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2005-03-08 Entry: "More Millennium (A Lot To Live Up To)"

More Millennium, and disc 4 opens with "The Mikado." This was supposed to be a horror episode, and had a couple of creepy moments - basically they stumble on an internet killer, staging his kills live on webcams. Frank has real trouble piecing this one together because the computer distances him from the event and his power proves useless.

"The Pest House" was a better episode - bunch of people dying like urban legends... and there's a connection to a mental hospital. This was cool, considering half the cast are psychopathic killers and we don't know who's actually managing to get out of the hospital to commit the crime. And then there's the supernatural explanation for what happened...

"Owls" and "Roosters" starts well, with a conflict in the Millennium Group between one faction who believe in a religious Armageddon in 6 hundred odd days, while the other bunch believe in a secular Armageddon in 60 odd years. They're purportedly fighting over the cross of Christ, and there's a whole bunch of back and forth with Lara and Frank being ostracised as the two factions try to find out who's to blame for each incident.

Meanwhile, a new company hire Frank's wife in a blatant attempt to get to Frank... seems there's a third group out there that are setting up the Millennium Group to destroy itself in a civil war... but this is about where the episode goes completely off the rails into Nazi mythology and crazy Germans hiding in Paraguay. This gets really weak in places, and doesn't really help the overall Millennium mythology.

So, one good, one excellent, and a mediocre two parter... for something billed as one of the best seasons of television ever made, it's going to have to go great guns in the last six episodes to earn that mantle (or to really come close to it...).

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