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2005-03-10 Entry: "The End Of A Millennium (Season Two)"

There's actually seven Millennium episodes to go... I obviously can't count! But four should be taken care of tonight, starting with "Siren" - and we open with a ship full of Chinese immigrants docked in the US. They think they've made a payoff, but the INS turn up to arrest everyone. The captain orders two of the crew into hold 38 to kill some monster... but there's a woman chained up in there.

Jordan encounters the woman in the hospital, and she won't let her mother leave without agreeing to help her, because the strange woman is going to save Frank's life! Frank's enquiries go nowhere, although he gets a flash of drowning when he talks to one of the crew in INS custody. When Catherine goes to question the woman at the hospital with an interpreter, they can't find a dialect she speaks, and when she does say something, she's got a strangely distorted voice.

Okay, I'm coming back to this entry after 24 hours and watching the end of the show... but for Tuesday night, we watched the end of Siren... and the woman who allegedly can save Frank gets his attention because he initially believes that the woman can give him the answer to whether his involvement with the Group is bringing evil into his family, or protecting them from it.

It's not a bad episode, but it's followed by "In Arcadia Ego" which has the distinction of having Missy Crider in it, but nothing else to say about it... it's basically a virgin birth story about a couple of prisoners in an womens prison. It's got some good moment, but the ending is a little weak.

Then the bizarre mythology-esque show "Anamnesis" with Catherine investigating a schoolgirl who allegedly saw the Virgin Mary appear to her and a small group of her friends. Of course, to provide counterpoint, Lara Means is in there for the Group, and they throw in an extra group, The Family, who were an offshoot of the Group who had a difference of opinion many years ago... they're descendents of the protectors of the holy grail and they're invested in the fulfillment of some prophecy that involves a sacrifice.

It's pretty good, but a little too Millenium-Group-history heavy and the actual tale loses something because of it. They also throw more stuff at Catherine... they were definitely building something here with her...

"A Room With No View" was a great episode - it sees the return of Lucy Butler, who's abducting teenagers and imprisoning them in her house where she plays elevator music and loves them as long as they're trying to be ordinary. She's picking people voted most likely to succeed by their peers, even though their grades aren't very good - the sort of people who would aspire to greatness if put in a position where they could excel, or if they were needed. After a whole bunch of not very good episodes, this was great... unfortunately, this was it for the series...

As we continue with the other comedy episode (after the Jose Chung episode) "Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me" which has four devils in a donut shot discussing their recent activities and how they've all been seen in their true form by Frank Black... this was completely rubbish!

And then we reach the finale (on Wednesday night), "The Fourth Horsemen" and "The Time Is Now" where they basically try to end the world. They also manage to kill off Catherine, dropping any possible storyline for her that they'd been building. And they leave Lara in a mental institute drugged to the nines and lost in her visions. What happens to Watts is unknown...

Okay, this season really didn't live up to the hype... it had some really good episodes (A Room With No View, The Pest House, Midnight Of The Century, 19:19, and Monster), a bunch of pretty good episodes (Beware Of Dog, The Curse Of Frank Black, Goodbye Charlie, Luminary, The Mikado) and a whole bunch of rubbish. Started quite well, ended poorly... is this a Morgan and Wong trait, or do they just need to be given the opportunity to stay on the air more than one season so they don't decide to destroy everything at the end?

To change things up a little, I've only got 1 disc, 6 episodes of Dungeons And Dragons left, and the box is a huge great thing taking up a lot of shelf space, so lets get it done, starting with "The Dungeon At The Heart Of Dawn."

Eric and Bobby manage to find the Box of Balefire, but they open the box before they give it to Dungeon Master and it releases a signal that draws the ultimate evil. It appears to be Venger's master, and even Dungeon Master cannot stop him. He does manage to save the kids lives, but their weapons are drained of power. Of course, the Heart of Dawn can replenish their power... as it can replenish Venger's... who's following them.

Their journey has a whole bunch of obstacles, and they have to keep leaving one of the kids behind after dealing with it - Presto stuck on a ledge they can't reach, Diana fighting Salamanders, Eric dealing with a purple worm, Hank dealing with Venger, Bobby and Uni dealing with his henchmen, and then Shiela caught at the last minute... then Dungeon Master manages to find the strength to crawl the last few feet and get his powers back. Which means he can save the kids and replenish their weapons... fortunately, the evil guy got distracted and went off to terrorise other worlds!

"The Time Lost" sees Venger playing around with a time crystal thingy, that allows him to open portals to Earth at any random time. Of course, he's got a nefarious scheme planned with giving a World War Two German fighter ace a modern aircraft, sending him back and changing history so that the kids aren't ever born, but he miscalculates and gets a German who doesn't particularly like Hitler or the war.

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