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2005-01-10 Entry: "The End... Of Season 2"

"Knives" sees Londo's old friend, Urza Jaddo, come to the station. They were colleagues in a duelling society on Centauri Prime. Urza is about to be declared traitor to the Empire back home, and Mollari agrees to do anything to try and stop it.

Meanwhile, the Captain goes wandering around in Grey Sector, and gets zapped by a dying Markab, and subsequently starts hallucinating. The Markab travelled through sector 14 before coming to B5 (past where B4 disappeared), and seems to have picked something up on route.

Unfortunately for Mollari, it's Refa who's bringing the resolution that Urza is a traitor, and when Urza finds out that Refa and Londo have had dealings, he challenges him to a duel.

"Confessions And Lamentations" sees a plague spreading amid the Markab, and the Captain having a loooooong drawn out meal with Delenn... which Lennier spent three days preparing.

A long overdue transport from the Markab homeworld turns out to be floating dead in space - the entire passenger count dead. Unfortunately, when Franklin discovers the plague, he also finds out that it is 100% terminal, and 100% contagious.

The Markab decide to quarantine themselves, and Delenn and Lennier ask to enter the isolation zone to minister to them in their hour of need. Meanwhile, the plague appears to jump species to the Pak'mara.

And now we're into the last four - the big arc episodes leading up to the series finale. Firstly "Divided Loyalties," and the Captain and Garibaldi are considering bringing Talia into their conspiracy. Meanwhile, Ivanova and Talia, are becoming much closer friends. And Lyta Alexander returns to the station, pretty banged up.

Apparently, one of the crew has been programmed by Psi-Corps as a traitor, and Lyta has the password that would destroy the primary personality and bring out the traitor. She wishes to send the password telepathically to each of them to discover who it is, and obviously, Ivanova strenuously protests.

Lyta gets shot at by somebody, and ends up running around Down Below, before calling Delenn to arrange another meeting with the command staff. Ivanova comes clean to Sheridan about being a latent telepath, and a phrase she uses reminds him of his dream with Kosh, where Ivanova says "Do you know who I am?"

Presumably, if the actress hadn't left the show, this episode was why Kosh took that data crystal a year ago, so that they could restore Talia's original personality when the supressed one wiped it out. But I guess we'll never know...

"The Long, Twilight Struggle" sees the Narn hoping to prolong the war by making an all out strike on the Centauri supply depot at Gorash 7. Of course, it'll leave the Narn homeworld defenceless temporarily, but it'll only be a really short time. Unfortunately the Centauri have intercepted the plan and want Londo's forces to protect Gorash 7 while the Centuari fleet attack the Narn homeworld. Oh, and the Centauri are planning to use mass drivers, outlawed by every civilised race, to bombard the planet from space. And Londo is having an attack of consciounce about whether to call in the Shadows again.

Meanwhile, Sheridan and Delenn are invited down to the planet below by Draal (this is the other Draal... he's had a complete physical change of appearance while plugged into the Great Machine). He's agreed that the Great Machine could be useful in their future endeavours, and wants to form an alliance with them.

The Narns surrender (unconditionally), and Ambassador G'Kar is instructed to ask for sanctuary from the Captain. Meanwhile, the Centauri disband the ruling body, and increase the penalty for the murder of any Centauri by any Narn to the execution of 500 Narn.

And Delenn and Garibaldi introduce the Rangers to Sheridan, and he's given equal command with Delenn.

The Vorlons test Delenn in "Comes The Inquisitor." So he sends for an inquisitor, who arrives on a Vorlon transport. He turns out to be from Earth, dressed as a 19th Century gentleman, his name was Sebastian, and he lived in London, 1888.

G'Kar's authority as resistance leader is questioned, and he has to go to Garibaldi and the Captain to get a message from Narn families on the homeworld.

Sebastian goes through a whole questioning session of Delenn, torturing her at every reply he dislikes. Lennier discovers her, and goes to the Captain for help. Sheridan stupidly intervenes, and the Inquisitor turns his attention to him.

Of course, the best bit of this episode is the reveal of the Inquisitor's identity at the end of the episode...

Finally, in "The Fall Of Night" the Centauri have expanded their attacks to include Drazi and Pak'mara territory. Frederick Lance from the Ministry of Peace, and Mr Welles of the Night Watch, come to B5 to try and relieve tensions.

Meanwhile, Keffer gets a tip on a Shadow sighting in hyperspace and proceeds to try and track it down... this won't end well!

And just to heighten tensions, a Narn heavy cruiser, probably the last surviving, turns up at B5 in secret for repairs and resupply - or at least Sanctuary.

And the Night Watch are pushing Zack Allen beyond where he's willing to go in informing on people on the station.

The shoe drops when the Captain finds out Mr Lance is there to sign a non-aggression treaty with the Centauri. The Centauri send a heavy cruiser to handle the situation and a shooting war commences. The Narn ship gets away, but the Centauri ship explodes due to the damage taken.

Unfortunately for the Captain, he's required to apologise to the Centauri for it. But on the way to the Zen garden, a bomb forces Sheridan to jump from the transport tube, and there's only one way to save his life - for Kosh to reveal himself to all those present...

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