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2005-04-23 Entry: "80s Fatigue?"

"Return To Cadiz" sees KITT get an amphibious mode, and then they have to write a not-very good episode around it. It's got something to do with a scuba-diver, a sunken treasure, and a whole bunch of gold, but the KITT on water scenes are just plain silly. There's some nice shots of April in this episode though!

Anyway, I'm not struggling with Knight Rider, not really wanting to carry on but being unable to find something I'd rather watch. I want a big, pointless action movie, but can't really get excited about any of the ones I own. So instead we go on with the aforementioned show with "K.I.T.T. The Cat" which centers around a cat burglar, but is probably more interesting for its guest appearance of Geena Davis.

Finally on the disc we have "Custom K.I.T.T." which is all about custom/classic cars being stolen near car shows... including a classic that Devon is just borrowing. Of course, KITT has to get a facelift to appear in the show (which is pretty horrible to be fair), and there's a guest starring female who looks a little like Linda Blair (but isn't). You know, there's some really weak episodes of Knight Rider... has it just not held up over the years? Or was it always this bad and the bloom of youth blinded me to how shallow it tended to be? Hopefully some of the rest of the series holds my attention, but fortunately, we've got a show change in the rotation and we're back to one of the two (out of the five) that I really want to watch.

So on with the show (Quantum Leap for those not keeping up with the rotation), and we kick off with "Blind Faith" which sees Sam as a blind piano player... fortunately though, Sam isn't blind, which should make his job a little easier as long as he doesn't give the game away!

Oh dear, the audience want an encore... can Sam play the piano? Well, he can manage chopsticks at least. Unfortunately, he's only got 24 hours to leap out of there, as there's another performance the next night!

There's a familiar guest star... playing the pianist's girlfriend's mother... after much umm-ing and ahh-ing over who it could be, I ended up looking her up and realising who she was when she went on a tirade before I got the answer - Grams from Charmed (Jennifer Rhodes).

Gah, Beatle-mania... almost as authentic as when it was shown in Dark Skies... and the mother finds out he can see, and sabotages the relationship by telling her daughter... then Sam accidentally gives the game away, and the daughter runs off in to the park, where there's a murderer on the loose. But before the big confrontation, Sam has to get blinded by a flashbulb so he has to save the day blind. Al has already let slip that Sam was something of a concert pianist in his youth... is there anything this guy couldn't do?

And then, Sam the DJ, in "Good Morning, Peoria" which is a fun episode which sees the town council trying to shut down a radio station that plays rock and roll. There's romance with the owner, there's the gradually escalating siege and game of one-up-manship of trying to take the station off the air, and there's Sam playing at early shock jock. There's also the guest appearance of Chubby Checker, learning the Twist from Sam, which is one of those silly circular paradoxes that this show keeps throwing in.

And then Sam leaps in to a rabbi...

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