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2005-04-13 Entry: "Wingin' It"

Disc 4 of The West Wing kicks off with CJ's class reunion in "The Long Goodbye." She's also visiting her fther, who's struggling - his Alzheimer's is getting much worse, and his (latest) wife has left him.

There was very little more to say about that one (except maybe for mentioning the embassy bombings that end the episode), but maybe "Inauguration Part I" will pick things up.

The President is worried about which bible he's going to be sworn in on; Toby and Will are trying to find new language for the foreign policy section of the inauguration speech; and fighting in Equatorial Kundu is turning into a massacre.

Looking for casualty figures if the US sends forces there, the President gets Donna's boyfriend in trouble and he's transferred. The tension continues though in "Inauguration: Over There" when the guy from the Pentagon leaks to Danny that executive orders were overturned allowing the President to assassinate foreign leaders.

But wooden soldiers in a Laurell and Hardy movie persuade the President that he should overturn his foreign policy doctrine and declare that the military can be used to uphold liberty and freedom around the world.

The speech seems to go down well, enough that Will gets Sam's job (and Sam'll get a promotion if he comes back).

You know, "The California 47th" might have something to do with Sam's congressional race. Except it starts with troops going in to Kundu and seizing the airport. Then we move on to the trip out to California... well, almost, the President is demanding the ruler of Kundu surrender, or he's going to take a capital by force.

The California trip has a problem - the Republicans are rolling out their tax plan, and the Dems aren't going to be able to respond for 48 hours (because if they try to announce a tax hike in Orange County on the richest 1% they'll kill Sam's campaign). This could be fatal... to the tax policy or to Sam...

The Republican tax plan is its usual farce - 15% cut across the board, plus all the other things they want to cut, which will, obviously, explode the deficit and do absolutely nothing to stimulate the economy... sounds like Bush's tax plan...

Will's struggling to put together White House remarks on the tax policy when all his speechwriting staff have quit and he's left with interns. One of them used to be a ballerina though.

Kundu get given a deadline before the troops move in, but the ruler decides to finish the genocide before it expires. A drunk guy insulting Congresswoman Wyatt ends up with Toby and Charlie under arrest for assault.

Sam pretty much derails his own campaign when he realises they're covering up the tax plan for his sake - but then his campaign manager was running it to avoid burning the DNC's bridges rather than to see Sam win, so he wasn't losing a great deal.

On to disc 5 with "Red Haven's On Fire" and we'll get some fallout from the capture of 3 US marines in Kundu. Toby and Charlie make bail but it still makes news.

Will continues to try and get miracles out of his interns. The First Lady loses out on a budget item she wanted, and Josh suggests she needs a professional chief of staff to fight for her agenda. I have a feeling that won't go well for Josh...

The captured troops have been beaten, and the President has to sit down with the families, before sending special forces in for a rescue. The First Lady has an interesting encounter with Amy Gardner... see, I was right about Josh...

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