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2005-02-11 Entry: "Rangers And Telepaths"

Ranger training, involving meditation under difficult circumstances, but some of the trainees are going to Babylon 5 (including one who can't seem to get the meditation bit down). And Babylon 5 gets a new organized crime leader. It's definitely a "Learning Curve" for the new Rangers and for Garibaldi... or maybe Zack.

Trace is the new leader, and Zack is putting together a good investigation into his recent activities... so Trace wants him killed.

One of the trainee Rangers gets in the way of the attempt on Zack's life and gets seriously injured. But there's something in the Ranger training about the application of terror, and so Delenn is pulling rank on Lochley to handle the matter. Lochley lets slip that she knows more about Sheridan than they're letting on... what's the back story here?

Okay, dumb bit of training... the moment he's fit enough to walk (even though he's not fully healed) he's let off to fight those who inflicted the punishment on him.

Delenn finds out in this episode, but we have to wait for the next before the audience finds out... well, okay, maybe not, but now Garibaldi knows something is going on. Londo is leaving for Centauri Prime. He'll eventually be the second Emperor Mollari... the first also ended badly... and Londo isn't looking forward to his having to go back and forth until the Regent dies. And there's an accident in the docking bay in "Strange Relations."

Psi-Corps are back, so this'll probably be a Lyta-centric episode, especially after Franklin finds her borrowing medicines from Medlab for the telepath colony. So, Psi-Corps Bloodhound units led by Bester. Of course, Garibaldi isn't going to like this...

Delenn and G'Kar want Franklin to quit Medlab to go out and compile the ultimate treatise on cross-species medicine.

Bester wants the telepaths on a variety of charges, but Sheridan doesn't want to give them up, so Lochley is caught in the middle.

Londo manages to escape a bomb on the ship there to return him to Centauri Prime, as the accident earlier had prevented him from boarding.

Lyta goes up against Bester and his Bloodhound unit to protect the colony... but Bester can get Security to help him this time...

Sheridan and Lochley were married for about three months many, many years ago... which was why the President chose her... he knew he could trust her, even though she was on the other side during the war. She tells Garibaldi, but he's still not allowed out of the brig as he still wants to throw Bester out of an airlock.

Byron decides he has to be a martyr... going down with the rest of his colony. Fortunately, Franklin's medical protocols (based on his new position) requires a 60 day quarantine.

G'Kar gets to be Londo's bodyguard on Centauri Prime... which is a pretty crazy idea... G'Kar initially balks at it until he realises that he gets to stay near Londo in the Centauri Royal Court.

Let me be fair... the singing telepaths at the end are extremely cult-like...

"Secrets Of The Soul" sees the station getting overrun by Byron's telepaths... there's a lot of them arriving... and Zack is jealous of Byron over Lyta.

Apparently Lyta is a Brightly Coloured Fast Moving Object (a BCFMO according to Byron)... and Zack really should have admitted he was in love with Lyta... the dope.

And why does the Hyach history only go back 800 years? Considering their civilizations is supposed to have been around for 7000 years, what happened to the rest of their history?

The telekinetic amidst Byron's band is seriously beaten by a thug in Down Below, and Byron and Lyta have to stop the rest of the band from taking revenge. Unfortunately, Zack finds Byron with the first victim, and throws him in the brig... so he's not there to stop them going after the others.

And then, finally, Byron and Lyta sleep together, and the telepaths discover where they came from... they see halls filled with incubating telepaths on the Vorlon homeworld, and Byron decides they need to demand their own homeworld, as they wouldn't even be what they were if it were not for the war between the Vorlons and Shadows.

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