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Point Pleasant


  1. Pilot
  2. Human Nature
  3. Who's Your Daddy?
  4. The Lonely Hunter
  5. Last Dance
  6. Secrets And Lies
  7. Unraveling
  8. Swimming With Boyd
  9. Waking The Dead
  10. Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Choked
  11. Missing
  12. Mother's Day
  13. Let The War Commence


01 - Pilot

"Pilot" opens with a body in the water, before we get a scenic view of Point Pleasant, New Jersey, and its bevy of beach hotties. Then the storm comes up all a-sudden and crazy lifeguard Jessie swims out into the ocean to save the body... either that or he thought the town was short one attractive female and wanted to fish for one! Giving her mouth to mouth, he then takes her to the town doctor, Richard Burgi (plus wife and dowdy looking daughter clearly in need of a makeover).

Fortunately, the daughter is completely stupid, and takes the opportunity to go through the girl's things while she's asleep upstairs - cue candles getting blown out in succession to build tension, and then opening the mysterious box awakens our sleeping girl, and ends the temporary power cut!

Blonde girl has no memory. Cut to sinister guys in suits in New York... well, okay, Commander T.C. McQueen, and an evil looking guy. Apparently, Christina is the child of darkness, and she's under "his" protection... and her powers are going to start manifesting - but she's also the daughter of a woman, so she has a choice. Back to amnesia girl - fell overboard on a school cruise - talking to the police (Jessie's father); her father's in India on business, and she's never known her mother.

So, going through her box - the stuff in it was left by her mother: a photo, a sphere of amber with a bug in it... Ah, frumpy girl had a sister who died in a surfing accident. Jessie swings by, and then we cut to Jessie's girlfriend and the other lifeguard sitting by a pool drinking beer... or maybe skinny dipping, cause, you know, we haven't had enough naked people on this show yet. Wow, she's insatiable - finish with the guy in the pool and then drop in on Jessie! Oh, no, it's Christina with Jessie, telling him to kill her... and it's all a dream.

Christina doesn't want them contacting her father. And the Doctor detects the flaw in her eye - the funny looking circular show logo on her iris. She calls home, speaks to Harlan the butler and insists she isn't going back until she finds her mother. And then there's Doctor's patient Dina Meyer, who seems to be starting something with the Doc (who's struggling with the fact that his wife won't sleep with him since their daughter's death).

Beach party, with requisite bonfire. Jessie's girlfriend (Paula) acts the bitch and Christina runs off upset (after causing the bonfire to flare). Then on the way home, Jessie and Paula stop at the gas station, where Christina makes the pump spill gas everywhere and then burst into flames. Paula's seatbelt gets stuck, and she only escapes at the last minute.

Christina goes to church, which is clearly where the picture of her mother was taken. And the show logo is carved on one of the pews. And there's the butler (Harlan), telling her about her mother, and then blessing her before trying to strangle her... but then the swarm of flies turn up. Cue ridiculous Christ motif. And then she moves in with the Doctor.

02 - Human Nature

"Human Nature" opens with dinner, and discussions of some parade where the daughter will take the place of her dead sister as the Sea Maiden, and Christina will ride on the boat... some aquatic festival? The dog doesn't like Christina. Evil guy goes to Point Pleasant to keep an eye on Christina. Christina manages to scratch the dog three times just by saying "No" to it in a forceful tone.

On the beach, Christina and Jessie are looking increasingly friendly. Dina Meyer and church lady arrange to go and greet the new (evil) guy (Lucas Boyd). Christina's grandfather was groundskeeper at the church, but young priest (Father Thomas) looks extremely shifty when telling her about him - what's he hiding. Church lady (Sarah) and Dina (Amber) take a huge basket of blueberry muffins, and evil guy shows an interest in Sarah because of her church connections - Dina gets blown off!

A whole bunch of birds drop dead in the cemetary, while Doctor's wife (Meg) is visiting Isabel's grave. Father Thomas knows what's going on, but head priest doesn't believe in all the superstitious nonsense about prophecy. Sarah's married to the Sheriff, and is mother of Jessie. And she apparently has some mistake in her past - did she cheat on her husband?

Meg suggests Christina play Sea Maiden as the daughter (Judy) doesn't want to. Dina goes back to talk to Lucas, and he thoroughly insults her - no sex, no aging prom queens, shutting down her seductress act before she even gets started. Jessie and Christina break in to the church... and discover that Christina's mother was still a virgin when she was pregnant! Fortunately, Christina can make doors slam, or Father Thomas would have discovered them.

Jessie and Christina are making out in the car when he says "what are you doing to me?" and she panics and runs off. The priests look for Father Jeffries' writings - prophecies about Christina. Lucas talks to Christina. Father David, the older priest, discovers the prophecies, girl, yadda yadda, end of the world, yadda yadda, streets of blood, suffering, you know, the usual stuff. He tries to warn Ben (the Doctor) while dashing towards the parade with the journal. Christina tells Jessie they should keep their distance.

The Doctor's boat won't start - the pirate family have sabotaged the boat - and the Doctor gets an emergency page from his office - only it's Dina naked in his office, and she's feeling old and lonely... until Ben shoves her and she's bruised... and threatens blackmail. Poor Father David comes to the boat, which mysteriously sets sail while he's below deck. Then he gets caught by a rapidly shortening rope and hung from the mast. And then the boat, now ablaze, floats past in the parade! Christina finds tattered pages floating in the water, including one with the show logo on it, plus the numbers 666.

03 - Who's Your Daddy?

"Who's Your Daddy?" opens with Christina having dreams of the end of the world, and Jessie killing her to put things right. Dina's continuing to put pressure on Ben. Sarah, running tours for the historical society, bumps in to Lucas in suitably suggestive fashion for her husband, driving past, to get the wrong idea... and when Lucas suggests she tell the truth on the tour as "the truth will set you free" she mysteriously starts doing so, including stories of syphilis and axe murder.

Lucas wants Amber to help him buy the entire town. Christina hides the phone message from Father Thomas. She also keeps calling McQueen and asking to come home, but he's not allowed to answer the phone. Lucas wants her to get attached to Point Pleasant and the Parkers, so when she starts losing people, her hurt will bring out her powers. Lucas causes a car accident in front of Christina, and Judy is hurt... little miss devil's daughter thinks she might have caused it. When the driver of the other car starts getting belligerent, Christina makes his nose bleed.

Ah, Sarah's secret comes out - she slept with someone 20 years ago. Now all we need is who. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Jessie and Christina are still finding themselves mysteriously drawn to each other. Judy's condition is serious - and could involve cranial surgery if she doesn't improve. Meanwhile, the other driver is there again, and Christina nearly chokes him. Lucas suggests Dina should eliminate Meg. Christina goes to see Father Thomas and he's clearly scared of her. She tries to force him to help her, and he grabs a knife and demands she leave (and then his eyes turn white, which is kinda creepy).

McQueen turns up outside the church (the guy Christina thinks is her father). He has stern words for Christina, telling her not to fight it. And then kicking her out of the car, and his life. Sarah discusses her family with the Sheriff, and it turns out Jessie isn't his son - she came back from New York one summer pregnant. And everyone thinks Jessie is touched by God. Christina enspells Ben to kill the other driver... but comes out of her trance, remembers what she did, and tries to stop him.

Christina pleads for it not to happen, and the lighthouse snaps Ben out of the trance. Christina then asks for Ben to give the evil back to her. Father Thomas comes to Christina, and tells her that he was supposed to put certain protocols in place to destroy her, but that there's a lot of goodness in her, and she needs to be in Point Pleasant, because God is there along with the Devil. So Christina goes and threatens Lucas that he's not going to destroy the people of the small town.

04 - The Lonely Hunter

"The Lonely Hunter" opens with someone confessing to Father Thomas - saying God is speaking to him, telling him that his sickness can be put to good use, that mutilating young girls tonight is a good thing. Of course, this coincides with a meteor shower. And Lucas is throwing a shower watching party - with the Kramers, the Parkers, and Dina.

Thomas tells Christina that the evil forces in the town are intensifying, but that they have hope if Christina wants to help them. The psycho has been stalking Judy and Christina. Lucas has brought in some help - Warren Meers - although he's going by Wes at the moment. Paula breaks up with Jessie.

One of Paula's friends, Lucinda, complains to Christina about the way she and Jessie have been behaving over the evening. Christina manages to keep her emotions in check. However, Lucinda is the one grabbed by the crazy man. The dinner party reveals a bunch of intimate secrets about each of the couples... more fuel for Lucas no doubt.

Christina slips up in front of Judy - declaring that when she's with Jessie she feels like a normal girl. As opposed to what? Meg jumps Ben at the dinner party (after being dosed with expensive perfume/aphrodisiac by Dina).... and did someone watch too much Sunset Beach to come up with Meg and Ben? Christina leaves the party - she's fed up with getting the evil eye from everyone. Then a suspicious car pulls over in front of her, and Doctor Forrester approaches her... when he won't back down, she throws him through the air with a glance. And then the Doctor offers Christina the girl in the boot of the car, as he's realised that God clearly wasn't the one giving him messages.

Ah, Sarah's lost bracelet turns up in Lucas's bedroom... so Logan goes ballistic. Dr Forrester tries some psychology on Christina - that she could have anything, an army of followers, anyone killed that she doesn't like. But Christina manages to see through it and demands he turn himself in to Logan. Jessie starts becoming suspicious about the crazy man's rantings.

05 - Last Dance

"Last Dance" opens with a church service during a storm, and Sarah is announcing the successful fundraising for the new stained glass window... except a tree falls through it just after the announcement, and Lucas volunteers to head the new fundraising effort! Lucinda is having lunch with Christina, and Paula is clearly unhappy about that.

Lucas is planning to hold a new dance marathon, picking up from the disastrous ones throughout history where people killed themselves dancing to try and win. Huh? That's Lucas in the historical flashback throwing a dead girl off the pier! How old is he?

Judy talks Christina in to entering as she needs the prize money and won't enter alone. Ah, Lucas was a husband who made very little money but dreamed big, and it was his wife who was dropped off the pier. What's going on with Jessie and his father (someone in an oxygen tent)? At least, I think it's Jessie, but the only way I recognize him is the scar on his neck and they keep giving us funny angled closeups.

Meg hallucinates Isabelle's hand coming out of the grave and dragging her down in to it when she visits the cemetary. And that's Tea-Bag as the host of the dance marathon in the flashback. Oh, the couples are drawn from a box at random although, with Lucas doing the drawing, these are all setup - the paper is blank, he's just naming the most antagonistic pairings he can. Christina gets Jessie's best friend. Jessie gets Paula. Judy gets some creepy guy who she must have a back story with.

Meg visits Amber... something's got her nervous. But she does subsequently turn up at the dance, dressed alluringly for her husband. Lucas's wife was having sex with someone in the audience during one of the scheduled breaks. Wes has turned the heat up to make the dance difficult. Back in the present day, they reach a break and Christina decides to cool off... and Paula has her dress stolen. In retaliation, Christina turns the water to red dye (although it looks like blood).

Okay, it wasn't Jessie, it was his best friend with the sick father. And he insists Christina stick around to win because he needs the money. Meg has become quite the social butterfly under Amber's tutelage - with some alcoholic help. Lucas shakes things up further by switching partners on them - so Christina in her underwear ends up with Jessie, and Paula ends up with the best friend (whose name is Tim). Ah, and there's the Judy secret - she and her dance partner fell for each other while he was dating Isabelle.

Ah, Lucas' wife was having sex for money so they could chase one of those dreams of theirs, but he's clearly unhappy with this turn of events so takes her out on the dance floor, dances her until she trips, and then strangles her. Paula trips Christina, and in retaliation, she drops the glitter ball on her... although Judy has questions as she watched Christina do it. Amber gets herself pushed down the stairs so Ben will come to her rescue.

Ah, the dance organiser, Tea-Bag, was the one who started Lucas down the path to evil. And he in turns is recruiting Jessie's best friend after the dance. Christina wants to talk to Judy... possibly let her in on her secret, but Judy seems to be scared of her.

06 - Secrets And Lies

"Secrets And Lies" opens the morning after the dance, and Christina is having dreams about a woman in a church with a baby. Ben is sleeping on the sofa as he came in at 4:30 from taking Amber to the hospital for her sprained wrist (she turns up to offer a thankyou bottle of wine and to ask Meg shopping). Judy is avoiding Christina, and goes to breakfast with Jessie, where they make a plan to get to the bottom of C's secret.

The Sheriff is still angry at Sarah, and takes it out on another driver who manages to roll into his rear bumper. Lucas is buying up more of the town. Christina goes to the church to confess to Father Thomas. Judy goes through Christina's box - and finds the paper with 666 on it (but leaves enough evidence to show that she was going through it). Jessie has run a background check - the school records are bogus, she was never enrolled there. Christina's still thinking she should leave, but Meg clearly wants her to stay.

Lucas is still trying to drag Jessie's friend (Terry) in to his organisation. And then he goes to meet Sarah... who confesses that Logan was in a fight. Terry's father wakes up enough to insist that he wants his son to kill him, as the pain he's in is unbearable. Terry naturally resists, and runs away. Christina tracks a lead to a hospital - someone who worked at the Oakwood home, where her mother gave birth. The moment she gives her mother's name, the doctor she's talking to looks scared, clams up, and runs away.

When Judy and Jessie follow Christina down to the basement, she thinks someone's following her, and the valves on some oxygen cylinders blow off, narrowly missing them. They're trying to put it down to coincidence, but the fact that the records room looks like a tornado blew through it after only a minute or so's time is even more suspicious. Sarah tells Father Thomas and the Police Commissioner about Logan - and he gets suspended until he's cooled off. Sarah manages to make her husband believe that if she's willing to tell him she's the reason he was suspended, then she wouldn't lie about anything else either.

Meg and Amber shop together... and there's something suspicious about Ben's actions on the day Isabelle drowned. Judy and Jessie search the birth records, and Jessie hides whatever it is he discovers. Christina confronts the doctor who's trying to book a flight out of town that night - the reason she's scared is that she's the one who delivered Christina and then handed her over to "them" - presumably the evil group that Lucas and McQueen are part of. Ah, "the men" who were around her mother constantly towards the end. The Doctor won't tell her where her mother is, but she does discover she's alive - then she demonstrates what she thinks Christina should do with herself to end this, and jumps out of a window. Of course, Judy blames it on Christina...

Jessie's discovery in the hospital was his birth certificate... which doesn't have his father's name on it. It has some other guy he's never heard of. Terry confronts Lucas, and insists that he help his father get stronger. Ben's burning a video tape. Judy asks Christina to tell her the truth about why she's in Point Pleasant. When she won't, Judy gives her a bag with all of Christina's belongings in it and insists she leave before she hurts any of them.

07 - Unraveling

"Unraveling" opens with Jessie running, and Meg with a blackbird in the bedroom (which manages to break a picture of Isabelle before killing itself) - but it's a hallucination. Jessie's still angry at his parents. Judy lies and claims that Christina has gone to live with her aunt. Christina gets a bus to Newhaven... and so does Jessie!

Amber's stealing a cell phone bill from Meg and Ben. And now Meg's seeing a man with his head twisted backwards. Christina and Jessie compare notes on the bus about their fathers. Ben receives another video tape by mail, which he sticks under his desk. Terry is given a 5 thousand dollar dress and a sports car by Lucas to seduce the girl of his choice - Paula of course (cause I'm not sure that dress is really Terry's style!). Meg nearly gets drowned in the bathtub by her mysterious man. Later in the street, she sees Lucas and realises it's him that she keeps seeing (and believes Isabelle is trying to warn her).

There's a serious storm up the coast - pretty much where Jessie and Christina are headed. Lucas decides to deal with Meg, as she's discovered the truth about him (and he believes that indeed, Isabelle is warning her). Jessie and Christina's bus has an accident and rolls. Amber's snooping around Ben's office. Meg wants the family to go to church, although Ben and Judy are reluctant. Amber has the mysterious video tape - and watching it seriously upsets her. Lucas and Wes confront Meg, telling her to speak for her daughter.

There's a seriously injured woman on the bus, and Jessie and Christina have to help her. Meg's having more hallucinations in the church - Isabelle and Christina together, pointing at Lucas - and Meg freaks out shouting that Lucas is after everyone in the town. Then the dead woman on the bus speaks to Christina - telling her that Isabelle says Christina can't leave. Then Jessie manages to revive the woman.

Christina decides she has to go back, but Jessie has to keep going... but Christina says he's part of "this" and that he'll be back. Amber backs out - deciding that she won't wreck Meg, even for Ben. Lucas gets rather angry about this - and declares that he's through protecting Amber from whatever's coming. Christina comes back to the Kramers, and starts telling Judy the truth - including admitting that some of what Meg's been saying is true.

Lucas tells Wes that there's a grand plan - none of the key players can leave Point Pleasant, even if they don't know it yet. Jessie finds himself back in Point Pleasant, all the other roads are closed due to the storm!

08 - Swimming With Boyd

"Swimming With Boyd" opens with a mysterious chase through a junkyard. Jessie is still trying to leave town on the next bus. Judy is obviously freaked out about Christina's explanation of who she believes her father is. There's construction going on outside Lucas' home, and Lucas is on edge because Judy now knows anything. So he influences the construction guy to cut himself. Lucas is determined that the Kramers hang on to their doubts, and Christina doesn't start winning allies in the household.

Meg feels that something's moving in her head. Jessie is back - coming to see Christina. Christina decides to kill Lucas Boyd. Meg goes for an MRI. Lucas corners Judy on the street, and enspells her to go to him about her mother's treatment. Father Thomas counsels Christina not to go through with her plan to kill Lucas. And that the Devil would have servants - men who gave up their souls to serve him.

Judy goes to see Lucas... this is bad! Terry continues to try and seduce Paula. Jessie's having dreams of what happened during the bus crash - apparently he was bleeding really badly... so how did that stop? Paula comes to Lucas' home, in the dress, while Terry is on duty. Christina stumbles in on Lucas enspelling Judy. And Meg has her MRI.

Lucas and Christina have words, and while distracted, Judy stabs him in the neck with a syringe, knocking him out. Not only was there a tranquilizer in the syringe, but there was sodium pentathol as well. Lucas is 96 years old, and cutting him won't do any good - he'll bleed, and bleed, and bleed, but mysteriously not die. Lucas tells Judy that although she'll eventually kill him, she'll kill Christina first. Then Christina cuts him with her words (like the dog earlier).

Meg is apparently tapped in to something, able to see the future, and prophecy stuff, and see ghosts, and what not. Her MRI is seriously wierd (swirling and changing constantly). And that's why Lucas needs to eliminate her - he can't have her knowing more than he does. Jessie goes to the junkyard, and asks the man working there about a kid, 12 years ago, who climbed the fence. He apparently fell and cut his neck - bleeding to death in practically no time.

The torture and questioning of Lucas brings out the evil in Christina, and only Judy manages to snap her out of it. But the distraction (and pointless moralising) gives Lucas time to free himself. And Judy ends up at knifepoint. Apparently, Christina only gets one and she chooses Judy. Does that mean she won't be able to save Jessie at some point? Terry sees something he probably shouldn't in the wine cellar.

Ah, Jessie's dream was about his childhood, not the bus crash. He was brought to the hospital already dead. And he was dead for 7 hours. He apparently lived by the grace of god... or at least, that's what Sarah believes. Jessie won't let her help him though. He wants to find his path on his own - are things going to turn out the wrong way round? Christina tells Judy that she was the only thing that brought her back from the brink. Ben phones - Meg's tests were inconclusive as the equipment malfunctioned, but the medication appears to be helping. Meg's still seeing flocks of blackbirds though!

And Christina discovers what the "you only get one" statement was all about, when a large stone cross falls on Father Thomas, killing him. Although, to be fair, it doesn't really clear it up for me - one what? One person who knows the truth? If that's the case, what happens to Judy when Jessie finds out?

09 - Waking The Dead

"Waking The Dead" opens with Judy having flashbacks to Lucas telling her to freeze, and unfortunately, even the memory of it is causing her to freeze. But they're preparing for Father Thomas' funeral. Terry's father is missing his son - although he seems to know something about what is to come - everyone has their role to play, and Jessie wasn't put there to play games. And Sarah's missing Jessie, wanting him to come home, but he's insistent that if he has a higher purpose, he has to be allowed to find it himself.

Christina's slightly disturbed by the fact that the coffin is where she found Father Thomas' body. Christina's rather enraged, and her feelings come out in the senior priest's eulogy. Judy tries to snap Christina out of her trance, but she's rather to focused to hear her. But Jessie's touch snaps Christina out of it, and Lucas notices. The boy from the dance - the boyfriend of both Isabelle and Judy - still seems interested in Judy. Terry and Paula seem to be getting close.

There's a party in the woods that evening as sort of a teenage wake - someone's got a keg. Ben discovers that Amber was in his office, and the video tape is missing. Terry's suspicious about what exactly it is that Lucas does... but he wants to learn from him. So Lucas enlists him to watch Christina - which boys she hangs around with. Christina thinks Jessie is in danger from Boyd, and Judy wants her to tell him to give him a chance to protect himself. But she's worried that telling him will put him in more danger.

So Christina runs off to a picturesque island where she prays to God - should she kill herself? She wishes she were strong enough to do it if that's what it'd take. And then a dead guy comes out of the lake. Ben confronts Amber about the tape. Dead guy in lake knocks a guy out and steals his clothes. Jessie wants Judy to give him answers, and when she wants him to stay out of it, he tells her he's already involved and is going to get to the bottom of things. Ben's shocked to discover Amber watched the tape. Judy and the boyfriend (Mark) have words, but he's clearly drunk.

Dead guy grabs Judy in the barn and drags her in to the woods. It's Father David. He's babbling something about Christina fuelling him. C wants Judy and Jessie to get out of there so David won't hurt them further just to get to her. Lucas tracks down some woman (who's clearly drugged), kills the guy she's with, and carries her off. Judy distracts Jessie from going after Christina. Amber tries to persuade Ben that she'd never use it to hurt Meg. Ben tells her that he keeps receiving the same tape, however much he tries to destroy it. Ben's been carrying this weight, and now Amber wants to help him. She destroys the tape.

Christina meets Father David. He's there to kill her. She tells him to stop, but then, after looking at the fire, tells him that she's ready. Then just as he's about to kill her, Jessie turns up, battles the priest, in the flames, and then comes out completely unharmed. The woman Lucas recovered was his wife - with suitable strangulation scars on her neck. Apparently, it's a result of whatever deal he made. So, did he want to get away with the murder, or did he want her back? I'm guessing the latter, and things didn't go exactly as planned...

Jessie claims he knows Lucas is evil, but that Christina shines with such a light. He's convinced that they were put on Earth to save each other, to do something great together. Where's the Marti Noxon "sex is death" metaphor? When will Christina sleep with Jessie? The summer guy, Nick, who Judy met at the party, seems to be stalking her (considering he's outside her kitchen window).

Amber is awakened by a strange noise - the video tape has mysteriously shown up in her hallway, even with the secret mark Ben put on the tape to distinguish it. And we finally see the content - it's Isabelle, and she made the tape because she was going to die that day, and she wanted it. She apparently saw what was coming, and she wasn't strong enough to stick around.

10 - Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Choked

"Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Choked" opens with Lucas and his strangled wife (Holly) having breakfast. Terry reports that Christina is hanging around with Jessie, so there's nothing to worry about. Wes has to take Holly shopping. Lucas is worried that Jessie might be "the one" and intends to find out. Jessie's still immune to fire (waving his hand through the gas ring on the oven), but Christina is worried that he's going to be reckless. And Jessie is only immune to fire when Christina is nearby.

Paula lets slip to Christina that Terry is working for Lucas. Meg overhearsa phone call between Ben and Amber arranging an elicit meeting. Lucas drags Sarah into the confessional, and then reads her mind - discovering Jessie's secret. Meg goes to the meeting, and overhears Ben and Amber talking - and leaves with the impression that they're having an affair. Nick asks Judy out.

This little battle has played out before - but all the others were stopped by some "chosen one" turning up at the last minute to stop things. Wes wants to kill Jessie so he can't interfere, but Lucas wants to wait until the right moment - until Jessie and Christina are in love. Meg goes to see Amber about the suspected affair, but Amber gives her the video tape. Christina breaks in to Lucas' house looking for evidence of the girlfriend, and watches her suffocate - every day at the same time she died, she goes through it again. Christina also finds a photograph of the couple in 1935.

Holly confronts Christina, and agrees to cooperate with her to protect Jessie. Meg watches Isabelle's tape. Holly takes Wes to Terry's place, where he clubs Jessie over the back of the head. Meg's convinced the tape proves she's not crazy - as Isabelle came to her after she died and told her that she'd committed suicide. Holly tells Christina that Jessie has been taken, but Christina tortures Holly in front of Lucas to get the truth. Holly's glad to see Lucas is hurt by her torture, but she gives in and tells Christina where Wes and Jessie are - the graveyard. Lucas ties Holly up in the secret chamber in the cellar.

Holly gets to the graveyard and finds Wes buried there, with marks on his neck as if he's been strangled. It seems Father Matthew dug Jessie up. And Nick was the one who killed Wes. And yes, apparently Jessie is "chosen".

11 - Missing

"Missing" sees Meg confide in Christina that she knows more about whats going on that suspected. She knows Jessie is in danger from Lucas, from others, and from Christina. Lucas still has Holly tied up in the basement. Meg confides in Judy, and says there are people out there to help Christina, and she's going to find them. Someone mysteriously disappears from the driver's seat of their car, causing a traffic jam. The group holding Jessie in a basement (including Father Matthew and Nick) gain an extra member, Graham, who tells Jessie he was built for a fight against Christina, the Antichrist.

They're a bunch of high level believers, and Lucas tells Christina that he believes they're already turning Jessie to their side... and that Christina needs Lucas' help to stop them. When the group go to move Jesie, he tries to make a break for it, and Graham gets a metal pipe to the head. Terry and Paula are getting intimate, and Amber tries to disallow them from seeing each other as long as Terry is working for Lucas. Christina is fleeing town again (or at least, she's packed all her things and is leaving the Kramers).

Meg goes to see Terry's father. She wants him to get up and help her - apparently they make perfect soldiers (but on which side?) - and he's worried that he'll die if the meds are stopped. Jessie borrows a car from Terry, and tries to warn him that Lucas is bad news - perhaps Terry will get the hint eventually. Another person disappears, and there's crosses at each of the disappearances. Christina's hiding in the car that Jessie takes out of town and he won't listen - wants her to get out of the car. She wants him to drive somewhere safe and when he won't she takes control of the car with her powers.

Christina believes her mother is good, but Jessie isn't so sure he wants to trust her. Nick comes to the Kramer's looking for Jessie and Christina - and to try to convince Judy to leave town with her family. Meg leaves Terry's father struggling to breathe, off his medication. Logan's starting to get worried about the spate of missing persons. Lucas threatens Terry with breaking him and Paula up unless he tells him where Jessie is.

However, the religious guys are there to grab Jessie when he and Christina reach their destination. Jessie and Chris fight them off for a while, but then Lucas turns up and has men with bows and arrows, shoots Jessie and insists she go with him. Christina gets really angry, and knocks everyone back (although she looks pretty evil while doing it) so they can get away. Terry takes Paula to see his father, except the door's locked and his father's missing. Well, okay, not missing, he's stumbling around outside somewhere.

Jessie pulls the arrowhead out of his shoulder, and he's immediately healed. They're in a motel, and are going to Meg to see if they can find others who will help them. Lucas lets Holly out of the basement, although she's still chained to a chair. Chris and Jessie sleep together, but the sex causes both of them to have visions - Christina evil, everyone burning, and Jessie's suitably freaked about it and drives off. All the missing people have a connection to the church. Meg knows something's wrong with Christina, and Ben has Meg committed. Sarah's one of the disappearances. Christina makes a deal with Lucas that he won't try and kill Jessie.

12 - Mother's Day

"Mother's Day" opens with Lucas and Christina discussing her fate - she's upset that she wasn't given a choice. But she can light fires like anybody's business! Meg believes Christina isn't safe any more, and tells Judy to stay away from her. Jessie goes back the religious guys - he's willing to do what they want, killing Christina that night, but Jessie has some people he wants to see first.

Terry's still worried about his father. Jessie wants to see his mother. Lucas informs Chris about the Kramers falling apart and Meg being in the hospital. The number of missing people is increasing, and Logan wants to blame it on Lucas, but Jessie talks him out of it. Terry wants to leave Boyd as he didn't hold up his end of the bargain to look after his father... but he's trapped - he chose his side, and now he's got to live with it, and he's clearly not strong enough to walk away.

Lucas is going to talk to Meg. Christina's clearly upset by her hospital visit, as plants keep dying as she passes. And then her mother shows up. She's apparently been looking out of Chris her whole life, but she was afraid of her father so never tried to contact her. Logan goes to the church to ask Father Michael if any of the missing peoples' confessions would give him a clue... but the priest is suitably tight lipped. Amber and Paula have a heart to heart, and Paula wants her to help find Terry's father.

Jessie goes to Lucas' but Terry won't let him search the house for his mother. Terry tries to provoke Jessie into a fight. Ben tries to speak to Isabelle, but he's clearly not ready to. Christina's mother tells her about her conception and pregnancy. One of the religious guys shoots Lucas, but his recuperative abilities are stronger than they anticipated. Meg's been tranquilised into catatonia, but Amber wants to get her and Judy out of the hospital. Chris' mother wants her to stay and fight - and then they pray together.

Amber pays the hospital a big sum of money to get Meg out. Jessie claims he's ready to go through with it, but he appears distracted, possibly due to his missing mother. Lucas bursts in on C and her mother, and apparently her mother is working with the religious guys. She's in town to kill her daughter. Oh, and Sarah puts in a reappearance to ensure Jessie goes through with it, handing him a big knife. Jessie's real father is one of the believers.

Holly sees a lot of Lucas in Terry, at least when he was still fighting the evil, but Holly doesn't want to save him, she wants him to make a better deal than Lucas. Back at the Kramers, Ben and Meg get in to a shouting match, and then Christina shows up - clearly a little angry, if how she throws Amber out is anything to go by!

13 - Let The War Commence

"Let The War Commence" sees Christina wanting a nice family dinner, and insisting the Kramers participate. Ben still doesn't believe what's going on. Jessie's standing around waiting until the believers have Chris, so he can go and kill her. Jessie's annoyed that they tried to use C's mother against her. Holly tells Terry the entire story... and then tries to get him to choose the side of evil.

Lucas is packing to leave, thinking there won't be a Point Pleasant left after that night. He's determined to have a ringside seat when C deals with the Kramers. Holly poisons Lucas. Seven people must die willingly to allow Jessie to kill Christina, and Sarah has decided to be one of the seven. Christina informs the Kramers of everything that's going on over dinner... and she's a little bossy! Ben's still not really believing anything, so Chris blinds him.

Lucas is chained up in his house. Terry's father comes to Jessie to deliver a message - "Thou Shalt Not Kill" - and that the believers have everything wrong. Logan gets a solid lead on the seven missing people that links them to the church. Lucas gets loose by burning the object he's chained to. Judy gets a moment alone to call Jessie and tell him where Christina is. Christina seems determined to test how much they want Isabelle back.

The dead body in the dining room isn't a particularly nice touch! Terry is looking for Paula, but warns Amber to leave town before she dies. Lucas shows up at the Kramers. Logan does some snooping at the church, finding the seven missing people praying in the basement. Christina's determined to reform people, but Lucas just wants her to kill everyone. Then Jessie arrives.

Lucas attacks Jessie with a sledgehammer. Amber tries to get Paula (who finally shows up) to leave town - but she doesn't believe her until she calls Terry, who deliberately breaks up with her to get her to leave. What have Terry and Holly got planned? Logan has a heart to heart with his wife - Sarah tells him she's been chosen to sacrifice herself so that Christina's soul can be carried to heaven when Jessie kills her.

Christina allows Jessie into the house, but then she throws him through some banisters, pulls out his knife and cuts him with it. However, proximity to Chris makes Jessie stronger... Meg's desperately praying "Thou Shalt Not" in the dining room, but with the doors closed, she can't interfere with the fight. And then the moralising begins - "everyone who ever cared for her hurt her", even Jessie ran away, but he isn't going to run away any more. The crazy death cult get closer to the sacrifice, but presumably Logan will get there to stop them.

And then Jessie gives Christina the knife - he loves her, and if she's gone, then he doesn't want to live. And Chris can't kill him, but when she lets her guard down, he stabs her. Glowing light starts to come out of the stab wound, but then she's instantly healed - it might have something to do with Logan stopping the sacrifice. Christina wants Jessie to witness the deaths of the Kramers, and Judy gets pissy. Christina decides to kill her and sends the knife flying towards her, but Jessie jumps in the way. And then the earthquake starts. Ben can see Isabelle, who leads him to safety.

To be continued... oh, wait, no, that's all they wrote. Christina wanders off to do evil, the Kramers vow to stop her, and Lucas goes to the city.


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