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2005-04-15 Entry: "Tru Heroes"

After giving it very little thought, I settled on the second series of The Greatest American Hero which will get broken up at 9pm by Tru Calling. But we kick off with "The Two-Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Fastball" which is presumably a baseball themed episode...

Someone's intimidating major league baseball players, running them off the road and beating them up so they can't play. Ralph has to join the team as a pitcher (wearing the suit under his uniform) to get to the bottom of it.

And it's guest starring Carmen Argenziano as the bad guy. He's sporting a dopey looking moustache here, and has slightly more hair than his Stargate SG-1 days though.

Of course, Ralph gets to pitch and bat in the major leagues, two games only, winning the team their entry into the World Series, and then he disappears.

On to episode two "Operation: Spoilsport" and we're at a missile base. One of the missiles decides to launch on Russia without anyone triggering it. Fortunately, one of the soldiers manages to disarm it before launch, but the computer system decides that in 24 hours it's going to launch a full arsenal - and there's no way to stop it.

The aliens really don't want Ralph to have instructions for the suit, but they're willing to borrow a dead army guy to tell them that the world is going to end unless they stop it.

Ralph's really got the hang of invisibility by this point - pretty much at will. And there's a very silly scene with Ralph stopping a missile from launching!

Episode three, "Don't Mess Around With Jim," will get interrupted by Tru, but we'll start it anyway. We've got a funeral of a rich guy, and we've got Ralph and Bill getting kidnapped. They've been kidnapped by the dead guy, who wants the suit.

Okay, it's really about the guy's will and how he wants Bill and Ralph to go and get it back... there's cheating in a casino, and Ralph trying telekinesis on a roulette wheel.

So here we are with Tru Calling, and Davis is being asked out on a date by the woman upstairs (Carrie)... at his apartment, although he needs to leave early to tidy up. Jack meets a blonde girl who looks very familiar... lets look her up... okay, Maggie Lawson, looks like Alicia Silverstone, was in Party Of Five, probably seen her in bit parts but nothing starring.

Jack is trying to get Carrie and Davis together? The woman Jack met has jumped off the roof and he's there to find the body - but she asks him for help, and he and Tru both rewind... but get each other's rewind effect. Jack usually sees the day that the dead person had in rewind, which explains how he always knows who Tru is saving... but Tru gets it this time.

Ahhh... The girl has leukemia and an insurance policy that pays on an accident, not a suicide. She wants the money to go to her sister, so is Jack going to help her make it an accident? Or is Tru going to win the money in a bet, persuade her to change her mind about dying, and put Jack in a really difficult position.

Back to the Hero, and we find out the rich guy once had a suit but the power went to his head and the aliens took it away. Ralph and Bill's task is to rescue his partner and get the will back so that some good can come of his death. And then they find out that the aliens come and collect the pair of them when they're about to die - which clearly isn't to Bill's liking!

Early start tomorrow, so we'll call it a night here.

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