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2005-03-26 Entry: "Two Days Catchup"

Wow, two nights of no comment... of course, Wednesday I was too tired to comment, and Thursday I was out drinking, so there's very little to comment on...

Wednesday saw The Incredibles - great film (and the first over at DVDSpot I've decided to rate a 5), probably Pixar's best, and I'm intrigued what they're planning to do with "Cars" for which the trailer lurks on the disc.

Then I decided to watch The Pretender. The Pilot episode sees Jarod, escaped from The Center, posing as a doctor to get to the bottom of the paralysis of a young boy. This does an admirable job of setting up the characters, although it'd be nice to get some hints of how he escaped from the Center with all those data discs...

Episode two, seen after the bar on Thursday, "Every Picture Tells A Story" sees Jarod the Coast Guard which has two familiar guest stars... William Sanderson (last seen in Deadwood) and Marjorie Monaghan (last sees as Number One on Babylon 5).

And then, on to tonight, with "Flyer" where Jarod becomes a pilot and makes friends with a crazy conspiracy nut who he gives information about the Center to... we also get our first glimpses of the sinister Mr. Raines who Jarod finds on one of the discs and then learns to lipread to find out what he's saying.

Disc one, side one concludes with "Curious Jarod" which sees him trying to get to the bottom of who the man in the yellow hat in the Curious George book is... okay, he's really trying to help a former showgirl at a Las Vegas casino who's in a coma after being attacked at work.

Then we get "The Paper Clock" and Jarod wants to make a deal with the Center - the discs for information on his mother, so we get the first appearance of the Director of the Center (played by Janet Hubert... and according to IMDb, her only appearance - do they get new management or something?!).

Is the Center the same building used for the GSA in Mutant X?

"To Protect And Serve" sees Jarod as a police motorcyclist. He's searching for his mother and enlists some aid, but he makes sure to get Miss Parker thrown in gaol first. He gets close this time, with someone in Blue Cove (where the Center is) trying to contact him with information about her... which of course Jarod loses when Miss Parker turns up.

I finished up the evening with "Carry On Doctor" after finding out that my Sweet Valley High shipment had a really scratched up disc one, which is quite impressive considering the disc hadn't come off the spindle; between the scratches and the smeary fingerprints, someone's had a hand in it, which is slightly bizarre... but I guess I'll have to make a pilgrimage to the post office to ship it back...

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