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2005-04-12 Entry: "West-ward (Wing) Ho!"

"Election Night" sees everyone voting... although, based on the bunch at the beginning, no-one understands what to do with those crazy complicated ballot forms. Josh is a little nervous, and Sam's race in California seems to be going well in the exit polling, which appears to worry him.

The President is having an attack of the shakes, which could bode badly for his next four years in office. And at 13:30, both the President and the dead buy are winning.

Toby and his ex-wife are having conflicts over their pregnancy and upcoming twins - Roll Call have the story, and there's plenty of pressure on them to remarry. Donna, who's accidentally voted for all the Republican candidates on her absentee ballot, is trying to find a Republican locally who'll trade votes with her. Sam owns up to Donna about his volunteering for the campaign in Orange County.

Donna's quest leads her to meeting a submarine commander who's now working in the White House... potential love interest? Will's praying for rain... and he gets his wish. The President manages to squeak out a win in his home state, but Sam's watching the news reports that say his race is too close to call.

"Process Stories" sees a continuation of the previous episode, with Sam still waiting for a result in his California race - and they win. Which means he's got to put a campaign together...

Unfortunately for the party, there's a coup in the offing in Venezuela, just when Donna's poll-trading guy turns up to take his position as Nancy McNally's guy in uniform.

On to disc 3 with "Swiss Diplomacy" and the son of the Ayatollah of Iran needs a simultaneous heart/lung transplant, and only the US can do the procedure. Unfortunately, the three doctors who can perform the operation are unavailable - one is in the middle of a very complicated procedure, one is rapelling K2, and the third's father was tortured by the Ayatollah... not a good situation.

Josh has to talk to Hoynes about the potential Presidential primary that's going to tie the party up as he's been shopping for precinct captains. It's making the potential opponents nervous. Except, he hasn't been shopping, he's been white water rafting.

Then we have "Arctic Radar" and there's the top woman pilot being charged with disobeying an order after being ordered to end an affair. The White House have to decide whether to intercede.

Toby's struggling to write a speech, and Sam sends Will Bailey there to help him out. Which is probably a good thing as Toby's setting fire to his draft.

Donna tries to start a relationship with Jack, but sends Josh in to test the waters, which is a really dumb idea... all her embarrasing stories get told, and it's surprising that Josh has time to deal with a Star Trek fan in his office.

"Holy Night" sees a flashback to Toby's father's early years, just after Toby's birth. Andy's deception over her pregnancy has made its way to a deposition and Toby isn't having much fun. Danny makes a surprise reappearance in CJs briefing. Toby moves Will in to Sam's office, and Toby's father turns up in his office.

Hey, the therapist is back. And so is Zoey... and she's brought a boy with her - although he's French... and royalty.

Oh dear - Danny appears to have some evidence on the Sharif assassination, which could have serious repercussions if he breaks the story... what with Qumar wanting to go to war and the assassination being a war crime and all.

Lastly tonight, "Guns Not Butter" sees a guest appearance by Megan Ward, although she's a really itty bitty part playing a Republican on the hill - where Josh is trying to find one last vote on foreign aid.

Danny's getting closer to the story, and Toby of all people might get the extra vote. Charlie is chasing a letter handed to him at a rally, and gets deferential treatment because of his position - something's going to get sticky here.

CJ's arranged photo of the President with a cow turns out to be with a goat instead. Charlie gets a memo back from the Pentagon, which has unfortunately been cc'd to the Joint Chiefs, Leo, the President and Vice President, and anyone else vaguely important. Josh finds out the vote can be bought for a trifling amount of money, but it needs to be spent on a study over the healing effect of remote prayer.

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