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2005-04-24 Entry: "Drunken Ramblings"

I'm writing synopses while drunk (and watching Buck) so these might not be all that comprehensible! Anyway, we kick off where we left off last night, with Quantum Leap's rabbi episode, "Thou Shalt Not..." which sees Sam trying to prevent his sister in law from having an affair... and initially it appears that he's the subject of the affair, but it's really a sleazy author, who's claiming he's a widower to seduce women so he can write about them. Okay, and that explains why the author was familiar - he's played by Russ Tamblyn who also played Jack Maynard in a fairly memorable episode of Babylon 5, A Distant Star (Keffer's first view of a shadow-ship).

And then on to possibly the best episode of Quantum Leap from its five year run, "Jimmy" which has a good guest cast, including Michael Madsen, and that guy from SeaQuest that I can never remember the name of (John D'Aquino). This is really fun, and is one of the few episodes with a followup (in this case, in season 5 with the evil leaper).

Then, on to Buck Rogers. We kick off with "Ardala Returns" which sees Ardala and the Draconians having trouble with their new fighter, until they hit upon the silly idea of kidnapping Buck and creating robotic doubles. Probably only memorable for the invention of ping-pool, a game which involves hitting a ball that doesn't bounce over a net!

We're then on to "Twiki Is Missing" in which Twiki never really goes missing, but Earth is trying a really risky maneuver of importing a big frozen asteroid of oxygen. Twiki is apparently a suitable candidate for creating a whole race of droids who can mine some really explosive mineral. Buck has to go up against three skimpily dressed women who can throw things around with their minds (and their glowing hands and eyes).

Of course, no-one bats an eyelid at Buck seducing one of the lethal women... need to keep an eye on those all-powerful women, as they might fall in love with the enemy!

"Olympiad" sees an olympic athlete and his girlfriend (also an athlete) trying to defect to Earth, and hitting a minor snag that he has a bomb implanted in his head that could destroy quite a number of people.'

This was the point I took to go out and get drunk, but I still had to suffer through an episode of Buck when I got in, "A Dream Of Jennifer" which sees Buck being haunted by a woman who looks like a love from the 20th Century. Played by the lovely Anne Lockhart, who we saw last in an episode of Knight Rider (the Cadiz episode from a couple of days ago) and will see again in the last season of Quantum Leap (Star Light, Star Bright). It also has a really, really brief appearance by Dennis Haysbert as a security guard... and yes, I had to look this up as I'd never have guessed it was him!

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