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Episode 1

So we have Miles, the annoying kid who nearly gets eaten by a creature after falling off his board, some Professor who's investigating the disappearance of a submarine crew when the sub itself has been fried, Laura the oceanographer, who after leaving her son with her ex-husband, goes off for a submersible expedition, and Rich, who's partying with his family and friends before some diving. Oh yeah, Miles has a really stupid best friend and an annoying sister.

Laura encounters a big glowing thing while looking at deep sea vents... and then encounters a field of craters that something comes out of... and fries the electrics on her sub. Of course, her colleagues are skeptical of her sea monster story! Crazy Professor guy - Alexander Circo - discovers a giant bite mark on the submarine. Rich's brother gives him a giant spear gun as a present. Miles and dumb friend go out to look for the creature he saw - they don't find it, but do find a bunch of eggs - and Miles takes one to study... or keep in his parent's fishtank.

Rich takes his brother out scuba diving by an oil rig to catch some fish. They encounter a sea monster, and the brother spears it, but the attached line drags him into the depths. The last thing Rich sees is a glowing blue light that his brother disappears into. The military impound Laura's work and confiscate her sub for an inquiry. All the fish disappear from Miles' fishtank, and then the tank bursts, with some creature getting out. It hides out in his sister's bathroom until Miles catches it in a shower curtain.

A whole bunch of fish and a whale carcass wash up in South Carolina... Rich and Laura (with son in tow) both decide to go and investigate... and a giant tooth is found there by Prof Circo that has no antecedent in the fossil record. Two people in a little boat in Belize see a massive meteorite swarm fall into the ocean.

Episode 2

Miles is trying to hide the baby creature. A lighthouse gets destroyed by a giant one. Miles' friend hides the baby in the pool-house. A mysterious spook shows up to take over Circo's work. They've got a dead creature to study. The military have quarantined the island in South Carolina. Rich tries to break in but gets grabbed. Circo tries to cut the carcass with a laser, but it has real trouble cutting it - and then an explosion seriously injures one of the scientists but covers him with monster goo.

The CDC questions all those held outside the quarantine. Rich has drawings of the monster that he shows to Laura. Miles names his monster Nimrod. Laura and Rich go out to the island, recovering a whole bunch of hagfish that have fed on the creature. After hibernating for a brief time, the injured scientist awakes completely healed. Miles' sister holds a huge party, but Nimrod gets out and spoils it... although they discover it likes live food. Laura's research project gets shut down. A giant one of the creatures eats a fishing boat off Australia.

Episode 3

A woman paragliding gets video footage of a massive whirlpool that swallows the boat she's tethered to... seems the whole lake's fallen into a sinkhole, and Circo and his government goons are covering it up. Rich takes the family to a cryptozoology conference and encounters a bunch of crazy people. Laura gets her hagfish sample analysed and gets a meeting with Circo out of the results.

Laura gets accused of plagiarism, putting her degree under review and making her unemployable. The location she originally encountered the creature is now the site of a massive undersea volcano. Miles is trying to train Nimrod. Rich tries to go back to work. The yellow goo from the creature has incredible regenerative powers.

Laura tracks down a hydrophone recording of the period she encountered the creature. Rich is having nightmares about sinkholes. A camera sent down into the sinkhole finds one of the creatures swimming around in magma. Nimrod blows up the playhouse during dinner! Rich zones out during a rainstorm and starts hearing his brother's voice. Laura takes a waitressing job to pay the bills. Old Faithful goes through a volcanic eruption.

Episode 4

Hundreds of squid wash up on a Caribbean beach. Miles has moved Nimrod to a new pool, and he's teaching him tricks. Cirko is briefing the military in Washington. Rich is still having dreams that his brother is alive, and a whole bunch of medical tests prove he's healthy. The mass of squid at the restaurant gives Laura a hint that the whales that feed on them are being driven out of their usual hunting grounds, and she wants to track one (and recruits a friend with a boat to do so). Miles and his sister are playing the usual sibling blackmail game.

A weather balloon falls out of the sky in Indiana... and there's a lot of other strange weather phenomenon going on as well - these creatures are causing some major changes! A whole load of dead whales and a radar sighting get Laura a close look at one of the creatures. Miles' friend sells out the existence of Nimrod to a girl in the hopes that she likes him. The large creature fries all the electronics on the boat and knocks Laura unconscious.

Laura's friend, Jackson, has to go and work under the boat to fix it, but his hands are too big to fix the prop. So Laura has to be the one to take a swim. But the creature comes back... and it's right underneath the boat. Laura decides tagging it with a GPS is more important than getting out of the water! Rich loses his job, and his wife takes their daughters with her to wherever she's staying.

The girl interested in Miles brings her dog to see Nimrod... but Nym things the dog would be a tasty treat. Ah, the girl was a set-up by Miles' sister and friends... and they're suitably freaked out when Nimrod leaps out of the pool, grabs the dog, and drags it back underwater with it. Rich decides to go back out to sea... but realises he's being stupid... until he sees the newspaper photo of the sinkhole that matches his sketches!

Episode 5

The government have picked up Laura's GPS tracker, although they don't know it was her that tagged the creature. One of the crew of the Topeka (the sub from the first episode) washes up on a Madagascar beach. Rich goes to see Laura. Miles' friend suggest denying everything as a sensible course of action to Nimrod eating the dog! Laura's GPS track shows the tagged creature coming up a river.

Animal control arrives to take whatever ate the dog into custody, but Miles' friend has moved Nimrod to safety... or the trunk of a car, whichever seems like a better idea! Except the car gets taken to the store and Nimrod decides to take a stroll down the frozen foods aisle. Rich's driving has Laura scared. The government want to deal with Laura when they find out she was the one who tagged the creature, but Cirko threatens to quit if she's harmed.

You know the scene in Octopussy with the bear suit? Miles and his friend manage a similar feat in the supermarket when they hide behind the kitchen towels from Miles' mother. Laura gets video footage of the creature in the river. Nimrod attacks the live lobster in the market, and gets injured when his electrical discharges trigger a nail gun. Miles takes the nail out and Nimrod takes off, just before security get there. The river-bound creature attracts quite a lot of attention, and the coast guard try to head it off.

Laura's pleased by the presence of all the cameras, but the creature defends itself from the coastguard with an EMP that wipes them all - this is what you get for modern day shows... ten years ago and most of them would probably have had a film-based still camera there, and there'd be plenty of evidence! The military show up and grab Rich when he tries to stop them taking Laura. Cirko has a heart-to-heart with Laura - he wants her to work with him. Nimrod returns home to Miles.

Episode 6

Cirko has a plant - a sea orchid - in his lab that responds to heat. And after playing around with it for a while, he thinks he's discovered the origin of the new species. Nimrod wrecks the kitchen while looking for salt to eat. Cirko hands all his research over to creepy government guy, who claims he needs Cirko to go to Washington. And then the good Professor is hit by a car! Rich is stuck in California until his court date. Laura's called to identify the victim.

Nimrod starts doing some redecorating, digging through the walls and floors. Cirko's miraculously healed assistant grabs all the files and flees the lab with them, but not before managing to get impaled on some instrument. Laura gets worried when a strange man approaches her son. The fleeing scientist (Singh) turns up at Laura's with a key to a storage locker for her.

Miles' parents aren't too happy with the lizard's redecorating, so Miles sneaks out of the house with Nimrod to find him a new home. Rich can't give up the hunt, so Laura dumps her son on her ex-husband so he's not harmed. Miles decides a bus in a junkyard is a good hiding place, while his parents call the police thinking he's run away. Laura and Rich investigate the storage unit. Heh - when the storage door gets stuck a foot above the ground, Rich claims he's not good with small spaces, and Laura bemoans that she can't go in because she's a girl! Ooooh - there's a red glowy thing in there - ah, the sea orchid. Rich zones out on the rain.

When a mysterious car turns up, Rich insists on being pulled inside. Miles leaves Nimrod to his own devices. The car turns out to be the guards for the storage facility. Laura's research was part of the stuff in the unit. Miles gets scared off by the police presence when he tries to go home. The animal control guy realises Miles' friend knows where he's headed and follows him. Nimrod doesn't take too kindly to the animal control guy's cattle prod and fries the guy. Cirko dies, and the mysterious government guys search Laura's - and her and Rich barely escape them.

Episode 7

A massive school of the creatures brings down a plane over the ocean. Miles is still on the run after the electrified animal control guy. Rich and Laura's panicked flight from the agents at her house at least manage to elude the initial pursuit, but Laura needs to swim across the bay to get them a boat. Laura recruits Jackson again to help them... as he's got a seaplane they can borrow! Miles calls home from a nearby petrol station, but his sister sells him out and the police turn up - leading him to steal a pizza delivery car to flee in.

Laura starts going through the data from Cirko's research at Jackson's out of the way dump of a home. Plotting stuff on a map doesn't help - sightings have been all over the Pacific - but Rich points her towards the deep sea craters that he keeps dreaming of. Then he goes and breaks the container holding the sea orchid that Jackson had put in the fridge for safe keeping. When Laura later goes back to the fridge for more beer, the orchid has gone berserk, growing all out of control, and even plugging itself into an electrical socket! And so they need to take a trip to the bottom of the ocean where the creatures gather...

Evil government guy is working for evil mysterious botanist guy, who has one of those sea orchids in his greenhouse... and wants six months undisturbed by the government to finish some study. Miles and dumb friend get to the ocean with Nimrod, just before the police catch up with him... and Nimrod swims away. Is that big oil tank thing really going to act as a submersible? And since when does an insurance salesman know how to weld enough to be able to secure it against deep-sea pressures?!

Episode 8

Miles' parents get him out of any serious punishment, but he's got a lot of community service to do. Laura and Rich, with Jackson's help, have nearly finished the submarine - now they just need to get out to the site of the creatures and dive to observe them. Of course, their first test dive shows some deficiencies in the dive boat they're using, and a leak in the sub that Rich thinks he's fixed... but there isn't enough time to retest. Miles gets strife from his sister's friends out on the highway where he's picking up trash. Oh look, evil government guy Lee has a life... or at least a girlfriend!

Lee questions Laura's ex-husband about Laura's location. Miles' sister, Savannah, makes a plea to not send Miles to some military school, as Nimrod was the first time he showed any interest in anything. His parents get him transferred to a different work programme - at the local aquarium. He shows a little interest, but still seems to be obsessing about Nimrod. Laura and Rich go down in the sub. Jackson has to stay on the surface, where the weather gets increasingly bad. When the sub starts to leak, Jackson wants to bring them up, but they choose to continue down.

Someone's brought some of the new species eggs to the aquarium, and they're keeping them for study. Laura and Rich find the temperature increasing as they descend. There's a big glowing hole in the ocean floor, and the noise from the creatures at this depth is painful. They're at 4000 feet, and there's a pod of the creatures breeding nearby. Rich starts to become obsessed with the hole, thinking it matches his visions. Suddenly the sub is dropped, and there's no reply from Jackson... of course, his worried "oh my god" might have something to do with it! The improvides submersible rolls over to the hole, catching on the edge... and their cable falls into it... how long until the weight of it pulls them in? Of course, Rich wants them to fall...

Episode 9

Lee's tracked down Laura's beachfront hideaway, which gives them a lead on their current location, or at least the point on the surface corresponding to it. Laura's and Rich's sub hits the bottom of the hole. Rich is injured, and more water's leaking in! A guy wading off some docks gets attacked by young creatures and partially eaten or electrocuted. Animal control claim it's a rogue alligator... what's Miles' reaction going to be? Some fishermen fail to find any shrimp, but do get a baby creature in their nets.

The sub's carbon dioxide scrubber is wet and non-functional, so they only have 90 minutes of breathable air left, but Rich is being crazy and unhelpful. Laura snaps him out of it and they fix the battery, but the emergency life raft won't inflate to provide lift. Miles is asked to ship plaster casts of the creature's tracks to an expert at a university after the mysterious attack at the start. He's worried it might be Nimrod. There's still no response from Jackson on the radio, and Laura's starting to get worried she's going to die.

Seems those fishermen are trying to keep the baby creature - although putting it in the hold where the ice is won't endear it to them! Rich manages to get the lights working, but there's a really big creature nearby! But with the brief spill of light, Rich thinks he sees a way out, if they could only roll the sub over. Miles wants to call Nimrod to get to him before animal control can catch him for the attack. Laura and Rich get someone on the radio, but they don't speak English!

Lee manages to get Laura's distress call through the coast guard, but wants no rescue efforts and the recording destroyed. The aquarium director is hot on the trail of the creature, and he has Miles as an assistant. They get called to a site where the attacker has alledgedly been shot... but it's a gator, and it's stomach contents show it hasn't eaten for 3 days. The fishermen have trouble in the hold - the creature has superheated it and melted all the ice! And now it's eating the fishermen!

The creature outside the sub is laying lots and lots of eggs. Lee goes back to see the evil gardener. He has questions about Laura's sea orchid and why it was so hard to kill. Evil gardener guy starts hinting about griffons and chimeras. Nimrod doesn't come to Miles' call, but he comes up with a guess of where he might be. The fishermen make the creature mad, and it zaps one of them whose managed to catch it in a sack - it then escapes over the side. One of the baby creatures is where Miles thinks it is, and he wades out into the water to see Nimrod... but it's not him, and there's a lot more the creatures there. Miles gets chewed on and arrives home bleeding profusely - and amazingly Savannah helps him.

Rich thinks his brother's outside the sub, and turns the lights back on. They can see enough to know that there's a coming population explosion. Nimrod returns home... but he's not quite so meek and mild any more. Laura and Rich make lots of noise to attract one of the big creatures, hoping it'll knock the life raft free, which it does, allowing them to float their way back to the surface. How can Laura just open the hatch? Wasn't she at 4000 feet? Wouldn't the sub be pressurized? Anyway, ignoring that fact, they get the hatch open and the sub starts filling with water, making it hard for them to get out... and then they appear to be knocked unconscious!

Episode 10

Rich and Laura make it out of the sub and into the life raft, but they're 183 miles off the coast of Oregon in a storm. And there's no sign of Jackson. They see a plane and launch a flare, but who knows if they saw it... and now the raft's sprung a leak. Rich might want to get back in the raft to avoid being eaten by the nearby creature... and can they name this species already? Miles and Savannah's parents are taking another trip away, leaving the kids at home with Nimrod.

Miles is still limping from the attack, and he looks to be running a fever. It's probably infected, but dumb friend is going to pour rubbing alcohol on it anyway - ouch! The dynamic duo out in the raft have to fend off a shark, and Rich wants to use the last flare on it, but Laura thinks screaming at it will do the trick! Miles passes out in class, and his wounds are bleeding again.

He's rushed to the hospital where's he's running a really high fever. In his delirium he's screaming for Nimrod's help. A coast guard vessel finds Jackson's boat 100 miles from where they launched the sub. There's shell casings, but no sign of Jackson. The dynamic duo watch the lightning from a swarm of the creatures off in the distance. The doctor's can only find an electrolyte imbalance wrong with Miles, so Savannah suggest she can show them the type of creature that bit him... now she's just got to catch Nimrod! One of the creatures knocks Rich and Laura out of their raft.

Miles' dopey friend manages to catch Nimrod for Savannah, but she lets on to the head aquarium guy that Miles was bitten. The dynamic duo are floating in a field of the creatures' eggs. Nimrod gets loose in the hospital and everyone gets the wrong end of the stick that it was the one that attacked people. It turns up in Miles' room licking his wounds... when he flatlines Nimrod runs off. Security shoot Nimrod, and at the same time, Miles awakes on his own.

Laura and Rich attract a rescue helicopter by bursting some eggs, releasing a luminescent liquid. But the creature's still around and takes a swipe at the vehicle. Where Nimrod was licking Miles, his wounds are completely healed. Laura's not going to last much longer in the water. Fortunately, the helicopter gets them out, and they've still got camera footage from their sub adventure. The aquarium guy has Nimrod's body and is set to perform a dissection on the creature.

Episode 11

Rich and Laura are on their way to hospital with a tape. But Lee's determined to have them picked up by the FBI a.s.a.p. Miles goes to the aquarium where Nimrod's body is being put on ice, but he comes back to life when he gets there! The aquarium director wants to keep Nimrod at the aquarium for study, and Miles acceeds to the request. Laura and Rich sneak out of the hospital when the FBI show up... although they're a little suspicious in hospital gowns! Fortunately, scrubs are easy to acquire. Miles meets with some top scientists at the aquarium.

Laura and Rich attempt to upload their tape to the internet to allow as many people as possible to see it. The scientists are trying to measure Nimrod's electrical field, but he doesn't seem interested in helping them. Miles gets shut out of the research. Laura and Rich hitchhike to San Fran to meet Laura's reporter friend... but it sounds like they're going to sell it as the American Nessie. Gift shop girl seems to be trying to pick up Miles. Reporter friend lets on to Laura that the coast guard found Jackson's boat... but no sign of Jackson.

Wow... gift shop girl's really pushing hard. She turns up at Miles' house, with the keys to the aquarium, wanting to take him to see his lizard after hours. Laura doesn't want Rich appearing in the news broadcast, as he might make them look crazy on TV. Number 1 story on Countdown - isn't that the silly celebrity story? Yes, Keith rubbishes it at the end of the report! Gift shop girl wants Miles to peek while she changes into her wetsuit. Is letting Nimrod loose in one of the tanks a good idea? Why are Miles' hands unaffected by lengthy immersion in the tank? No pruning...

The director turns out to be gift shop girl's dad, and he's not happy with the midnight swim, banning Miles from the aquarium. People might not take the news report seriously, but 60 thousand people have downloaded the video! Electric lights start flickering as Miles walks past them - how's he having the same effect on them as Nimrod does? Lee's men pose as hotel employees, delivering a fax to Laura and Rich - is she going to open the door to them?

Episode 12

They won't slip the fax under the door, so Rich gets suspicious. Bracing the door to prevent them breaking it down, they go out the window and make it look like they've slipped into the room below. Rushing down the stairwell, Rich gets into a fight with one of the agents but comes out the victor - and he's taken the agent's gun. Miles appears to have stopped affecting nearby lights... but he still thinks he might have been changed by the bite. Rich and Laura go to hide with the reporter friend. But who are the Agency of Strategic Intelligence?

Gift shop girl, Caitlin, is still pursuing Miles... and she's hooked up a webcam of Nimrod's tank for him to watch. She also wants him to attend a party that evening. Laura's got a lot of email, including one from Plausibility T. Figurehead that includes an image of the sea orchid. She replies and a mysterious voice starts talking through her computer. The "friend" wants to examine her tissue samples. And he proves he can track them via satellite.

Miles sneaks out to go to the party. Caitlin goes to kiss him, but a spark of electricity jumps between their lips. Two guys go missing in the water, and then larger bolts of creature induced lightning start sparking in the distance. Rich and Laura follow up on their mysterious lead which gives them fake IDs, a shiny new phone, credit cards and money, hidden in a library! Another call from the mysterious stranger leads to a possible face to face meeting, if Laura will bring the samples.

The beach search turns up a badly charred arm. Nimrod's gone crazy at the aquarium, and no-one can get near him without being attacked. Laura contacts her ex to get the tissue samples. Nimrod's attack on a technician corresponds exactly to the time of the attack on the beach. Miles goes in the room with some salt on the assumption that he won't be harmed. The ex gets the samples and the dynamic duo follow directions to an out of the way field where a mysterious woman lands a plane and insists that the invite was for Laura alone. Rich doesn't want to let her go alone, but she's willing to take the risk - she's blindfolded, and will be returned in 24 hours.

Miles' eyes seem to be changing, and his effect on the lights appears to be back. Miles and Nimrod have an attack of rage at the same time, and then, when Nimrod jumps on an electric fence, Miles blows out the lights in the bathroom. Laura's taken to a secret underground lab... and the crazy woman in the plane turns out to be the mysterious voice on the phone. Caitlin gets her kiss from Miles, but he's started to produce sticky slime from his fingers! Crazy woman modifies RNA enzymes, hoping that she could create an enzyme that could heal overnight, and her enzymes are present in the creature... and that it was engineered. That a bunch of people in a lab made the thing... because they could!

Episode 13

Rich has returned home during his 24 hours separation from Laura. His wife has changed the locks - and she thinks he's having an affair with Laura. There's a divorce lawyer in the living room! The family of the recent dead boys is offering 10 thousand dollars reward for the creature's capture. There's a public meeting and the public aren't happy - eggs have washed up on the beach. Miles manages to affect the microphones at the meeting. And the show almost gets a title sequence - the "Surface" logo now has images playing inside the letters.

Crazy scientist woman was hired straight out of getting her doctorate by a company that has been in cloning for many years - having cloned a sheep in the 1960s, and having produced a live archaeopteryx specimen. Her contract would be a permanent commitment, but she could name her salary. She also drugs Laura's tea! Laura wakes up on the side of the road by a gas station! Fortunately, it's Rich who picks her up. Out on the water collecting eggs, Miles starts pouring gasoline on them all, before lighting a flare and igniting them.

Rich's suggestion of following the money trail leads them on a patent search, and a redacted patent for an anti-depressant that leads them to the world's biggest pharmaceutical company. Rich and Laura go to Lorentec to ask some questions, but their questions lead to the PR woman bringing in a lawyer. Finally, Rich's insurance investigation background comes in handy. The police want to tag and release Nimrod to lead them back to the main school of the creatures, and they want Miles' help with the tagging... but how can you tag a creature that can fry any electronics nearby?

Rich and Laura investigate one of Lorentec's subsidiary companies - the one that developed the anti-depressant. But it's been recently abandoned. During Rich's wanderings, he finds a young girl hiding in a lab. Except monkey-girl attacks Rich and Laura has to try and shoot her. The police have quite a hunting party out to stop the creatures that Nimrod's hooked up with. Okay, who's Alger Kessler (other than being on the board of directors that founded the subsidiary company)? Shooting the creatures doesn't seem to be such a good idea - and most of the hunting party are mauled or eaten before Miles can get there and call Nimrod off. Lee shows up at the crazy doctor woman's lab. Miles has to leave with the creatures...

Laura and Rich start going through Kessler's archives from the 50s. There's a film from 1957 of an expedition in the mountains where they found a giant crater... with a sea orchid growing on the rim of it. Lee is in the film - how is that possible as he'd have to be 80 years old?

Episode 14

Rich is having nightmares about being eaten by a giant creature! Laura and Rich need to track down Lee. A whole bunch of large creatures are messing around on the sea bed off Puerto Rico. Miles wakes up on the beach... but when a couple of dogs start barking at him, his eyes change oddly. Rich pretends to be Kessler to lure Lee out into the open, but he and Lee end up in a fist fight over the gun. They finally get him unconscious, bound in tape, and in the boot of their car. Miles calls Caitlin to get clean clothes and breakfast, but he's putting a hell of a lot of salt on his food. Nimrod's followed Miles to the restaurant... but at least Miles manages to talk the chef out of shooting him.

Rich and Laura question Lee about the film. Ah, current Lee is a clone of the original. But Lee clams up and Rich wants to beat the truth out of him. Lee admits that the creatures weren't an accident. There's a lot of calls to Iderdex on his phone... but Rich's slip-up dialling them means that have to make a run for it. Laura manages to persuade Rich not to shoot Lee before they leave. Miles has an awkward time of coming home and going back to school... especially with the dead fish in his locker.

Laura leaves Rich over his obsession and goes home to see her son. Rich continues on to check out the mysterious lab. Savannah's boyfriend gives Miles a hard time, so she breaks up with him. Laura's ex has called Lee to have Laura picked up when she goes to see their son. Savannah's ex tries to attack Miles, so he zaps him. The creatures cause a massive undersea earthquake. The police show up looking for Miles... but the angry mob isn't far behind! Rich knocks out a truck driver and takes his place to sneak into Iderdex.

Lee interrogates Laura... well, he doesn't do a very good job of it, giving away more information than he gets out of her. He lets on that Kessler's still alive, even if he'd be 110 years old. Iderdex is filled with cryogenic tanks with various samples in them - two of every living thing on the planet. Looks like someone's building an ark! Rich calls Laura to tell him what he's found, but guards show up and give chase. What's the massive rail system for? Lee goes to shoot Laura, firing one shot, but really faking the fact that she's dead so she can get away. When the mob break into the house for Miles, they're only stopped by the announcement that there's a massive tsunami coming towards them and there's a mandatory evacuation in effect.

Episode 15

Rich is in captivity at Iderdex. And he now knows there's a tsunami coming, as everyone else is evacuating the building on underground trains. Laura steals a car from the shut down rental agency. Rich sees Jackson on one of the screens at Iderdex, labelled as a sector chief! Miles' family are trying to evacuate but they've got very little gas and the roads are solid. Miles is trying to track down Caitlin, who's at the aquarium with her father... and she's worried about not being able to contact Miles.

Laura runs the roadblock to get into the evacuation area. There's a suspicious looking man hanging around Miles' house. Rich gets locked in a small room with a good view of the computer countdown of the tsunami's arrival... and he's not too happy about it. Caitlin rides her bike to check on Miles, but he's just left, and mysterious guy steals her bike while she's checking the house. She gets knocked out while trying to stop him. The bridge off the island is closed so Savannah may not have made it out, and Miles and his parents are left with the ferry as the only way out.

Rich is locked on a floor that may withstand the wave, so the military guys get orders to get rid of him. Savannah gets through on the phone to tell the parents that she got out. Miles still can't get hold of Caitlin. When a soldier comes in to deal with Rich, he puts up a struggle... Fortunately the room is bulletproof, and the final transport is leaving so he has to be left alive... except he's still stuck in the little room. The soldier, however, dropped a phone in the struggle! Caitlin's father is on the ferry, and the suspicious guy turns up on Caitlin's scooter. So where's Caitlin?

Rich calls home and leaves a message for his family. The suspicious guy, under threat from Miles, reveals that Caitlin's still back at his house, so he jumps off the ferry to swim back there. Rich calls Laura, who's nearly at Iderdex. Miles finds Nimrod at his house, and the unconscious Caitlin. Laura's break in to Iderdex doesn't go too smoothly - there's still armed guards present. She does find out that the monorail is going into the Marianas Trench. Hacking into the computer system, she manages to unlock all the doors and get down to the level Rich is on, but then the emergency power goes out.

Huge creatures are swimming through the streets of Puerto Rico after the waves hit. Miles has a key to the boat, but the water's receeded, so they can't float out. Rich and Laura find a crazy scientist in the basement of the facility. At least he points them in the direction of an exit during his ramblings. They get outside and need a car, and Miles and Caitlin are the first people that stop for them. Of course, they're a little surprised to find Nimrod in the car. They're moments away from the wave hitting when the car runs out of gas.

They decide their best bet is the top of a nearby church steeple, but they'd better hurry! The church is full of water, but the first wave has passed. Unfortunately, Laura believes tsunamis come in sets. And a giant one of the creatures has taken up residence in the church. They make it out onto the roof before the next wave hits. And there's Nimrod, sitting on the crennelations! We pan back on the flooded city, them a tiny speck on the rooftop... and it's all over.