TV Graveyard

Eerie Indiana


  1. The Losers
  2. Scariest Home Videos
  3. Just Say No Fun
  4. Heart On A Chain
  5. The Dead Letter
  6. Who's Who
  7. The Lost Hour
  8. Marshall's Theory Of Believability
  9. Tornado Days
  10. The Hole In The Head Gang
  11. Mr. Chaney
  12. No Brain, No Pain
  13. The Loyal Order Of Corn
  14. Zombies In P.J.s
  15. Reality Takes A Holiday
  16. Broken Record


01 - The Losers

Marshall's father is having a problem with losing stuff, including his briefcase with an important chemical in it... it just disappeared while he was making breakfast. Eerie has a biker gang - The Unkind Ones! Marshall finally manages to get himself lost by hiding in a trunk assuming luggage always goes missing - and he ends up in the Bureau of Lost. The test image and television interactions in the Bureau look a lot like Pleasantville!

02 - Scariest Home Videos

"Scariest Home Videos" sees Halloween in Eerie, although Marshall and Simon have to babysit... which'd be fine if the kid they're sitting didn't get zapped in to the mummy movie on television, trading places with the mummy itself!

05 - The Dead Letter

"The Dead Letter" sees a guest appearance of Tobey Maguire when they find a really old unposted letter lodged in a book at the World O'Stuff.

06 - Who's Who

"Who's Who" sees Marshall and Simon run in to a young girl with an unruly family... she's an artist, and a pencil bought at the World O'Stuff causes any of her pictures that she signs to become reality.

07 - The Lost Hour

"The Lost Hour" sees Marshall getting himself stuck when he refuses to set his watch back when everyone else does. He's in a ghost world trying to escape some garbage men who clean up after the rest of the world has moved on, and a mysterious milkman helps him and the girl who's been trapped there for a year.

08 - Marshall's Theory Of Believability

"Marshall's Theory Of Believability" sees a museum to the unbelieavable come to Eerie, and Marshall wants to show the famous scientist/explorer guy his collection of mysterious Eerie stuff. However, the scientist is more interested in setting up a fake UFO landing and defrauding the town out of a lot of money...

09 - Tornado Days

"Tornado Days" sees the annual Eerie festival of a tornado - Bob arrives every year, and the town hold a picnic and a prize raffle. Marshall and Simon skip the picnic, and a crazy guy in a "tornado rider" lands in their lawn. He has a radio that he's tuned to hear Bob The Tornado, and has decided to communicate with the long-winded phenomenon... and did I really just make that joke?

13 - The Loyal Order Of Corn

"The Loyal Order Of Corn" has guest star Ray Walston (Star Trek's Boothby) as the bartender at Eerie's lodge. Of course, he's really an alien using the controlling corn-hats that the members wear to help him finish his machine to get home. The grey haired kid gets a name here... based on the minus and plus signs on his hands, Dash X.

14 - Zombies In P.J.s

"Zombies In P.J.s" guest stars Rene Auberjonois as the IRS auditor at the World O' Stuff, who has hypnotic powers.

15 - Reality Takes A Holiday

"Reality Takes A Holiday" sees Dash trying to eliminate Marshall, when they find themselves on a movie set, with everyone else believing themselves to be actors, preparing for Omri to leave the show in a hail of bullets. Marshall has to get to the bottom of what's going on and do a bit of hasty rewriting to get back to his real(?) life.

16 - Broken Record

"Broken Record" sees one of Marshall's friends becoming obsessed with a heavy metal record, in defiance of his overbearing father. But it does have the biggest milk truck crash in the history of Eerie in it!


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