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2005-01-15 Entry: "More Werewolves"

We finished a CSI: Miami disc last night, so we're back to Mutant X... and we open with "Lit Fuse" and a girl needs electricity to survive, and drains the power grid to survive. When she's discovered and accidentally kills someone, she runs away.

And oh my goddess - Mr Dent is Genomex's latest hunter... will he die horribly in some obscure fashion like in Codename: Eternity?

Okay, this girl absorbs electricity, and Brennan throws off energy, so there's lots of warnings that they shouldn't get too close, but this episode gets really silly when she absorbs Brennan... and somehow gains his power.

The following episode "In The Presence Of Mine Enemies" sees Proxy Blue reporting on Eckhart himself, and so the GSA are searching for the source of the electronic newswoman. Meanwhile, Jesse is in love with a telekinetic who's decided to go straight after a life of crime.

Oh, and that's not good - the GSA's latest hunter has been set up on a blind date with Brennan by Jesse's girlfriend... it's alright though, the subterfuge doesn't last long, when a whole bunch of agents come in to arrest Toni (Jesse's girlfriend).

Toni is then forced by the GSA to create a new Proxy Blue - a replacement that would spin the news their way. Meanwhile, Mutant X has to invade Genomex because they have a data drive that could pinpoint the location of their headquarters - unfortunately due to Toni's previous hacking...

I then watched "Dog Soldiers" and what's not to like about werewolves and soldiers... okay, it's not really a comedy although there are some amusing moments - like the dog pulling at Sean Pertwee's bandages and the bitching about missing the footy. Oh, and the werewolf costumes in this are pretty good too.

You know, I've been slowly adding my dvd collection to DVD Spot, but their selection of Region 2 discs is pretty minimal, so I'm having to add a lot, and while I'm entering the data and reading the plot for each of the discs, I keep going "Oh, that was actually quite a good movie... I should watch that again." Which was pretty much what led to the Dog Soldiers viewing...

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