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2005-01-18 Entry: "Change Of Plan"

Is it just me or is Mutant X just not all that gripping? Oh well, four more episodes tonight - probably... we'll see after the first two if I have a change of heart... We've had the evil double episode, so we've got the "we're running out of money, better have a clip show" episode, maybe the "no-one's ever set an episode on an aircraft... let's do that..." episode...

But we kick off with "Blood Ties" - the "distant family members mysteriously show up and involve our heroes in trouble" episode. So Jesse's father is a covert operative? And he's stolen a disc from a company that implicates the GSA in some accident - and Eckhart temporarily assigns a mutant with genetically enhanced hearing to track it down.

We get a humourous moment when Emma and Shalimar have to infiltrate the company that had the accident and they get into a debate about underwear - and Emma's going commando...

Otherwise this is about as predictable as episodes come...

Then in "Altered Ego" the GSA snatch a guy who can kill plants, while Shalimar manages to rescue his sister? Girlfriend? Associate? Whatever... one gets captured and one gets away in the teaser. Presumably plant-killing guy would have been the better one to rescue, as the girl seems to be able to bring out people's worst instincts... or as she describes it, she can turn bad people good. Adam worked with her father, which explains his interest... And why this won't end well...

Of course, she manages to work her evil magic on Adam, and he uses his knowledge of everyone's powers to defeat them. So we have evil double episode, and then brainwashing evil episode. Can they make anyone else evil in this show?

Heh, yes, I was right, after two episodes, I ended up watching the commentary to Blood Ties (with Forbed March and Victoria Pratt), and then didn't want to do two whole episodes, so swapped out the disc.

Instead, I'm starting S3 of B5... with "Matters Of Honor." And we open with Sheridan thanking Kosh for saving his life. Apparently though, being seen by so many strains Kosh, so he had to rest for a week. And why did Kosh take the risk? "It was necessary!" And yes, I do love Kosh... he gives the best cryptic answers of anyone...

Marcus Cole makes his first appearance as this season's extra cast member... making up for Keffer's loss last season. And Ivanova gets to give the title spiel this season. She really should have stuck around for all five years... but more on that later...

We have a change in the theme music here... and I've never been sure I particularly like the more martial theme... maybe it'll grow on me... but I doubt it as this'll be my fourth viewing.

And now they've put the title up, I can bitch about having to check my spelling... yes, I spelled Honour with a U... because it has one damnit... and if the Americans can't spell, it's not my fault!

We have guest star David Endawi, Earthforce special intelligence, visiting the station and hoping to meet with the Captain and Ambassador Delenn. Medlab has expanded. Oh, and Mr Morden is back... and Londo wants to reconsider their relationship. And I love the little sound effects to indicate the Shadows are prompting him in the meeting.

And of course, Earthforce are there to check if anyone recognizes the Shadow ship Keffer managed to get footage of. Delenn denies all knowledge (that's a lie, but presumably there's a get-out clause from the Minbari do not lie dictum); Londo tells the truth, but he's only seen them in his prophetic dream of them flying overhead on Centauri Prime; G'Kar gives him historical references from the book of G'Quan.

Oh, and Marcus is a cynic. And we get the first CGI Minbari fighting pike... and that would be a cool weapon to have... and girls could even keep them in their purse, as they're nicely collapsible!

And I love the way Ivanova knows everything about the Rangers without having to be told by anyone!

Yay, and the White Star makes an appearance... finally Sheridan has his warship... of course, they're going to get a whole bunch more, but one'll do for now...

Morden makes his deal over which parts of the galaxy the Centauri and the Shadows can conquer. But there's one world that Morden has asked Lord Refa to take for the Shadows. And it's the same world, Zagros 7, that Sheridan has just gone to to save the Ranger training colony.

Morden is seen on Earth, and Sheridan forms a war council... and then breaking my rule, I'm doing another episode...

So "Convictions" sees a whole bunch of missionaries coming to the station, and a bombing campaign making Garibaldi's life hell. Brother Theo and his band of merry men arrive at the station... which sets up Passing Through Gethsemane in a few episodes time...

Lennier does some more lying... which he agrees to do penance for... to get rid of an overly-talkative human, before saving both Delenn and Londo from the next bomb... and getting caught behind the pressure door in the docking bay.

And this is the episode where Londo and G'Kar get trapped in a lift together - we're starting to get to the lowest point of G'Kar, and he's going to start on his upwards journey soon... where's Dust To Dust? Ah... four episodes away.

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