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2005-01-19 Entry: "A Day In The Strife..."

B5 is in turmoil due to new weapons searches instituted to cargo, and Sheridan and Ivanova are facing down a bunch of angry shipping guys. So obviously Sheridan pulls the macho crap - swapping his gun for the loudmouth's metal bar, and facing him down. Meanwhile, Na'Far arrives to replace G'Kar as the Narn ambassador (and brings Ta'Lon with him). It's "A Day In The Strife," and first contact with a science probe is made - it wants them to answer a whole bunch of questions in return for a whole bunch of useful knowledge.

Londo persuades Delenn to make Vir the Centauri representative to Minbar, to get him away from the station. Garibaldi holds an intervention with Franklin that doesn't get through.

"Passing Through Gethsemane" sees Brother Edward, one of the monks that turned up a couple of episodes ago being haunted by the image of a black rose. And Lyta makes a return from the Vorlon homeworld... Of course, Brad Dourif carries this episode - like he does most times he's a guest star.

Oh, and rather than watch any more episodes, I found myself over here, reading X-Files / Voyager fanfic...

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