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2005-03-22 Entry: "Movies And Star Trek"

"A Taste Of Armageddon" sees the ship visiting Eminiar 7, who send out a code 17-R signal, meaning "don't, under any circumstances, visit this planet!" Unfortunately, the diplomat on the ship overrides Kirk's orders and sends them in. Seems the planet is at war with its neighbour, but they've taken the actual war out of it and left everything to the computers - the computer reports casualties, and then each side disintegrate their own people!

Of course, Kirk takes his usual blunt-fisted approach to it - destroy the disintegration chambers and the computers, and persuade the people that they don't really want to go to war through traditional means.

"This Side Of Paradise" sees them visiting an agricultural planet where all the inhabitants are supposed to be dead due to technobabble radiation. But there's still people there - how did they survive?

Cue Spock love interest... apparently he knew the settlement botanist previously. Oh, it's the mysterious plant episode... who's going to get sprayed by the flowers first? And they give Spock emotions again...

Then, because I feel the need to watch a few films and it's been on the shelf for ages, "Fahrenheit 9/11" which is mostly good but doesn't really show anything I didn't already know. Of course, it wasn't really for me, but for the ignorant masses who believe the Son King is the second coming or something.

That's being followed by "Chariots Of Fire" which I may have seen before but it's been so long ago that I don't remember it... I do, obviously, remember the opening theme though as it's possibly more famous than the film (or even the events the film portrays).

Back to Star Trek, and although "Devil In The Dark" is a big goofy episode with a dumb looking monster, I really like this one. Silicon based lifeform, stupid miners, what are really obviously eggs, crazy overacting by Spock in a mind meld, and McCoy's "I'm a doctor not a bricklayer" comment.

"Errand Of Mercy" sees the Enterprise sent to Organia to protect it from a Klingon fleet that intends to use it as a base. Unfortunately, the natives don't seem to want to fight. The Organians, have immense power, although they appear as normal humans most of the time and their natural form is some sort of energy being. What is it with immensely powerful races in Star Trek that never have repercussions? The Organians? Whatever the Squire of Gothos was? The Greek Gods (when they show up... and thankyou Peter David for picking them up for subsequent use)? Even the Q just want to turn up now and again to play pranks. At least this time they're forcing peace between the Klingons and Federation to prevent an interstellar war, so they're not a complete loss!

"The Alternative Factor" sees them orbiting a planet when they get attacked by a starfield overlay... oh, okay, they got attacked by non-existence, which makes far more sense than the graphics they showed! Fortunately, in the wake of the attack, a humanoid being appears on the planet below who they can go and ask questions from... or end up in a fist-fight with I guess... oh, okay, it's the white guy and black guy cancelling each other out episode. Alright, so it wasn't the white guy and black guy - they're obviously in a later episode with the same theme, but there's two Lazaruses here, one positive, one negative.

"City On The Edge Of Forever" is the classic time travel episode where McCoy gets injected with some chemical that makes him go crazy, before he flees through the time portal. Unfortunately, this causes the Enterprise to disappear, so Kirk and Spock have to go back and fix whatever he changed.

And then, finally, "Operation -- Annihilate!" which sees mass insanity come to Deneva. Is this the strange flying creature episode? At least they give us the solution in the first couple of minutes, so now we just have to find out what it's the solution to...

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