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2005-04-21 Entry: "Back on Plan"

More playing rotation-hooky by watching Dark Angel episodes, and starting with "Prodigy" and Kendra's going to see a boy genius who's genes have been manipulated post-birth to cure his learning difficulties. Of course, Max is interested as the technique may work on her... at least to cure her shakes...

Unfortunately, sneaking in to the conference is the easiest part of her day, when Lydecker shows up, and then terrorists try to seize the building.

"Cold Comfort" sees the appearance of the third X-5 in the series, Bren. She's first seen apparently dead in a freezer, but extreme cold is nothing to these people, and she runs off... She calls Zack for a meeting, but Lydecker gets there and captures her (and seriously injures Zack). Of course, he turns up at Max's.

Jam Pony is apparently going to get a new owner... and the staff aren't exactly happy about it. So they run a ridiculous scheme to discourage the buyer...

Okay, Lydecker didn't capture Bren, some other military guys did... and we find out all isn't well with the X-5 genetic code, as four of them so far have started suffering from a progeria-type rapid aging effect... including Bren. How much time to Zack and Max have before they too are struck down by it?

Hey, look, I'm being good... I've gone back to Greatest American Hero, and kicking off disc 2 is "Classical Gas" and Ralph's class have formed a band. However, their big break could be fatal if the terrorists manage to hit the event with nerve gas as they've planned. Ralph and Pam's relationship is getting rather rocky over the suit (and his jealousy of the music producer that's showing an interest in Pam)... but at least it's nice that Pam's back!

"The Beast In The Black" sees Ralph and Bill investigating an apparently haunted house. Ralph is finding hidden rooms behind brick walls (where he's mysteriously attacked), objects move on their own, a falling chandelier kills Bill, but then he comes back to life due to a yellow glow.

We finished the night, although I wasn't paying a great deal of attention so probably should have stopped an episode earlier, with "The Lost Diablo" which sees Ralph's class on a field trip in the mountains which Bill shanghais to go searching for the titular gold mine. Unfortunately, the mine is booby trapped, near collapse, and they're being stalked by a bunch of hunters.

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