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2005-04-09 Entry: "Various Films"

And again I've been slacking... it's just been films... Tuesday kicked off with "Josie And The Pussycats" followed by "13 Going On 30" which was something of a girlie movie overdose. I'm still unimpressed by the Jennifer Garner movie - it's got its good moments, but tends to fall flat. The Pussycats movie is great though...

Wednesday night's plan was the presidential movies, but I only made it through a film and a half - "Dave" is the fun little movie about a Presidential impersonator who ends up having to play the President when he's left in a coma after a stroke. I like this film, but I realised I tend to get it confused with the subsequent film, "The American President." Of course, the latter appears to be an audition piece for the West Wing, considering four of the cast have major roles in it. And who decided this DVD should be non-anamorphic... stupid dopey DVD producers!

Unfortunately, I had to sleep, so I had to save the best bit of the film for tonight... and tearing up at the President's speech in the press conference pretty much always does it...

And then we need to find another film... being late home and having to finish last night's duo means I'm only going to get the one done tonight... which will screw me up slightly considering I'd just about managed to pair up the films I bought at the weekend. Fortunately, I bought an odd number, so it looks like I'll be okay!

Unfortunately, the odd film out is "The Chronicles Of Riddick" which isn't exactly known for its highbrow intellectualism, or even its teary-eyed sentimental moments.

But wow, the director's cut actually adds everything that was missing from the original. All the strange mystical stuff that happens and Riddick's secret past as a Furyan actually get explained. The rest of the story is pretty much the pointless action-fest it always was, but the extra scenes tie it together better than the previous cut.

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