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2005-01-14 Entry: "Another Day"

Well, although not commented on because I was dog-tired and needed sleep, I managed to get through two episodes of CSI: Miami last night - "Hurricane Anthony" and "Grand Prix" both of which I appear to have seen before... so I did see some of this series when it aired.

The hurricane episode was a fun episode, unlike the episode about the racing cars, which was predictable and didn't have enough actual racing in it!

Anyway, as I should finish the disc, tonight kicks off with "Big Brother," from which I only remember one of the two stories - the murder of the stockbroker and the webcam sorority house. I'd completely spaced the story about Horatio's brother and the fact that they catch his killer in this episode. Of course, he keeps most of the surrounding details a secret from Yelina, which isn't going to do much for his relationship when it all comes out...

Now, because I seem to be interspersing Mutant X discs with CSI discs, it looks like we have to change show - I don't really want to, but otherwise I might not end up watching the mutant show for months...

So we pick up with "Kilohertz" - about a mutant terrorist who goes by the name of the episode. He can turn into electricity and travel inside computer systems and between satellites. Also, he's more than a little power hungry, so Mutant X trying to find him and bring him in to help them goes a little awry.

Then we have "Meaning of Death" where new mutants' powers start going haywire and causing accidents nationwide. Adam discovers a spore that causes uncontrolled mutation in less than 1% of new mutants, but then becomes extremely contagious when those are infected. Of course, half of Mutant X end up infected and Adam has to make a deal with Genomex to work on a cure... and Eckhart wants to double cross him...

Not a bad episode, and it finished the disc (well, okay, it finishes side A of the disc, and I should really do side B as well, but I'm going to go back to CSI instead).

So Miami picks up with "Bait" and it's amazing how good this picture looks after Mutant X - is it really much better, or is it the scenery and lighting? Anyway, Bait opens with a shark attack... but the woman had previously been shot. She turns out to be part of a sting agency that entraps cheating husbands. And one of those husbands who's been set up is a cop... so Eric tries to keep that quiet while he investigates it.

Then "Extreme" sees a couple of thrillseekers pay for the girl to get kidnapped so they can rescue her. Unfortunately she turns up dead, so what went wrong? Eric gets involved by a woman he helped out a few weeks earlier, but while doing odd jobs for her manages to entangle himself in a car-jacking case that the cop from the previous episode was investigating.

"Complications" - a boy with his telescope finds a body hanging from the ceiling of an apartment a couple of blocks away from him. It looks like a suicide, but it's been staged. And apparently Kristy Swanson is guest starring here... so we'll keep an eye out... ahhh, the dead guy was the anaesthesiologist, and Kristy was the patient getting liposuction... oh, and his lover.

Oh, and another Buffy reference point in this episode - one of the marines from Season 4 is here too... Forrest? I can't remember, but he's the teammate of Riley's who ends up as the second subject of Walsh's Frankenstein-like experiments.

Finally, we have "Witness To Murder," where a mentally handicapped witnesses a murder in a parking garage (yeesh... that should be multi-storey car park... I've been here too long...). The victim was a diamond broker... but he had a gun when he got out of the car, so what happened. Meanwhile, a body pickup in the boondocks leads the CSIs to ask for the body to be returned to the lab due to bad weather before they've taken any trace evidence. Unfortunately, the body never arrives at the lab...

And hey, look, I discovered hyperlinks! Well, okay, usually I forget, or I'm tired, or I just can't be bothered... but tonight you get the episodes in full webby goodness... it'll probably wear off by tomorrow though!

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