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Code Name: Eternity


  1. Ethaniel's Story (transcript)
  2. The Mission (transcript)
  3. The Hunter (transcript)
  4. The Long Drop
  5. Watery Grave
  6. Never Go Home
  7. Tawrens
  8. Making Love
  9. Death Trap
  10. Bounty Hunter
  11. Thief
  12. Lose Your Dreams
  13. 24 Hours (transcript)
  14. Deep Down
  15. Fatal Error
  16. Sold Out For a Song
  17. All the News
  18. Laura's Story
  19. Project Midas
  20. Dark of the Night
  21. Not a Bite to Eat
  22. The Box
  23. Underground
  24. Chameleon
  25. All Fall Down
  26. The Shift


01 - Ethaniel's Story

Opening episode of the series. A spaceship is shot down, and its occupants are mostly captured or shot. One however ends up in the hospital and is aided by Dr. Laura Keating. As he regains his memory, he realises his name is Ethaniel and he's been sent to stop a guy named Banning. Banning tries to capture Ethaniel and Laura but they escape, tracking down the crashed ship with the help of a remote viewer (Gordon). When they get to the ship, Banning is already there.

02 - The Mission

Caught by the police, Ethaniel and Laura are released into the custody of the military. The military turn out to be Dent (in disguise) with a bunch of Banning's goons. Ethaniel and Laura escape, but not before Dent plants a tracking device on them. They hide in an abandoned building where Ethaniel remembers that he's an alien from the planet Thera. Dent tracks them down but Ethaniel proceeds to disable the squad of soldiers trying to capture him. He and Laura then use the tracking device to track Banning back to his base, where they recover Ethaniel's luggage from his ship. With the diamonds contained within, they buy a huge ship to allegedly hide out on.

03 - The Hunter

While searching for Banning, Laura and Ethaniel meet up with a conspiracy theorist, Byder, who helps them discover a plot to take over the entire satellite network and find Thorber, Ethaniel's brother, with them. Banning sends Breed, a fellow alien, to handle security (which he does little better than Dent's usual bungling).

04 - The Long Drop

Also stolen from While watching the news Ethaniel sees his brother proclaiming that a businessman just seen committing suicide was pushed. Ethaniel and Laura head down to the scene and they find themselves ending up as the police's main suspects. Gant captures them and after they escape they try to follow his brothers trail and find him before Banning does.

05 - Watery Grave

Banning steals the Stone of Sorrow from a museum. It's a really big stone that some guys managed to carry out of there. It turns out the stone is some sort of alien crystal that absorbs water. Banning intends to drop it into the sea to destroy all water on the planet, thereby killing those pesky humans.

06 - Never Go Home

Banning kidnaps Gordon and makes him find Laura and Ethaniel for him. Laura goes home. Unfortunately Banning got there first and warned them about Ethaniel being crazy and extremely persuasive. Laura's father turns Ethaniel in to Banning, but they escape (and then manage to free Gordon).

07 - Tawrens

Banning sends another alien, Tawrens, to get some wonder chemical from Plaxico industries. However, Tawrens used to be Ethaniel's best mate, and so Laura and Ethaniel capture him, take him back to the boat, and attempt to un-brainwash him. Laura gets halfway through, but doesn't finish, and Tawrens has to come to his senses on his own.

08 - Making Love

Banning's produced a perfume that's full of pheromones, making the person wearing it irrisistable to any man nearby. Obviously, Ethaniel falls for the femme fatale, who Banning is using to change the way senators will vote. Laura spends most of the show acting jealous, while Ethaniel gets seduced into trying to kill Banning.

09 - Death Trap

A friend of Byder's dies in a new high-rise that turns out to be owned by Banning. Laura and Ethaniel go in to see what Banning is up to, but the building has been build as an elaborate death trap, and our pair of unlikely heroes have to escape.

10 - Bounty Hunter

Myroc gets hired by Banning to capture some guy. That guy happens to be meeting Ethaniel's brother Thorber about some computer disk. When Ethaniel turns up, he's captured by Myroc, who arranges to trade him for the disk. Stuff happens.

11 - Thief

Some scientists have developed a square piece of glass that can prolong the lifetime of the human bodies which the Therans on Earth are currently using. Tawrens goes in to steal it, but is beaten to the punch by an attractive theif (who he obviously falls for). She attempts to fence the device, and Banning and Dent arrange a trade in a shopping mall. Ethaniel and Tawrens turn up, but end up smashing the glass to avoid Banning getting it.

12 - Lose Your Dreams

Laura takes Ethaniel to an old friend of hers to help him deal with his disturbing dreams. The old friend, Dr. Rosalind Steiner (played by Eva Habermann who played Zev in the first series of Lexx), puts him in a hypnotic state where she tries to recover him memories. Strangely he remembers being on Earth and having family there. While he's out rediscovering his past, Laura discovers he has a double who's currently in a catatonic state in Rosalind's lab. Banning's behind the whole thing, planning to swap Ethaniel's memories for the other guy's, thereby neutralizing his problem.

13 - 24 Hours

Ethaniel goes to meet Thorber, but comes back really sick. For no apparent reason Ethaniel appears to be reverting back to his original form (which, being from another planet, can't survive Earth's atmosphere, making Earth the obvious planet to invade!). Fortunately for Ethaniel, after much running around, Thorber and Laura manage to find a way to stabilize his human form and save him.

14 - Deep Down

A girl goes missing while diving. Unfortunately, she seems to have found a crashed plane that belongs to Banning, so Laura and Ethaniel are obviously curious. Banning wants something that was on the plane and our intrepid heroes want to know what it is (and, as an afterthought, what happened to the missing girl).

20 - Dark Of The Night

The "Aircraft" show (it's required for any series to have a show set on an aircraft at some point; I'm not sure if this goes hand-in-hand with the clip show to denote that production is running low on money). Laura and Ethaniel steal some chip from Banning and get on a plane with it. Little do they know Banning has an agent on board who brings the plane down, stranding them in the wilderness. They have to have the passengers help to survive, escape the pursuing Dent, and find the chip which someone's stolen from Ethaniel.

23 - Underground

The "We've run out of money so we'd better make a clip-show" episode. While talking to a scientist who thinks he can defeat Banning, the heroes have to escape into some underground tunnels. The bad guys follow and cause a cave in. Ethaniel is hurt, and while the bad guys try to dig them out, and the heroes try to dig their way to freedom, Laura and Ethaniel sit through an endless run of flashbacks to save some production money.

Dent Watch

01 - Ethaniel's Story

Dent gets attacked by a dog, set fire to in the hospital, and then thrown around by Ethaniel at the end.

02 - The Mission

Dent gets thrown around by Ethaniel early on, he's shot repeatedly by Ethaniel and Laura, and then he's electrocuted (by a CD that Ethaniel throws at him) at the end.

03 - The Hunter

Dent doesn't actually get to do much in this episode. He apparently arranges for someone's death offscreen, but otherwise he just has to pull funny expressions and brood a lot. So no deaths here.

07 - Tawrens

Tawrens blows Dent up with a rocket launcher at the end.

08 - Making Love

Dent gets pushed off the roof of a building by Ethaniel.

11 - The Thief

When the guys smash the glass device at the end, the explosion blows up Dent.

13 - 24 Hours

Dent doesn't even get to appear in the episode, so there aren't any opportunities for him to get blown up!