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2005-01-12 Entry: "Miami Crocodiles"

CSI: Miami continues with "Hard Time" where a guy masturbating find the lampshade above his bed is full of maggots (due to the dead body in the apartment above). Okay... they aren't pulling any punches here - even with the maggots and blowflys crawling through her head wound, she's still alive... and EWWW! YEUCH!

That was a fun little episode... first one I hadn't seen any of before, and ignoring the really completely horrible start, it wasn't too bad after that. Have they upped the rating for this season? We've had semi-naked models and government sponsored torture, spearguns and drug dealing, and now masturbation and people with maggots in their head wounds... I'm not sure I want to know what'll be next, but here we go with "Death Grip."

A 14 year old girl gets snatched out of her bed, and there's a registered sex offender living nearby. Then the scent dogs find an arm.

Okay, one I had seen before, tennis coach stalks young tennis players... and an amusing interlude with a whole host of crocodiles. Not their best episode.

And it looks like I'm going to do the next disc rather than go back to B5. So we kick this one off with "The Best Defense" - owners of a club get killed by a masked gunmen, but there's one survivor.

You know what I've just noticed? There's never a second case in Miami - they always have just the one story and all the cast deal with it (unlike Vegas, where there's at least two cases in most episodes).

Oh, and Calleigh's father is in it - he's got a job in the public defender's office. So he might be in this series a bit more... of course, him playing a lawyer will be a little strange, as he played the overly-ambitious lawyer Roy Foltrigg in The Client (the TV show) - John Heard.

And there goes my cunning theory, as Eric is working on Calleigh's father's case, and everyone else is working on the club shooting.

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