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2005-04-22 Entry: "More Of The Same"

"Plague" kicks off the night, and Bill volunteers to investigate a possible plague death in a small town that appears to have its own militia. He's innoculated, but Ralph isn't and as their investigation goes on, he becomes convinced he's infected.

Bill thinks he's safe, and then they find out its smallpox, and Bill finds he's not been innoculated against that. The hypochondria continues until the world health guy tells them that it takes two weeks for smallpox symptoms to appear.

The rotation next takes us back to Wonder Woman, with "The Bermuda Triangle Crisis" kicking off disc 1 side 2. A naval pilot disappears in the triangle and the IADC think that it's deliberate sabotage to prevent the US government from setting up a prototype nuclear breeder reactor in an uninhabited part of the triangle, which obviously disturbs Diana, what with her home being in that area.

Is this the first appearance of the shiny blue swimming outfit or did I miss an earlier one? Sexy, but why does Wonder Woman wear more to go swimming than she does to run around on land?

Diana comes home to find two guys trying to break in to her apartment in "Knockout." Wonder Woman deals with them, but then Joe calls to tell Diana that Steve's didn't arrive in L.A. when he left on his vacation. So Diana goes chasing after him to see if she can find out what's happened.

In L.A. she meets a friendly cab-driver / ex-marine who does quite a lot to help her investigation. Meanwhile Steve is being held by an ex-cop friend of his who wants him out of the way for some operation. Wonder Woman's boomerang comes back, but she doesn't bother actually turning the crown into a boomerang this time, just throwing it and having it come back.

The final episode of the night, "The Pied Piper" sees a musician who hypnotizes female fans in to robbing places for him accidentally preys on Diana's boss Joe's daughter. Of course, Diana has to go undercover to rescue her, and this episode introduces the concept that any spinning will allow her to change, whether she does it or it's forced on her. Like here, where she's trapped in a chair that's set spinning - that spinning allows her to change into Wonder Woman so she can break free.

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