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2005-04-02 Entry: "Classic Filmage"

Wow, missed two days again... I'm slacking. Okay, no I'm not, because I haven't actually watched anything I own the last two days. Wednesday saw two DVDs that I'd been lent, and then Thursday saw me watching real, honest to goodness broadcast television... my TV was starting to wonder why there was a cable box plugged in to the back of it!

So Wednesday's films? "Wings Of Desire" which was an hour and a half of tedium (which I can understand the purpose of, but it's reeeeaaaaallly slow), followed by an absolutely brilliant 40 minutes. The problem is the emotional impact of the last 40 might be lost without the slow buildup. But I imagine the film has turned off quite a few people with that initial segment though. Film 2 was "Cold Comfort Farm" which was lighthearted but not particularly funny - good cast of British actors, but otherwise forgettable.

Thursday saw the return of Tru Calling... finally. Of course, there's only six episodes, and they showed 2 on Thursday, so we've only got another four weeks of show, but this was a good season opening. Tru and Jack are back at each other's throats after a summer apart. Tru's father seems to be taking a much closer interest in the conflict here, having moved back to the city and employed Harrison in an attempt to turn him to their side. Davis has a new love interest. Tru is auditing medical school.

These were good episodes but there's a bit of a nagging question - Tru knows who dies because she's there when they ask for help... but how does Jack know? He seems to know it's the harbour patrol woman who dies, and the circumstances of her death (enough to warn the boat she was out to rescue about Tru's possible appearance). He then knows about the psychologist in the second episode minutes after rewinding. So he must get that information from somewhere...

And now, on to tonight, and actual owned DVD viewage - first we've got an episode of Buck Rogers to finish the disc, "Escape From Wedded Bliss," which sees Princess Ardala come back with a weapon that can destroy Earth... unless they give up Buck to marry her.

Then the night descends into classic films. Starting with the next of the Fox Studio Classics (which I'm going to watch in order, even though I'm a long, long way behind), "How Green Was My Valley" about a boy growing up in welsh mining town. This was a bit slow and I never really connected with any of the characters, so I'm not sure how it one all the oscars it did...

"Laura" continued the filmfest, which was an improvement over the previous film, and a fun little mystery. I'm still not entirely clear on what makes it a film noir, but I guess I'll have to track down the other releases to find out.

I should really have stopped at this point, but stupidly put on "Carry On Matron" which I then wanted to go to bed in the middle of. It's not the best Carry On film, with Sid James' band of criminals planning to steal some pills from a maternity hospital (with requisite undercover criminal disguised as a nurse), and Kenneth Williams as the hypochondriac doctor, but it still has its endearing moments.

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