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2005-01-16 Entry: "No comment"

"Blood Moon" is the next CSI:Miami episode, and we have Cuban refugees, a cigar-maker dead in his shop, a guy shot at an ATM, and Maria Conchita Alonso as guest star.

"Slow Burn" sees a body found out in the everglades where a firebreak is being burned. Unfortunately, the fire gets out of control and Alex and Eric are caught in it (hiding under a fire blanket). Oh, and the hero of Stargate: Atlantis makes a guest appearance.

"Stalkerazzi" gives us the life and times of a movie star, and the photographer who caught a murder on film. This wasn't a great episode on the whole...

And then, home invasion and murder in "Invasion." Oh, Vincent Ventresca makes a guest appearance - guess he won't be going invisible here though... Is it just me, or when there's a family involved in this show where one of them dies, it almost certainly destroys the family, with large chunks of them going to jail?

Well, I didn't have a lot to say about those did I? I did however go out for a few hours, which kinda cut short the viewage. But I watched Shaman King when I got in - although as this was volume 2 and I haven't seen any of it before it wasn't the easiest to follow show... maybe I'll have to track down the earlier volume...

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