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  1. Pilot
  2. Hero
  3. Sykes
  4. Healing
  5. Cupid
  6. Chinese Box
  7. Security
  8. Forgiveness


01 - Pilot

"Pilot" introduces Jim Profit, latest employee in the acquisitions department at Gracen And Gracen. And he's not a nice guy. Blackmail, seduction, framing for crimes, nothing is beneath this guy. He even gives his father a heart attack (once he tracks him down in the hospital he's been in since Jim chained him to a bed and set fire to him a decade ago).

02 - Hero

"Hero" sees Jim setting an elaborate trap for Jack Walters and Joanne Meltzer. They're determined to get to the bottom of his crimes, and he's going to set Jack up for a fall - framing him for the murder of his former boss (who wasn't actually murdered). Joanne and Jack finally manage to get pictures of Jim's cardboard box (which he was forced to live in for his early years) and find that it was a Gracen And Gracen packing box. But at the end, with Jack in gaol for manslaughter, Joanne and Jack's wife are left to continue the investigation.

03 - Sykes

"Sykes" sees the introduction of virtuoso lawyer Jeffrey Sykes, who Profit completely underestimates. There's a deal with a refuse collection firm run by a mobster, that Sykes is trying to sucker Profit in to, but when Profit continues to deal with the mobster, Sykes plans may be out of control... or maybe he has Profit exactly where he wants him...

04 - Healing

"Healing" sees Profit dealing with Joanne by blackmailing her more than slightly sleazy psychiatrist. He has her hypnotized so she can't sleep or eat until she catches Jim, and the company have organised a lie detector test for both her and Profit to get to the bottom of her accusations of him.

05 - Cupid

"Cupid" sees a deal going south when the guy signing it (Ray Kestrel), who's been stalking his ex-wife, wants her back before he signs. Of course, everyone's job is on the line if the deal doesn't go through so Jim's going to extensive lengths to reunite the couple but he seems to think he can use the situation to get Sykes out.

06 - Chinese Box

"Chinese Box" sees a problem with Wong Industries - G&G need to get rid of them rather rapidly, and Jim has a scheme to do it. It does however put his secretary Gale back in contact with a crazy scientist that she got fired due to sexual harrassment. Of course, Sykes is determined to catch Profit in the middle of trading state secrets to the Chinese. And Bobbi starts working on Chas' wife to get her to leave her husband.

07 - Security

"Security" sees a reporter hiding out in the security division of G&G. She's trying to get a detailed expose, while working right under Jim's nose. Of course, Jim's working to get her fired (both from G&G and from the paper). Some woman's sending mysterious computer messages to Joanne about Sykes' duplicity. And Bobbi's plan to separate Chaz and his wife succeeds.

08 - Forgiveness

"Forgiveness" sees Nora's uncle in town to push through the takeover deal. Jim is pushing Nora to tell Pete what happened when she was younger (Art molesting her). Joanne has discovered that the mysterious message sender is really Jim, hiding his identity to leak information to her about Sykes motives. She's also discovered that there was a real Jim Profit once upon a time, so she wants to go to Ireland to try and track him down.

Bobbi's trying to ruin Jim's plans - although she breaks up with Teryl Rothery in as gentle a manner as possible, she proceeds to go out and get doped up and have sex with some random guy. Pete confronts Art, punching him, confessing the takeover deal to Chaz, and then resigning from G&G. But Jim is pushing to keep Pete in the company, keeping the Gracen family strong... and dealing with Art in his usual brutal manner.

Things take a turn for the worse though, when Bobbi has a serious car crash while out of it on drugs. But Jim manages to cover, and they get together with the Gracen family for a party at the end.


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