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2005-04-14 Entry: "Wingover"

Hopefully the last night of The West Wing starts with "Privateers" which sees Amy's first day. She has to deal with the foreign aid bill having a gag order added to it over abortion, one of the Daughters of the American Revolution planning to boycott Zoey's induction because Mrs Bartlett's ancestor was a pirate, and a small number of hazing pranks.

Will takes a hit for the team when a glacier melts and kills a whole bunch of people - possibly the first casualties of global warming. Donna has to tail around after a security risk at the party, but can't tell anyone, and Charlie tries to ignore a Dear John letter from Zoey.

"Angel Maintenance" sees a fault on Air Force One keeping it in the air until they can confirm the landing gear is down. There have apparently been friendly fire deaths in Kundu.

Josh has to deal with Democrats who don't want to give a vulnerable Republican a victory over Chesapeake Bay cleanup. The Black Caucus are willing to support the interventionist policy of the President, but they want to reintroduce the draft in return for their support.

"Evidence Of Things Not Seen" sees poker night when all the senior staff have the night off. Josh has to interview someone for the council's office position. The President's secretary wants to join the game. A Predator drone is lost, and it's the equinox and CJ is convinced that they can stand an egg on end.

Will's an Air Force reservist, and also something of a card dealer... Josh's interviewee is Matthew Perry... which is going to be a little scary.

Someone shoots at the White House and they lock it down while the Secret Service are investigating. Matthew Perry is replacing Ainsley Hayes, which makes sense considering he's another Republican...

Three to go, and we kick the last disc off with "Life On Mars" - and there's a woman delivering a letter to the President, except it's supposed to go to the Secretary of State... so it must be important. Ooookay, the Vice President just resigned. This is gonna be a doozy!

Of course, I got a little distracted through these three episodes trying to finish my taxes... I'm getting a fat refund so it's not all bad...

Anyway, there's a band playing above my bedroom, so I've got time to write synopses - Hoynes is having an affair, so he resigns.

Then in "Commencement" the Zoey, Charlie, Jean-Pierre triangle comes to a head when the french guy takes Zoey to a club and drugs her. This wouldn't be too bad, but Danny has the Sharif story and wants to go public, and someone's abducted Zoey and killed one of her secret service agents. Oh, and Toby's ex-wife goes in to labour.

Finally, "Twenty Five" sees the President overwhelmed by the abduction and invoking the amendment of the constitution designed for this event. Unfortunately, the guy who's supposed to take over resigned two episodes ago, so they end up with the speaker of the house, a Republican... well, okay, they end up with John Goodman.

Which finishes the series. Which means I can watch something else tomorrow (assuming I remember to take a break to watch Tru Calling, which I forgot last week)... don't know what at the moment though.

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