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2005-02-13 Entry: "The War With The Centauri"

Lets see how long it takes me to get bored... "Phoenix Rising" sees the conflict with the telepaths escalating. Byron and Bester appear to have a personal emnity. Garibaldi tries to kill Bester but is incapable... Bester implanted two of Asimov's laws of robotics in his head.

Byron reveals that he was a P12, and therefore Bester's protege. He was out collecting a bunch of blips on a mundane transport... they get the telepaths back, but Bester demands that the transport be destroyed in retaliation. And Byron is forced into pulling the trigger. Which was what led to him leaving the Corps.

The telepaths from Byron's group that decided to take the fight to the enemy and escaped the siege are running loose on the station, and they take over Medlab to secure hostages... just after Garibaldi comes in looking for drugs that'll break a telepathic block.

And here's the scene from Deconstruction with Garibaldi being held hostage, and the President determining that the Alliance will not negotiate with terrorists. Fortunately, Byron and Lyta manage to get there and save them.

Byron negotiates a surrender, but Bester interferes... Lyta is forced to leave the other telepaths, and Byron becomes a martyr...

Garibaldi falls back into the bottle...

"The Ragged Edge" gets us back to that mysterious raider issue (now that the telepath arc can be put on the back burner).

Ta'Lon took G'Kar's book, and had it published... and it's a best-seller. G'Kar has become a religious icon in the month he spent on Centauri Prime.

Garibaldi has to go and talk to a transport pilot that escaped a Drazi ambush... his old friend and he then proceed to get very drunk. Unfortunately, his friend doesn't last much longer than that...

And the pilot is killed by a bunch of people in hooded robes... but Garibaldi gets a trinket from one of them before they get away... and once he makes it back to the station, Londo identifies it as a button from a Centauri Palace Guard uniform.

Franklin takes the position as head of Xenobiology research at Earthdome, beginning in the new year... so pretty much just before the end of the season.

Disc 4, and we're past the halfway mark... well, okay, we passed it with The Ragged Edge, but nwo we're marching on with "The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father" - where we get an insight into the inner workings of the Psi-Corps.

They're chasing a rogue who's killed another student there... and then fled to Babylon 5. So Bester and two students have to proceed there to catch him. We get a glimpse of the Psi-Corps mothership that remains permanently in hyperspace so no-one knows it exists.

They become worried when the rogue exhibits capabilities greater than that of the P10 he's rated... eventually they discover that he's a multiple personality, and one of those is a P12.

Then, in "Meditations On The Abyss" Delenn gets up in the middle of the night, and goes to a secret appointment in a seedy Down Below bar. It is Lennier that she is meeting... and she's sending him on an important and dangerous mission. He needs to determine whether it truly is the Centauri who are the raiding ships.

Londo decides that when he becomes Emperor, Vir will be the new Ambassador to B5.

Lennier does a whole bunch of training with other Ranger recruits.

And Garibaldi is really off the wagon.

Michael Garibaldi is having nightmares about failing everyone in "Darkness Ascending." Although Lyta seems to be testing the limits of her abilities and that might have something to do with the nightmare. And Lise comes to the station.

Lise discovers that Garibaldi is drinking again, and demands that he doesn't drink as long as she is on the station.

Sheridan finds out about Lennier's mission, and recalls the White Star he is on. Lennier goes rogue to try to find the Centauri base.

Lyta accepts G'Kar's original offer from the pilot to donate her genetic material to the Narn in return for resources necessary to find a telepath homeworld. And we get an answer as to what Lyta's pleasure threshold is.

Unfortunately, Garibaldi is failing to keep his promise to Lise... ordering coffee, but then sneaking out and adding spirits to it.

Lennier finds a whole bunch of Centauri ships when he gets to their secret base. Meanwhile, Centauri Prime insinuate to Londo that the Alliance are trying to plant evidence to blame the Centauri for the attacks.

G'Kar makes Lyta an offer, but she turns him down. He wanted to know if she would spy on the other Ambassadors' thoughts in return for the deal... and she gives the correct answer.

Lennier records a Centauri attack and sends a distress signal to alert the Alliance. He brings the evidence to B5. And Garibaldi insists Lise leaves.

"And All My Dreams Torn Asunder" sees the council meeting organised in the last episode - and the evidence against the Centauri presented.

A blockade against the Centauri is declared, and when Londo gets a response from the Regent, he's forced to withdraw from the Alliance, and declare that they don't recognise the authority of the blockade. And the Centauri declare that any attack on Centauri ships will be considered an act of war.

This forces Londo home to determine what is going on... and leaving Vir to represent the Centauri on B5. G'Kar decides he must go with Londo, to continue to act as his bodyguard.

Garibaldi is incommunicado... okay, he's actually drunk or hungover, so he's neglecting his duties. However, he now needs to alert the White Star fleet of Centauri movements so that they can prevent a shooting war. Lets hope he doesn't drop the ball this time...

Oh well, looks like he has... he's drunk again... and the White Star ship is going in alone... and we have a lot of shooting... and Michael's probably going to be out of a job...

G'Kar is placed under arrest after the war starts... ordered directly by the Regent... but Londo insists that wherever G'Kar goes, Londo goes... so they imprison the Prime Minister.

Only 6 to go, but I've got to go out and forage for food... although hopefully not literally... I'm not going to be out in the rain trying to spear a wild boar or anything... maybe something slow moving like an armadillo or a hedgehog, but definitely not a wild boar!

So four and a half hours tomorrow, and then it's just 4 films and 13 episodes of Crusade... and then I can watch something else... Yay!

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