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2005-04-05 Entry: "Night Of The RomComs"

And three days go by again... of course, Saturday I didn't watch any DVDs. F1 qualifying (dull), Norwich football (at least they played all of the first half this time!), and then bits and pieces on television until I decided to go out, get food and watch a film. It ended up being Constantine, which was much, much better than I thought it would be. Keanu wasn't very good, Rachel Weisz was good, Tilda Swinton made an excellent Gabriel (I really must track down Orlando at some point), and the only really bad bit of casting was the guy playing Lucifer - too old, too unattractive. They needed another Tilda Swinton really...

Then a couple of beers and then home - I did manage to forget my newly purchased book in Callahans though. After some sleep (although clock change meant an hour less than I'd have liked) and watching a lacklustre grand prix I then had to go out and retrieve the book. Fetched successfully, I then descended into buying DVDs I didn't need... although I managed to pay no more than 10 dollars apiece so it wasn't too horrible. Back to the cinema, I saw Ice Princess which at least had a good cast (Kim Cattrall, Joan Cusack, Michelle Trachtenberg), but I really need to find someone to go and see these teen girl movies with so I'm not so conspicuous... It wasn't a bad film, but it did nothing clever or particularly original.

At home, I put on a couple of those DVDs I'd bought - First Daughter (my first "previously viewed" purchase, which seemed to be okay) with Cardboard Finn and Joey Potter. I do like Michael Keaton in this as the President, and the rest of the story is fairly reasonable (if predictable). Of course I had to follow it with Godzilla which is entertaining fluff, even if there are much better sci-fi films out there.

So, we're on to Monday and I really need sleep, but first "You've Got Mail" with the reteaming of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan after Sleepless. Okay, this isn't a bad movie... but I failed to emotionally connect with any of them, and although I knew how it was going to turn out, I didn't really care all that much. The attempts by Hanks to persaude Ryan that he's not such a bad guy after her store closes is touching and has some amusing moments, but otherwise not too special.

And then, because I'm stupid and sleep is over-rated, I put on Sleepless In Seattle. And this is much, much better. I'm tearing up after ten minutes - although did they get a bulk license on Somewhere Over The Rainbow? It appeared at the end of Mail, and at the beginning of this one...

Okay, this is a film that starts really well and ends really well, but the middle is pretty average. The story flows quite well, and you're rooting for the two leads to get together at the end (and for Goddess' sake ditch Bill Pullman and let him go off and be President), but it possibly needs a little bit of a kick in the middle just to propel the viewer to the end. Hey, it's streets above You've Got Mail (and First Daughter from last night) but we'll see if it holds out against the other rom-coms in the offing bought on Sunday... I have a feeling one or both of the presidential films upcoming will knock it off though as I absolutely love both of them...

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