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2005-03-29 Entry: "Forty Days Of Looney Tunes"

Starting out tonight with "40 Days And 40 Nights" with Josh Hartnett and Shannyn Sossamon... okay, this film is really simple and predictable, but is perfectly watchable nonetheless. And are there a lot of really beautiful women in this or what? From the previously mentioned Ms. Sossamon, to the briefly seen Emmanuelle Vaugier (last seen in Smallville), to Josh' work colleague Keegan Connor Tracy (Jake 2.0, Final Destination 2); even his ex-love played by Vinessa Shaw is fairly attractive in places.

The film's also got a few good laughs in it, although there's a little bit of toilet humour that you've probably got to be in the right frame of mind for.

After that mindless exercise, a few Looney Tunes... yes, still pretty mindless, but I can stop at any time as they're only five or so minutes a piece... so we start with Pepe Le Pew in "Scent-imental Reasons" which is the first time I remember the cat turning the tables on the skunk. And then, Bugs Bunny in "Frigid Hare" which sees Bugs at the south pole, because, obviously he should have turned left at Alberquerque if he wanted to get to Miami as desired. And he's dealing with a precocious penguin and a spear wielding eskimo.

"The Hypo-Chondri-Cat" sees two mouse dealing with a hypochondriac cat, while "Baton Bunny" sees Bugs the conductor, torturing his orchestra, and being tortured by a fly in return. I keep hearing bits of music that I'm sure are used in Bugs Bunny cartoons at some point... but then he seems to forever be dealing with orchestras or opera singers, or starring in operas or something, so it's possible I'm right...

"Feed The Kitty" sees ferocious dog dealing with cute kitty... the dog's called Mark Anthony, so presumably the cat is going to be called Cleopatra?

And now I really have to get some sleep... tomorrow may be a reeeeeaaaaally long day (we're in error fixing crunch even though we haven't got any errors!).

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