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2005-04-22 Entry: "The Penultimate Calling"

Tonight is possibly the last Tru Calling night, what with them having cancelled next week's for the return of a show I'd be tempted to burn the TV if I found it on - The Simple Life. Anyway, as it's a shorter night, I've ended up being distracted from my plan again with more Dark Angel.

And we kick off with "Blah Blah Woof Woof" and Lydecker has decided to put up wanted posters of Max all over the city. Of course, she's trapped in South Market with the military establishing an airtight perimeter around the area. Logan is having medical problems, and so isn't as up to helping as usual (a bullet fragment from the shooting is moving and causing him pain... he might have to go back for more surgery). But fortunately Zack is around and drops by to help.

Of course, after they get Max out of the city, Logan ends up having to be rushed in to surgery and she comes rushing back to see him. After finding out the X-5s are universal donors, we get a really silly dream sequence and then Max is taken into custody. Fortunately for her, Zack turns himself in, so she gets released and Lydecker leaves town (Zack either dies in a helicoptor or escapes when it crashes but they're keeping that a surprise for now).

Then in "Out" Logan and Max have a major falling out when she wants a quiet date and he is obsessed with his war against the bad guys. Even with all this, they manage to stop a guy smuggling young girls out of the country... although Logan and Matt are captured and tortured during the search.

Finally in "Red" Max has to babysit a witness against the Mayor in a court case... unfortunately for her it's Bruno Anselmo from the pilot and he does everything he can to foul up her attempts at keeping him safe. Of course, there's also a bunch of South African enhanced soldiers that are there to capture an X-5, and Max gets more than a little beaten up.

Then back to Knight Rider with "Blind Spot" where Michael has to protect a blind woman when her husband is attacked while bringing some evidence to the Foundation. The episode is broken up by tonight's great episode of Tru Calling, in which Tru's possible boyfriend Jensen dies and doesn't ask for help. After much running around though, she finds William Sadler does want help so she has a chance to fix things... although there's a serious warning from Jack that this is a really bad thing to do.

So Harrison gets the job of saving William Sadler by preventing his escape (which obviously he fouls up) while Tru tries to keep Jensen out of danger and Jack and Carrie attempt to get him killed. And there's a hint that everything isn't completely smooth at the end when Jensen has a serious attack of deja vu over something that occurred on both days...

Of course, we're not going to find out what happened... there might have been a couple more hints of the consequences in the final episode, but that's not being aired... so we'll have to wait for the DVD... or double purchase by buying the UK edition (which comes with all 6 episodes of the second season as well as the first).

Back for a couple of minutes of Knight Rider, and then sleep...

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