel in a cage before they can grab him - and gives her his gun. And there's Szura, wanting Mariel for some medical emergency. Larkin comes up with a plan - Kira will distract the guard, while Larkin goes to the nearby Ranger station to use the radio. Except Kira wants to run things the other way around. So Larkin manages to make a decent distraction and Kira makes a run for it - she's nearly captured but Tom takes out the pursuing guard.

Dave calls Tom - Lewis needs to call the air base and get as many evac trucks to the wharf to save the humans as they can. Szura has a room full of hybrids in labour pains - all pregnant like Christina was. Tom's trying to deal with the power plant, but gave his gun to Kira, so can't get through the fence. The hybrids are herding the humans towards a large door - Larkin spots that it might be a trap. The hybrids capture Russell. And then the lights start falling from the sky! And the soldiers start herding everyone towards the water.

22 - The Last Wave Goodbye

The humans are still being herded into the water. Larkin tries to get Jesse and Rose to safety, but the soldiers grab Rose. Tom puts one of the trucks between the soldiers and the water and between him and Russell start dealing with the hybrids. And then the air force arrive to secure the place. Szura makes a break for it, while Tom goes to find Mariel. Russell tries to find Larkin and the kids, and then they're all accounted for. Szura tries to take Mariel and some of the pregnant hybrids, and Tom fails to stop them.

And then it's the morning after - the military have rounded up all the hybrids. Brett is being motivated to attack the Sheriff, being pushed into thinking he's responsible, especially as he's now lost all his family to the creatures. Tom, meanwhile, is trying to get out of custody so he can go in search of his wife. Tom and Russell finally get a car and can go looking - and the first stop is Battery Park, as that's where Tom originally set him up. Hello? If you know where he is, why aren't you taking the Air Force with you?!

Mariel's tending to the pregnant women, but they're not going to survive without a hospital. Szura doesn't care if they survive, as long as the babies do. They finally realise that the women need to give birth in the water! Some relief company hired by the Government to do cleanup, Pettis, are miraculously on the scene. How did they know where the storm would hit?

Tom and Russell get to the Park, taking out the guards, and shooting Szura in the shoulder and the thigh, but failing to kill him so that Tom has to run off and track him down. Russell has to accede to Mariel's request to get the women to the water so they have a chance to survive. Tom uses his instincts to shoot Szura where he's hiding. But Szura has the last laugh - telling Tom that the hybrids are compelled to try and change those they love.

Brett and friend take Dave and Larkin at gun-point to the Sheriff's house. Fortunately, there's no-one there when they arrive. But why are all the locks open on the hall closet? Oh, Lewis plus the kids are hiding in there. Lewis is captured, and Jesse manages to get a radio call through to Tom before he too is caught. Russell helps carry the pregnant women to the water, even though the hybrids might just be a bridge species and their offspring might be the real threat. The glowing creatures show up and swim around them, taking them under the surface. When the fourth woman passes out on the beach and Mariel can't find a pulse, a fourth glowing creature comes and drags her into the water.

Jesse tries to talk Brett down out of his rage at the Sheriff. Tom ends up in a conversation with the crazy revolutionary guy, while Rose manages to get through to Brett. And then the revolutionary guy tries to kill Brett, but Tom jumps him. The bullet goes through the door to the closet and hits Larkin. Tom grabs the dying Larkin and takes her out of the house - is he going to the water? Or will Mariel and Russell spot the car and stop him before he can do something stupid? Well, Tom's standing there in the surf, but there's no body.

You know, Shaun Cassidy is doing pretty well at the moment with DVD releases - American Gothic is barely a year out, and now we've got Invasion, and in a few months Roar makes an appearance. You know, I've just realised, this is Prey again isn't it. Evolution - new species at the top of the food chain - and mankind trying to stop them; new species can identify members of their own species just by presence, but humanity can't.