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2005-01-11 Entry: "More Mutants"

More Mutant X, in this case "Russian Roulette," which sees Tina, a mutant with amphibious abilities, being tracked by some Russians. When Brennan gets in the way, they zap him with some red laser beam thingy which causes him to lose his powers. Unfortunately, he'll die unless they manage to get hold of the weapon that caused it, and the precise triggering sequence.

Not a bad episode on the whole - I missed the twist with the traitor selling out the underground. Jesse gets a lot of screen time here. And what's with Emma's black PVC jumpsuit at the end?

Then "Fool For Love" sees Shalimar going clubbing, to meet another Feral mutant and bring her into the Underground, but she's changed her mind. When the second Feral, Donna, goes off with some guy in a BMW, something happens to her, causing her to go wild.

Shalimar, investigating the woman's apartment, meets another Feral, who's doing research at Genomex in an attempt to remove the mutation from someone's DNA.

A fun little episode, but I'm not at all convinced by the choices Shalimar makes in this episode. Emma gets to have fun at the guys' expense the whole time.

And now, a change of pace - CSI: Miami, Season 2. And it begins with "Blood Brothers" which I apparently saw when it aired... there's probably a reasonable chunk of this series I haven't seen though.

In this, a girl gets run down running out of a fashion show, after clubbing a guy over the head with a wine bottle. Tracking the culprit of the hit and run proves relatively easy, but he appears to have diplomatic immunity (and for prescience - he gets it because the US are using his father to illegally torture prisoners of war taken in Iraq and flown out to a third country by the CIA - murder and political commentary in one easy package!). Horatio is obviously getting pressure from above to drop the case and apologise to the criminal.

Oh, and Horatio needs to decide whether to make a move on his brother's widow...

Jim from Neighbours makes an appearance as a Canadian diplomat.

Okay, I'd only seen the very start of that one, so I probably haven't even seen that much of "Dead Zone." Although the guy with the spear through his chest, pinned to the hull of a boat is familiar looking.

Sunken treasure, drug smuggling, exploding mail, all in all a normal day in Miami... But for an episode named after a Stephen King novel, not very horrifying!

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