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Odyssey 5


  1. Pilot (Part 1)
  2. Pilot (Part 2)
  3. The Shatterer
  4. Astronaut Dreams
  5. Time Out Of Mind
  6. Symbiosis
  7. The Choices We Make
  8. Rapture
  9. L.D.U.-7
  10. Flux
  11. Kitten
  12. Dark At The End Of The Tunnel
  13. The Trouble With Harry
  14. Skin
  15. Begotten
  16. Vanishing Point
  17. Follow The Leader
  18. Half-Life
  19. Rage
  20. Fossil


01/02 - Pilot

"Pilot" opens in the space shuttle Odyssey, struggling to retrieve a satellite to perform maintenance. Neil is the one on the arm trying to capture it with a malfunctioning arm, and when he breaks procedures, the tensions between him and his father (the Captain) come to the fore. There's a journalist (Sarah) on board planning to interview the crew, and a behavioural psychologist hitching a ride to the International Space Station to perform some experiments. During the interview, all their video feeds go dead and all the windows fill with glowing light.

Then the Earth explodes! They all get shaken around, and the cameraman gets trapped in some science module that gets torn loose. Fighting the G forces, Captain Taggart manages to regain control of the shuttle. The pilot (Angela) is unconscious, possible concussed, and the rest of the crew don't want to believe what's happened until a car floats past the window. They're nearly out of air when the glowy spaceship thing appears.

Finding the shuttle has landed in an all white chamber, they evacuate... good thing there's a breathable atmosphere! When an old man appears out of the ceiling, they get some answers - he's the Seeker, and he's the last survivor of his own planet, and it's apparently happened to 50 other worlds as well! The Seeker can send their consciousnesses back in time 5 years to inhabit their earlier selves... and attempt to stop the destruction. When the pilot starts dying, they agree to his plan.

When the pilot, Angela, arrives back, she's in the middle of a spacewalk, and having been unconscious and not knowing what's going on, panics. Fortunately, Taggart gets their before she enters the atmosphere and snaps her out of it. Meanwhile, the journalist is having her son tested for cancer, even though there are no symptoms... and she doesn't want to have anything to do with the rest of the crew.

The satellite was part of an orbital physics experiment, called Bright Sky, and a signal was passed to it just before the Earth exploded, containing the word Leviathan. Kurt, the behavioural scientist, wants out - instead he's going to try and win big on a football game. Meanwhile, random guy gets a strange phonecall (sounds like a modem), and after a momentary eyeblinking moment, grabs his bowing ball, ignores his wife, and leaves the house.

Kurt loses all his money when the outcome of the football game changes. Random guy seems to be following the space agency guy Taggart asked about Bright Sky... and runs him off the road, killing him. Taggart's wife is getting suspicious of the shuttle crew... who are these mysterious people who've just entered her husband's life? Interviewing the random guy's wife, Taggart and Angela are worried when she says that sometimes it's like there's someone else inhabiting her husband's body. Seems he was meeting up with the other patients in a gene therapy trial at a mysterious warehouse.

Niel tries to hack into the workstation of the Nasa guy (Ed Scrivens), but a virus invades his machine and wipes out all the data. Kurt suggests that the gene therapy trial is being used to reprogramme the patients... but that human intelligence couldn't do it as we don't understand the human genome well enough. So they all make a plan to go to the warehouse...

Chuck Taggart lets his wife in on the whole mission. Of course, she doesn't believe it. Secret lab, a tank full of gunk with a body submerged in it, and then the bad guys arrive (and Neil and Sarah are unable to warn the guys inside as the lab won't accept cellphone calls! Chuck Taggart disconnects all the tubes leading into the tank before they flee. And then, because they want to tease us, we get The Division Of Robotics And Artificial Intelligence with some joint NASA/DOD artificial lifeform project... codenamed Leviathan...

03 - The Shatterer

"Shatterer" opens with a flashback - Kurt was giving a lecture when some guy bursts in with a gun, declares something is his fault, and shoots himself. Angela gets suspended by the new flight director because of the incident with the spacewalk. Neil struggles with being back in highschool. And Lindy Booth puts in an appearance as Neil's girlfriend, Holly. Kurt lets the crew know that the guy who shot himself (Professor Chandra) was part of a think tank that was working on artificial intelligence, and he was quoting an epic Hindu poem that Oppenheimer also quoted about the A-Bomb (I am become death, shatterer of worlds).

They drop in on the professor's work, and find that the A-Life being evolved are designed to feed on only specific data streams, so if they somehow escaped the closed system and got on the internet, they'd probably starve. Chuck breaks into the Professor's apartment, but Kurt gets ambushed by Chandra in the alley. Meanwhile, Sarah and Angela investigate a woman who was part of the gene therapy trial for a while, and is having mysterious dreams and previously had evidence of sleepwalking. One of the researchers in the Professor's lab makes contact with Chuck.

Angela's father is running for political office and wants to help his daughter with getting her flight status back, but she doesn't want him to interfere. Holly drops a bombshell by declaring she wants to sleep with Neil. He meanwhile is recruiting a couple of the school geeks to crack the security on Chandra's laptop. Sarah and Angela have the woman hypnotised to remember her sleepwalking.

They find some organism at the site that the sleepwalking went to, and Neil gets into the laptop, finding out that Chandra discovered some sentient organism on the internet that evolved from his A-Life experiment... and the last recording is that it although it could be the most intelligent organism on the planet, it wasn't the only one hiding on the Internet. Angela and Sarah go back to question the woman, while Kurt and Chuck go out to where Chandra is staying.

The woman from Chandra's lab, who they take along appears to be more than human - she's super strong, and she's shot several times without effect until Chandra comes in with a shotgun and the woman dissolves. Chandra gets away, but doesn't show up at the lecture... is he still alive?

04 - Astronaut Dreams

"Astronaut Dreams" opens with a change in the space programme - a prototype Bright Sky satellite, three years before the first (of three) prototypes went up in the earlier timeline... the fourth, and successful launch was the one that the Odyssey launched before the Earth blew up. Sarah gets sent out of town to report on small town Texas. Chuck plans to sabotage the shuttle launch somehow...

Neil's friends have noticed his change of behaviour - and he nearly forgets Holly's birthday. Angela and Sarah are out in a small town trying to stop a little girl's parents from abducting and killing her. Chuck is going to out the other shuttle captain as having an inner ear issue that would prevent him flying... which came out three years later in the original timeline. Kurt takes a sample of the tissue from the last episode to a scientist who thinks it's been put together cell by cell.

Sarah and Angela's stakeout goes wrong when a different child is kidnapped... so clearly it wasn't the parents (who were convicted of it in the original timeline). Taggart gets the space flight. Sarah and Angela go to the police to try and give them some information on the kidnapper but their stories don't match. So they have three days to find the kidnapper themselves. Taggart gets a good look at the satellite but Neil isn't sure how to sabotage it... he thinks a magnet might work. Neil also manages to miss Holly's birthday!

Kurt buys an IR thermal imaging camera... which is huge! Neil phones in a bomb threat so Chuck can get close enough to the satellite to attempt the sabotage. On the mission, Chuck's about to initiate a burn to take out the satellite when it goes out of control and drops into the atmosphere. Sarah and Angela manage to get details on the kidnapper, allowing Sarah to go on the air and snap him out of his murder attempt. The girl is released and the kidnapper is arrested. Neil has a heart to heart with Holly... and she takes him back. The flight director discovers the electromagnet that Chuck used to sabotage the satellite. Kurt sets his IR camera up pointing at the street outside his apartment, looking for non-human bodies.

05 - Time Out Of Mind

"Time Out Of Mind" sees Kurt married to a young woman who, in the original timeline, was a huge music star... and he wants to start her career early. Chuck buys Neil a motorbike. Kurt goes to talk to Angela at the gym, but she doesn't remember him. Neil's the next one to forget everything, taking his bike out for a ride, and wiping out on it. Chuck goes to see Sarah to fill her in on the memory loss, but she's already forgotten everything.

Kurt and Chuck go to se a sci-fi buff who might be able to give them an answer to the memory loss... but he's determined to pick holes in everything else about their story rather than deal with the memory loss - from the shuttle craft not being able to survive the turbulence of the Earth's destruction, to the hokey imagery of the seeker. Meanwhile, Chuck starts typing away on the computer, what looks to be gibberish - but it was also on Neil's computer just before he lost his memory.

When they go back to see Neil's computer, Chuck loses his memory and threatens to shoot Kurt, as he no longer remembers him. When Kurt loses his memory, a week goes by before he finds the message to himself left on the video camera. Then it's up to his new wife to instruct him that the symbols he's been typing are actually MIDI sequences that he needs to play to get his memory back.

06 - Symbiosis

"Symbiosis" sees the death of a prostheticist and Neil getting a text message saying he was killed by a synthetic. Angela is out to stop her father's campaign. Sarah's second husband (in the original timeline) shows up with a job at her the newsroom. The prostheticist, Chapman, has a deaf niece who's been missing since the murder. He's also been working on a chip interface which allows a direct neural connection between the robotic limb and the human mind. The niece has an experimental cochlear implant.

Sarah's having dreams of time with her second husband, Troy. A guy who abducted the niece off the street has turned up dead. Neil's elder brother is still determined to become an astronaut, something he didn't do in the original timeline.

When they locate the missing girl at the zoo, Kurt turns out to know sign language. When they try to put her to bed and turn the light out, a huge number of ants appear (well, they're six legged creepy crawly things... they're computer generated and don't look all that much like ants) and she declares that they're her friends! The uncle put a chip on each of the ants, and now they can be computer controlled.

07 - The Choices We Make

"The Choices We Make" sees the 5 having visions - Neil keeps seeing a young boy who drowned when he was at summer camp. Chuck is forced to remember his father's death when a pilot turns up with the car he was never allowed to drive. Sarah gets a mysterious news report about an experimental cancer treatment and she starts panicking about her son... but her husband isn't buying it. Kurt and Angela are reminiscing about their relationship in the original timeline, and then a mysterious baby turns up. But it all seems to be tied to the mysterious Traveler... who I guess must be some relation of the Seeker's.

They seem to be being tempted into going back in time to change some pivotal event in their lives - the boy's drowning, Chuck's father dying when he refused to go fishing with him. Or do they just have to make peace with their decisions? Sarah gives up on the experimental treatment, choosing instead to stay with her husband. And Angela and Kurt have to deal with a possible future where they have a son.

08 - Rapture

"Rapture" sees the new flight director at NASA trying to end manned space flight in favour of computer controlled or remote controlled missions. Neil's at a party with Holly, and she wants to get high on the titular drug. An old retired astronaut lets Chuck in on the fact that there's an organisation that they call the Cadre, that's been trying to eliminate manned space flight for at least 20 years.

Those taking the drug suddenly start showing amazing mathematical ability, able to reverse various one-way functions in their heads. The geeks Neil used to break into the laptop unfortunately had a copy made... and the drug showed up due to a link on that laptop. All the drug addicts have strange symbols drawn on their hands. And they can apparently cause someone's eyes to bleed by transmitting a signal at them.

Troy offers to get Sarah the best help for the mysterious cancer sufferer in her life. Angela tries to fake the psychological review she's undergoing, claiming PTSD at Kurt's urging. Neil tries to get on the inside of the drug ring so Kurt can do an analysis of it. The elderly astronaut claims to be dying of Moon Sickness, and that they brought back more than just moonrock from their missions. Neil gets stuck having to take some of the drug to get his sample...

Sarah risks putting her son on an experimental drug to prevent his cancer from showing up. Unfortunately for Neil, his drug taking causes a linking of the minds, and the guy he gets the drug from learns about the Odyssey, but Neil learns that the drug formula was given to him by a sentient on the internet... and more worryingly, it's highly addictive. The flight director lets Chuck in on the fact that she knows he sabotaged the Bright Sky satellite.

Even though Neil's going through withdrawal, he's still linked to the others enough to know where Holly is and sends the rest of the crew out to save her. The kid pushing the drug (Deckard) comes to deal with Neil, taking out Angela and Sarah from a distance before abducting him, driving him to the quarry, and questioning him about the Odyssey and the end of the world. Neil tries to talk the guy down, while Kurt and Chuck try to wake up the other three kids to remove the excess processing power Deckard is using. Without the extra brain power, Deckard drives his car off a cliff into the quarry.

09 - L.D.U.-7

"L.D.U. 7" opens with the crew reviewing trial footage of a guy who killed his parents thinking they'd been replaced by some non-human entity. To interview the guy, they have to go into a state of the art prison facility pretending to be a film crew. The guy giving them the tour appears rather nervous, and the PR guy they first meet is a synthetic.

The treatment of the prisoners is pretty severe - kept in sensory isolation, brought into a therapy session once a week where they're frequently shocked for the smallest infraction. And the prisoners are being experimented on! The tour guide, whose reprogrammed the security system so the crew aren't detected on it, is worried that the walls in the place move - security doors mysteriously disappear, corridors rearrange... you know, all the usual hallmarks of an evil laboratory!

And then suddenly the security system lets all the prisoners out. The guide gets trapped behind a security door and attacked by the prisoners. Chuck tries to find the sublevel where the prisoners were being experimented on. Mendel comes to the conclusion that the building is a giant synthetic. When Mendel manages to shut down the secondary power supply, the building starts coming apart at the seams.

Meanwhile Neil deals with his brother's actions in the former timeline - flunking out of the astronaut programme and running away - and tries to help him through an exam in this timeline... although it leaves his brother rather suspicious.

10 - Flux

"Flux" sees Chuck get infected with something that causes him to start acting strangely - he can make complicated calculations in his head, he's not sleeping, his senses are acting up, and he's developing a strange rash. Meanwhile his eldest son (Mark) is flunking out of astronaut school, and Sarah is struggling to cope when her husband wants to take their son away because she's been secretly medicating him.

Sarah ends up in court for a custody hearing. Kurt discovers nanobots swimming around in Chuck's bloodstream reconfiguring his cells so he's part man, part machine. A couple of synthetics come to take Chuck to their sentient, but he's still human enough not to want to go. However, a few hours and a mysterious telephone burst of static later, and Chuck's off to meet it.

Meanwhile Mark gives his father's photographs of the Bright Sky satellite to the NASA flight director in return for being allowed to stay in the programme. Chuck uses the sentient to get the answers to how to reverse the process the nanobots are putting him through. Once back to human, he's convinced that the virus doesn't work - that there was something inside him always determined to remain human. Sarah loses custody of her son. Okay, and what is Mendel making in a red glowing chest in his apartment?

11 - Kitten

"Kitten" sees Neil being stalked online by a girl calling herself Kit-10. She appears to know everything about him - his phone number, his class schedule, sometimes even what he's saying - which isn't going to help with his attempt to reconcile with Holly. Sarah tries to see her son, but her husband has been telling him she's sick and needs psychiatric help! Angela suffering some friction with the crew of the space station, upset with her reinstatement due to her father's manipulation.

Kit-10 sends Holly a picture claiming to be his new girlfriend, and then when he tries to explain how this girl can know about his boxer shorts, a set of traffic lights all change green nearly causing an accident. Sarah gets confronted by the police for her violation of the custody order. One of the computer nerds starts up his own conversion with Kit-10, but she sends a death threat through his speaker!

When Kit-10 starts demanding to know what Odyssey 5 is from every electronic device near Neil, he clearly needs to find a solution, and the sentient even tries to crash the space station unless she gets an answer. So the new school computer system can be used as a trap... yeah, right! Lure the sentient in with a supercooled PC and the trap of computing the answer to pi, and then pull the connection so she's trapped! Oh, and Kurt has a secret room to keep stuff like this in!

12 - Dark At The End Of The Tunnel

"Dark At The End Of The Tunnel" sees Kurt receiving messages about a religious cult, while everyone else is dealing with a heatwave that shouldn't be happening - it should be raining heavily. Kurt's out in the middle of nowhere Texas, communing about the end of the world. Paige is still struggling to believe that Chuck came back in time, and then her father calls and claims her mother has had a heart attack. Chuck tries to tell her that it's just acid reflux and she should just hold off on flying out there for a day to get proof.

The cultists have built a machine that extracts moisture from the air which is what's causing the heatwave. Apparently they activate the machine and God will come through some gateway that it creates. Except Kurt's not sure why God would need a machine... Angela has another issue with her father - in the original timeline he hit a guy in his car during the rain after he'd been drinking - so are things going to turn out better this time?

Oh, right, this is Babylon, the machine is the tower, and Leviathan was the last beast that destroyed the world... this has all gone a little biblical hasn't it? And then the machine gets activated and a sentient appears in the vortex... how can a computer programme have physical form? Fortunately, Chuck has snapped Kurt out enough to destroy it with a fire extinguisher and a gun. And then the rain comes... and Angela's family emergency turns out to have a happy ending.

13 - The Trouble With Harry

"The Trouble With Harry" opens with guest star Tim Raimi waking up in a vat of goo - clearly a new synthetic. Angela takes an offer of a date that she turned down in the original timeline. And then Tim blunders into her life, spouting codewords from her secret communiques with the crew of the Odyssey when she was on the space station. Tim (or Harry Mudd as he's calling himself) swings a meeting with the the rest of the crew... where he continues to demonstrate what a clumsy oaf he is. They spot that he's a synthetic, but two others turn up and the crew run for it thinking it's a trap. And what's with the silly bionic man music?

Tim has an off switch... which he gives to them to get them to trust him. It seems there's a bunch of sentients who aren't powerful enough to stand up to the larger ones - they act as bottom feeders sweeping up random code on the internet, hoping to grow big enough to stand on their own. And one of them has downloaded itself into a synthetic body, stealing it from a more powerful sentient's lab. He warns them about an extremely powerful, and extremely insane, sentient named Phaedra, who is doing something sciencey that might destroy the Earth!

Phaedra's using a super collider to create stuff, and Harry has to go in and talk her out of it. It seems she's depressed because her partner was absorbed by a stronger sentient, and now Harry, having experienced sex in the outside world, is going to introduce it to the sentients in cyberspace... leaving the crew with a synthetic body to deal with, and to celebrate saving the world.

14 - Skin

"Skin" sees someone pull a gun at a political rally for Angela's father. He's shot a couple of times in the shoulder, but the shooter dies en route to the hospital... except his skin appears to phase every time they zap him, and then he gets up. Sarah's husband runs off with their son after finding out she was seeing him without a social worker present. Chuck's wife is struggling to come to terms with the possibility of the world ending. Tests on the bullets at the hospital seem to show that the body was already dead, before it shot the senator.

Testing the synthetic skin, they find it's highly elastic. Meanwhile, it's out there jumping from body to body, killing anyone it covers. Angela asks her father about Bright Sky and he claims no knowledge. And then Doctor Chandra shows back up to tell them about an experiment called Skin - there was a computer combat simulation, the winner of which, Kwan, escaped out onto the internet, and it was this AI that created the Skin to control a human host for a short time.

Chuck's wife is determined to help out any way she can... having a heart to heart with Neil about him being an astronaut, and wanting to have a nice sit-down conversation with the family. The crew discover the latest victims of Skin, and it transfers to Chuck... giving them less than an hour to get it off him before he dies... but then when he's taken home for a gun, the skin takes over Paige! They get to Paige at another political rally, and inject her with some of Chuck's nanobots to kill the Skin. She makes Chuck promise to look after Mark before dying in his arms...

At the funeral, Neil tries to get Chuck and his sister, Jenny, to reconcile. Mark blames Neil and Chuck for Paige's death,and he decides to leave home. Chuck gives a long speech at the diner about giving up. Mendel's growing his own synthetic. And it turns out Bright Sky is a project initiated by Angela's father!

15 - Begotten

"Begotten" sees Mendel's experimental sythetic leave its tank and attack him. Angela's struggling with the possibility of a relationship with Troy... especially as it's earlier than in the original timeline. Chuck, not really dealing with his wife's death, takes a roadtrip, and manages to pick up a young hitchhiker in the process. Neil and Angela are obviously shocked by Kurt's experiment and go to the lab to deal with it. Watching his lab journal, they discover he introduced human DNA into the nutrient mix... whose DNA?

Meanwhile, back at Kurt's loft where he's talking to Sarah, he gets suspicious about some feedback on her telephone call, and aims his infrared camera at her, seeing only green - has she been replaced by a synthetic or is Kurt going crazy? The rogue synthetic attacks someone on the docks - he's left on life support in a coma, but he's been drained of seratonin... which could lead to depression and paranoia. Kurt starts believing that Neil is also a synthetic... clearly he's already been zapped by the synthetic!

Turns out the girl Chuck's picked up is on her way to a train station to marry her flyboy sweetheart. And the DNA Kurt used to grow the synthetic was his own - cue hilarious comedy of errors as the rest of the crew take the wrong Kurt home with them! The girl turns out to be in Chuck's imagination, as it was Paige who was on her way to meet her flyboy sweetheart, Chuck Taggart, at a railway station one year after they first met.

16 - Vanishing Point

"Vanishing Point" sees a whole bunch of missing people turn up dead at the bottom of a river, with strange marks on their faces. One of the bodies leads to a link to the Transhumanists Guild. Chuck's back from his road trip, although he still doesn't know what he's doing. Neil tries to reconcile with Holly... which isn't too hard as she's feeling rather alone after her Rapture experience.

Chuck finds himself in a world where it was him that was possessed by the Skin and ended up in the hospital for a week because of it... and Paige is still alive and well. He can't find her grave, and Kurt seems to be backing up the new version of reality rather than Chuck's original version of it. Except, he's really unconscious in a lab with electrodes stuck to his forehead.

Eventually Chuck stops believing the simulated reality, and they send in one of the scientists to tell him what's going on... but he claims that everyone taking part is a volunteer that want their memories downloaded into a computer. Except when they wake him up, it's really just another simulation. Fortunately the rest of the crew show up, and Neil goes in to try and persuade Chuck that he knows the way out... Chuck of course, believes that he's just another simulation. The real Neil wants him to jump off a bridge!

Except the sentient in charge of the experiments won't let them leave. It's collecting a gallery of humanity, keeping their memories, so it has something to study when the humans are gone. Fortunately, Neil and Chuck's memories of the Earth being destroyed persuade the sentient that it should let them go if it wants any hope of surviving. It even agrees to give up the download experiments for now because it probably has enough samples for current study. Kurt's still trying to make amends for his rogue synthetic's actions. After sleeping with him, Holly seems to be blowing Neil off.

17 - Follow The Leader

"Follow The Leader" opens with a girl entering her younger brother's room to make sure he's in bed when her boyfriend comes round - but he's building something electronic and has a sentient sending messages to him on the computer. Unfortunately for her, the brother is sent to kill her after she sees the messages, kicking a ghetto blaster into the hot tub where she's relaxing! Aunt Jenny comes to stay with Chuck and Neil. Kurt continues to visit the boy in the coma, and Sarah has to accept a co-anchor at work.

It seems the school received a new computer lab, anonymously donated (by the Leviathan Corporation), and all the kids are now being experimented on by the Sentient. Chuck's dealing with trying to select a headstone for his wife's grave. Breaking into the school, Kurt and Neil find all the kids zombified in front of the computers... at the weekend! All the kids removed from the class have started to have seizures, but all the ones still there being zombified have been fine. And there's a mysterious fake police detective poking around.

The detective turns out to be a synthetic, and Chuck tortures it to death. The kids go missing in the middle of the night, along with the bits of machinery they've been building, turning up at the school swimming pool. The crew manage to pull all but one of the kids out before the machine activates and it starts spinning, sending out a bright light that causes the machine, the boy, and two synthetics to vanish into thin air - a similar bright light as was seen just before the Earth blew up. Some sort of transport device? Holly breaks up with Neil over having seen something bad during her Rapture experience... but she can't remember what exactly it was.

18 - Half-Life

"Half-Life" sees Angela hearing voices and seeing things, while Chuck starts up a friendship with the new cafe waitress. Kurt meanwhile, is dating the mother of the coma boy. The apparition haunting Angela shows up at Kurt's place when she's there and pushes him! He even manages to enter the room at night while they're sleeping, and they catch him on film... before he fades out. And the camera is reading him as cold blooded. Angela identifies him as a pilot who died two years earlier...

Was he a synthetic, or a ghost? Questioning the guy's sister, they find that he oversold Angela to her - claiming she was the girl he was going to marry! Sarah and Troy get to visit with Corey unsupervised, and Sarah's husband isn't particularly happy about Troy's presence. Digging further, the crew run into a stonewall at a weapons research lab... if there was no body, how do they know he's really dead. Then he shows up at Kurt's apartment again, and when he grabs Angela, she stars shimmering in and out of sight just like the pilot. Kurt breaks the link but he shows up again shortly afterwards and fries the apartment!

The intervals between the manifestations are halving each time. A contact from the research lab clues them in that the pilot took part in a superstring experiment, that left him trapped in another dimension, and they want to try to bring him back. Except he's gone insane during the experiment and now wants to kill Angela so no-one else can have her... and he can only be harmed while he's in physical form. Chuck lets the rest of the crew in on the existence of the Cadre inside NASA.

19 - Rage

"Rage" sees Dr. Chandra killed in a parking garage by a little old lady who breaks his neck! Fortunately, he's set up an automatic email to give the Odyssey crew some further clues in case of his death. However, when they go to retrieve the CD he left, a child synthetic tries to snatch it from them. Turns out Chandra left them a programme that would scan the internet for signals sent by Sentients - and it leads them to Lawndale, a suburb that had a series of murders followed by a riot in the original timeline.

Investigating the town, they discover a mysterious enzyme added to the water supply, which causes people to break into fits of rage... which is what caused the riot in the original timeline. However, this time Neil manages to shut off the water supply, and when the riot does break out, Chuck manages to distract them by setting fire to a nearby house. Sarah gets the news story, managing to put her over-eager partner from taking over the show. A pair of synthetics show up at Chandra's funeral.

20 - Fossil

"Fossil" opens with Kurt and Angela watching a supposed synthetic hangout, and when two turn up with a human, Angela reacts by grabbing a gun and going in to save him. The two end up in a shootout with the synthetics, Angela and Kurt both get shot, and Angela is abducted. Chuck goes to visit his hospitalised astronaut friend to get more information on the Cadre. Troy asks Sarah to marry him!

It seems the Cadre was formed after discovering a mysterious moonrock, and Chuck wants to get the rock out of NASA to find out why the Cadre want to shut down manned space flight. One of the workers at the storage lab gives them a plan to get in, although they've got to hack into another lab-worker's computer to get the access code, dodge the mobile robots that have run of the lab, and get the tagged rock out through the security scanners without setting them off!

The police investigation into Angela's disappearance keeps showing mysterious links between the Odyssey crew, and their cover stories aren't really holding water. Chuck uses the robots to smuggle the rock out of the lab during a tour, and they take it to a scientist who used to work for NASA until her theory that the moon is hollow got her fired! The ALH3B moon rock isn't a moon rock - it was taken off the surface of the moon, but came from Mars. Oh, and the rock sings - giving off a inaudible noise that stops watches - and it was clearly an artificial construct, sending out binary computer code as part of the signal.

Kurt gets a grilling from the police... which includes the mysterious deaths outside his warehouse... and it sounds like the police are planning to blame the abduction on him. The signal points them to a chemical element - Americium - which they pull out of the nearby smoke detectors. Sarah says yes to Troy. Introduding the element to the rock causes a growth of some crystalline structure, but a whole bunch of synthetics turn up to take the rock. Unfortunately for them, the crystals fire out and take possession of all the synthetics. However, the head synthetic knocks Chuck out rather than give him any answers.

Cut to a big underground warehouse, and the flight director of NASA... presumably the Cadre. Chuck's astronaut friend with ALS has been working with the synthetics in return for a cure for his condition. The Cadre are convinced that Taggart and the crew of the Odyssey are working with the synthetics, due to his stopping the Bright Sky launch. The Cadre exists to eradicate the sentients... except presumably Bright Sky doesn't go as planned in eradicating the synthetics. Paul comes to Sarah's door to tell her that Corey has been diagnosed with cancer... and Paul wants her to move back home to help him with Corey. Kurt gets arrested for Angela's murder.