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2005-03-22 Entry: "Gargoyles, Season 1"

After last night's foolish watching of the initial five Gargoyles episodes (they're really one big long pilot), I'm continuing that show tonight - the next episode is "Thrill of the Hunt" where a TV group called The Pack are set up to hunt Goliath and Lexington, further souring the Gargoyles relationships with humanity. Of course, Xanatos is behind it...

How come Xanatos is the bad guy here? In all the fanfic, he's, if not a friend of the Gargoyles, at least not their enemy. So when does that change?

Of course, the next episode "Temptation" sees the return of Demona, who wants the spell-book currently locked up in the tower, and is willing to deceive Brooklyn to get it. She wants it so she can brainwash Goliath into following her plans.

On to the next disc and "Deadly Force" sees Broadway accidentally shoot Eliza with her own gun. This amidst a shipment of laser weapons that get stolen from Xanatos. It's a fairly obvious episode - Gargoyles shouldn't play with guns - but it's played out quite well, and we get a few scenes of the slightly slow Broadway (after a Lexington and a Brooklyn episode). We're just waiting for a Hudson episode, and an episode with the dog... whatever his name is...

"Enter MacBeth" sees the titular character agreeing to clean the Castle of gargoyles for Xanatos... he's apparently the guy who named Demona, and he does a pretty good job of capturing some of them. There's a few good scenes with Bronx the dog here. The Gargoyles do get a new home though, moving to a clock tower above the police headquarters.

"The Edge" sees the return of the robotic gargoyle substitutes, or the Steel Clan as they seem to have been dubbed... of course, they've had an upgrade, and with Eliza's new partner sniffing around, the gargoyles' secret is nearly exposed. The head of the robotic unit is really Xanatos in a suit.

"Long Way To Morning" sees a Hudson flashback episode, with the King being poisoned by an archmage and his daughter blaming Hudson for it. In the present, Demona tries to poison Eliza so she can lure Goliath in and kill him. Unfortunately for her, Hudson accompanies Goliath to the meeting.

"Her Brother's Keeper" sees Eliza's brother, a helicopter pilot with the police, maneuvred into taking a job with Xanatos. Goliath is determined that her brother should be told the truth about the gargoyles if it would persuade him not to take the job. Lexington gets a helicopter. And I twigged something - the leader of The Pack, Fox, is the woman Xanatos ends up marrying (assuming my fanfic readings are anything to go by).

"Reawakenings" ends the series, with Xanatos and Demona piecing together a previously destroyed Gargoyle, Coldstone (who, conveniently completing the love triangle of Deanna, Riker and Worf, is voiced by Michael Dorn) via magic and technology, and then setting him against the other gargoyles. Obviously, he's not going to be a series regular, but he's a good foil for setting up the season end and the start of the next - with Goliath declaring that Manhattan is their new castle, and they'll protect everyone within it...

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