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2005-01-21 Entry: "Emma-Centric"

After last night's coming in and crashing, tonight started with finding the Strange finale "Asmoth" on Showtime... it's still a reasonably intriguing show, but they'd have needed to make a second series to tie up some loose ends... like was the priest a good guy or a demon? Can they save the kid? And can Tom Baker look any sillier?

Then we went back to Mutant X, and Emma gets seduced by a tall dark stranger in a club... Only he appears to want to suck her life out with a kiss... So Brennan gets some over-the-top wire work in the subsequent fight. All this in the teaser of "Lazarus Syndrome."

Eckhart's latest henchperson, the unlikely named Ms Freeze (who has thermal control, so can heat coffee as well as cool stuff), has to hunt down the guy involved - who's been preying on a whole host of female new mutants.

They track him down, Brennan has a pointless fight with him, and the GSA hit him with a car and kill him. Then Emma starts seeing him when he isn't there.

Of course, Pamela Freeze and Emma get captured by the vampire, and Emma has to help the GSA agent use her powers to escape the handcuffs. Unfortunately, it doesn't end well for Ms. Freeze... but her GSA tracking chip might give Caleb reason to trust Emma.

Okay... this wans't the worlds best episode, but there sure was a lot of Emma... which is never a bad thing!

It's followed by "Interface," where Emma is attacked while out shopping, and Shalimar drops in at the last minute after buying some bricks to put in her shopping bags. Meanwhile, someone has broken into a safehouse and captured all the residents.. obviously the GSA.

Unfortunately, the GSA appear to have an agent who can telepathically interface with computers, and she is seriously career minded... and Emma was her best friend back at high school... so lets expect a little undercover work... and can I say, having two Emma-centric episodes in a row can never be a bad thing!

And then, in a completely pointless fight scene, a GSA agent with extreme martial arts skills takes on Brennan and Jesse at a safe house... oh, and he can teleport as well... but it's all a training simulation... how pointless...

But this was fun - get Emma captured by the GSA, let Michelle find out how bad Genomex are, escape Genomex again, and obviously heal Michelle of her slowly degrading DNA...

Oh, okay... really bad CGI makes up the fourth act... and the telempath has to give emotions to the emotionally deficient. Erm... and where did her clothes go?!

Not the worlds best episode, but it finishes the disc... only 6 more episodes to go... and still nothing has happened in this show. I guess I'm spoiled by B5 (which I'm trying to avoid while I finish Mutant X because the last episode of the next B5 disc is the first part of the 3 part breakaway from Earth extravaganza... and I probably won't stop at 1 disc).

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