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2005-04-19 Entry: "Diverted"

See, I do something stupid and it bites me - I put on the pilot of Dark Angel last night, and nearly watch all of it before going to bed (but it wasn't that which meant I got veeeerry little sleep last night - I was reading large chunks of A Stroke Of Midnight), so what do I end up watching tonight when I'm supposed to be watching the Greatest American Hero? More Dark Angel...

We kick off with "Heat" which sees Max tracking down the woman who helped her escape from Manticore, while at the same time dealing with one of the downsides of her feline DNA... she goes in to heat three times a year and tries to jump anything that moves. It must be said, however much I'd like to look like her, having to deal with shakes due to lack of tryptophan and heat tri-annually I'm not sure the upsides of being a gorgeous genetically engineered killing machine is really worth it.

Talking of tryptophan withdrawal, episode 3 is "Flushed" which sees Original Cindy and Kendra deciding Max is on drugs and they need to stage an intervention, flushing her medicine. When she gets thrown in gaol trying to steal more from a hospital, Abraham Benrubi and Original Cindy have to mount a daring rescue (and OC gets to meet Logan).

I very nearly managed to resist after the first disc and go back to the rotation... but I'd have had to add Dark Angel to that rotation. Instead I put in disc 2 and carried on watching things I've already seen...

"C.R.E.A.M." sees Logan investigating the disappearance of a journalist friend of his from many years ago, while Sketchy (who's mysteriously lost the attractive girlfriend - if you're dating Lauren Lee Smith, you've got a good thing going) screws up his side job with a bunch of mobsters.

Okay, Cash Rules Everything Around Me... it's not really the catchiest title in the world...

"411 On The DL" sees Logan's ex-wife show up, and Max's bar-code-number appear in an ad in the newspaper. Unfortunately, her contact needs 15 thousand dollars to give her the information on the other X-5 in town... of course, if she was paying attention she might notice that he's just taken a job at Jam Pony and is Normal's star employee.

After last night's lack of sleep, I'm going to call it a night here...

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