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2005-04-10 Entry: "Up To Sunday Morning"

Friday night saw the viewing of "My Best Friend's Wedding" which is just about bearable as a rom-com. Rupert Everett is the best thing in this as the gay friend/editor, and Cameron Diaz is suitably annoying as the potential bride, but Julia Roberts sleepwalks through this performance (to be fair, she's played this role about six times before this film).

Saturday, after going out and watching Sin City - good but not great film, I didn't realise it was going to be a bunch of short stories rather than one long film; the only interesting this to note about this is the use of colour, only showing reds and a couple of yellows along with the black and white; Elijah Wood does a really good creepy character; Devon Aoki is cute - I came home to "A Cinderella Story" which wasn't very good.

Alright, it was a typical Disney teen movie, but even it's connection to Cinderella was tenuous... so she dropped her cellphone, but they didn't exactly make any effort to track her down by it...

Anyway, I followed that with "Princess Diaries 2" which isn't much different from the previous Princess Diaries film - it's predictable as hell, and there's a guy from Dead Like Me in it (which I think is the only thing I've seen him in other than that - Callum Blue for reference). And Heather Matarazzo needs a bigger role in something... how about a Now And Again reunion movie?

I probably could have squeezed in another film, but I'd making reasonable progress on the Kelley Armstrong book (Industrial Magic) so instead went to bed to read.

And now it's Sunday morning and "Garden State" is looking to be quite a good movie so far. Why didn't Natalie Portman stick to dramas like this, rather than that pile of dreck that is the Star Wars trilogy? The use of music and colour in this film is great, and its populated with a great cast of bizarre characters.

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