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2005-03-12 Entry: "Catching Up After An Evening Working"

I ended up working for large chunks of yesterday evening, so didn't get to comment on what I watched, or even just put up a list... tonight should be better though, as all I've got to do is get drunk... yay Friday!

Anyway last night started with four Dungeons And Dragons episodes to go, and I kicked off with "Odyssey Of The Twelth Talisman" and Eric makes a friend. A boy their own age with a magical talisman that attracts evil and creates uncontrollable energy beams whenever he is threatened. Unfortunately it puts the gang in harms way, what with someone with eleven of them searching for the twelth... oh, and Venger has to turn up at the end just to get killed...

"Citadel Of Shadow" sees Sheila feeling worthless, considering she keeps screwing up and preventing them from getting home. Hearing a voice, she rescues a young girl from behind a mystical barrier. Then she gets her ring back for her. But unfortunately, the girl is Venger's sister, so things aren't going to go all that smoothly!

"The Winds Of Darkness" sees a guy called the Darkling with a killer fog that zaps Hank, making him disappear. Bobby recruits the aid of a woman who can glow in the dark and is able to defeat the Darkling, but she's reluctant to do so.

"Cave Of The Fairie Dragons" sees a whole lot of running around to save a bunch of fairie dragons and get them to their new homeland in the forest at the edge of the world. Of course, they also have to lose a possible route home.

And that's it - no conclusion, no final episode, just ending like all the others... of course, there's a featurette on the unfilmed episode that the writer planned to wrap things up with in case the show wasn't picked up for another season... but they didn't get to film it because they were cancelled.

And then on to Star Trek, the Original Series, starting with "Dagger Of The Mind" which has the most skimpily dressed psychiatry expert in the history of the field. A prisoner escapes a penal colony, and when the crew capture him, he claims to be a Doctor at the facility. On beaming down, Kirk and the skimpily dressed woman from his crew find that they're modifying memories with some laser beam to remove the criminal element from their prisoners.

"The Corbomite Maneuver" sees the Enterprise having to deal with a mysterious spinning cube that blocks their way. Eventually they resort to blowing it up, but they have to deal with a much larger ship that threatens to destroy them (and could have the power to back it up).

Kirk plays a fun bluff here with a mysterious Corbomite device that destroys any ship attempting to destroy an Earth ship. And there's a creepy kid... that's three now!

On to tonight, and we open where we left off, Star Trek, with "The Menagerie" which has the return of Captain Christopher Pike (now in a wheelchair and without a speaking part) and Spock committing mutiny by running off with the Enterprise. Of course, it's spread over two episodes because they've taken footage from the original pilot and spliced it in to another story, set later.

Then I watched Leon - a good film, Gary Oldman manages not to overact too badly, and Jean Reno and Natalie Portman are good in it, but there's something a little disturbing about the relationship between the two of them.

And finally, I put on volume 3 of uncut Yu-Gi-Oh... at three episodes every two months, they're going to take forever to release this show! And I should really be watching these in the original language, but I'm so used to watching this show dubbed on TV that the characters only sound right in the dub...

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