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2005-02-12 Entry: "Bored Of B5"

One more B5 will put us two discs down, and it's "Day Of The Dead" at least for the Brakiri. Earth comedians Rebo and Zooty come to the station (played by the suitably unfunny Penn and Teller). And so do a few old friends and enemies. Presumably whichever guest stars they could lure back...

Lennier drops by for a visit, and he knows about the event - one night every 200 years, that there are strange tales about. And Lennier is also a Penn and Teller fan. Lochley, however, clearly isn't.

The Brakiri need to buy the station for the night, so that it is Brakiri territory and the Day of the Dead will occur. Well, a chunk of the station is anyway...

And so it begins... although G'Kar is outside the Brakiri zone by choice (he's decided to sleep in C&C rather than in his quarters)... Lochley finds herself out of communication with the station (but then, she's on the Brakiri homeworld now)... Londo gets Adira back... Garibaldi finds Dodger in his shower... Lochley finds her friend, Zoe, in her quarters, although she's been dead for 20 years - they were definitely a couple of drug-addicted partyers in their youth... and Lennier? Lennier, who's hoping to get a word with Marcus again, instead ends up with Mr Morden. Morden does get to tell him that he will betray the Rangers.

And Zoe brings a message from Kosh - "When the long night comes, return to the end of the beginning."

And then, we're dealing with raiders while "In The Kingdom Of The Blind" - but they're destroying the ships without taking the cargo, and there's military precision to the attacks. Londo is back on Centauri Prime with his Narn bodyguard... G'Kar.

Something is afoot in the Royal court... the Regent is very rarely seen... he's been drinking a lot, when he cultivated sobriety before... and a whole bunch of normal information is being classified and withheld from general distribution.

Byron's telepaths, wanting a homeworld in return for what was done to them, start spying on the Ambassadors for information. And then they challenge the council - give them a homeworld, or they'll reveal all the secrets they've gained. Unfortunately, and against Byron's wishes, this ends in violence.

An assassination attempt against Mollari is foiled by the Drakh. He gets a cryptic conversation with the Regent. And he's left to wonder (as he plans to return to Babylon 5) what they are doing with the Centauri ships... and then we find they're the raiders everyone's worried about.

And the telepaths, including Lyta and Byron, are under siege.

Although I don't really care (I just want to get through this damned show), the next episode, "A Tragedy Of Telepaths" sees the siege with the telepaths continuing. Lochley has a solution, but she's worried no-one will like it...and a call to Bester really isn't going to be good...

Londo still hasn't managed to leave Centuari Prime, and is puzzled by the increase in ship and weapon production. Interestingly, there's fresh spoo being delivered to somewhere in the south end of the palace... and only Narns can stomach it fresh... so where was it going... ah! There were underground cells there... and yes, there's a prisoner... one G'Kar has a close personal attachment to - Na'Toth.

Lochley goes in to talk to the telepaths. Garibaldi brings a piece of Brakiri ship to the President's attention, that was found at the site of an attack on the Drazi by raiders.

Londo and G'Kar smuggle Na'Toth off Centauri Prime. Bester arrives to stop Byron's telepaths from interfering with the capture of them. And the ones remaining outside the siege decide to go on the offensive, raiding a weapons locker, and then trying to kill Zack, Lochley, Bester, and the others trying to cut into the contained area.

The Bloodhound units are back on B5.

It'd be one more episode to the season mid-point, and to the end of the initial telepath arc, but I've managed to lose interest, so we'll watch something else... in this case, the second double-episode storyline of Sea Of Souls... which, as with the last one, is either called Possession, or Shades Of Evil.

They're out somewhere, with a small boy who seems to be remembering a past life - he remembers how he died, who he was, and his former wife. He also remembers the last words he spoke to his wife before he died... but the research is contaminated - one of the army colleagues of the dead guy lives next door to the boy.

Meanwhile, in London, Michelle Collins' son is remembering living by a lake. And he's speaking fluent Spanish... because George could speak it. Lets be fair, all supernatural shows have to have a freaky kid in them... and Joe is definitely that.

Oh, well that was neat... and yes, definitely freaky kid... I probably should put some more plot here, but I was so engrossed I completely forgot...

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