TV Graveyard



  1. A Rip In Time
  2. The Heist (rough transcript)
  3. Stalker
  4. Public Enemy
  5. Rocket Science
  6. Alternate World
  7. Lost Voyage
  8. D.O.A.
  9. The Future, Jack, The Future


01 - A Rip In Time

Opening episode of the series. A time traveller poses as Jack The Ripper.

02 - The Heist

When a criminal goes back to perfect the robbery he attempted many years earlier, the TEC recruit the cop who originally caught him to catch him again. The cop, however, has other ideas.

03 - Stalker

Hollywood, the 1950s. Jack the Ripper (or Ian Pascoe, as his birth certificate identifies him) is back and stalking a young actress who's going to be the mother to a president sometime in the future. Fortunately Logan (with Hemmings along for the ride) save the day.

04 - Public Enemy

Pascoe is back, and he kidnaps Hemmings and takes her to Chicago in the late 20s. Apparently, he's managed to alter time so he's friends with all these historical figures (like Al Capone) without the TEC noticing anything amiss. Logan goes back to save Hemmings, but Pascoe escapes at the end.

05 - Rocket Science

Someone's trying to change the outcome of World War 2, by giving the Germans rocket technology that'll help them beat the British. The time traveler has gone back with a laptop with lots of modern plans on it (quibble - how do they recharge the laptop battery? Did the time traveler remember to pack his "USA to 1940s Germany power adaptor?"). Logan gets to go back and play german officer while dodging Hitler and trying to work out who the actual time traveler is.