TV Graveyard

Nowhere Man


  1. Absolute Zero
  2. Turnabout
  3. The Incredible Derek
  4. Something About Her
  5. Paradise On Your Doorstep
  6. The Spider Webb
  7. A Rough Whimper Of Insanity
  8. The Alpha Spike
  9. You Really Got A Hold On Me
  10. Father
  11. An Enemy Within
  12. It's Not Such A Wonderful Life
  13. Contact
  14. Heart Of Darkness
  15. Forever Jung
  16. Shine A Light On You
  17. Stay Tuned
  18. Hidden Agenda
  19. Doppelganger
  20. Through A Lens Darkly
  21. The Dark Side Of The Moon
  22. Calaway
  23. Zero Minus Ten
  24. Marathon
  25. Gemini Man


01 - Absolute Zero

Opening episode of the series (and feature length too!). A photographer, Thomas Veil, after the opening of his show, goes to celebrate with his wife. Halfway through the meal he goes to the bathroom and on his return, his wife has vanished, the restaurant manager doesn't know him, and there's another couple sitting at his table! When he goes to his house, his wife is there with another man; when he goes to his show, it's apparently not his anymore, and a single picture "Hidden Agenda" has vanished. Obviously, the man's insane, so he rapidly gets locked up in and slowly has to piece together what's happened while planning an escape.

02 - Turnabout

On the run, Veil gets mistaken for the director of the asylum he was previously locked up in (after using their IDs), and gets taken into the confidence of the guys behind his "erasure." He's given the task of persuading a prisoner there that she's insane and her life doesn't really exist, just like they tried to do to him previously. Eventually he decides he needs to rescue her and take her with him.

03 - The Incredible Derek

Following a lead on the license plate of a military vehicle in his photo, Veil goes to a small town in the middle of nowhere. Here he meets a psychic blind boy, Derek, who helps him escape from the military nearby.

04 - Something About Her

Veil is captured and subjected to some weird memory hypnosis device thingy. They implant memories of a torrid relationship with another photographer (Carrie Anne Moss), and when they wake him up, pretend they've kidnapped her and want the photographic negatives in return for her.

05 - Paradise On Your Doorstep

Veil, working in a store deveping photos, sees a photo with his wife in it. Following the woman whose photo it was, he's drugged and taken to a town full of people who've had their lives erased. He finds they're trying to make a new life, and uncover the people behind their erasure. Unfortunately, the leader of the community will go to extreme lengths to protect the secrecy of the town.

06 - The Spider Webb

When Veil follows up on a lead on his friend from the asylum who knew too much, he stumbles upon a TV show writen by Max Webb, which mysteriously mirrors his predicament. Can he avoid falling into a predictable ending?