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2005-03-30 Entry: "A Mixed Bag"

First finishing up the Looney Tunes disc, and we have sheepdog guarding sheep from Wile E. Coyote in "Don't Give Up The Sheep." The idea of sheepdogs clocking in and out is a fun one. Wow, an education too, what with reading the book about greek myths and having the Greek god Pan lulling the shepherds to sleep with his pipes.

"Bugs Bunny Gets The Boid" sees Bugs dealing with a slightly slow vulture who has settled for bringing home a rabbit while all his brothers bring home cows and moose and suchlike...

And finally, "Tortoise Wins By a Hare" sees the tortoise get one over on Bugs yet again.

Then a film - "Touching The Void" about a couple of climbers in Peru, whose day out on the mountain face that had never been climbed before turns in to a bit of a disaster. Okay, that's something of an understatement when on the way down one of them breaks his leg, ends up hanging from a rope over a crevasse and ending up with his partner being forced to cut the rope if he's to have any chance at survival.

And then we have to watch the harrowing journey back of the guy who got cut loose. This is a pretty graphic account of the disaster and the extras give a pretty comprehensive view of the fallout from the event. Definitely a film to recommend.

After watching mountaineering and needing to go to bed at some point, we'll stick with television, which means I have to put up with Gary Coleman in Buck Rogers - "The Cosmic Whiz-Kid" - which sees him playing president of some planet (oh, and he's supposedly 500 years old, and a genius to boot).

Gary gets kidnapped by a random bad guy, and Buck gets kidnapped by Gary's bodyguard to go and rescue him. Wilma meanwhile goes undercover to attempt a rescue of her own (not knowing Buck is involved).

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