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2004-12-27 Entry: "Boxing Day"

Amazingly headache free... after two bottles of wine I should feel worse than this shouldn't I? Anyway, I got to start the morning rewatching the last ten minutes of Ginger Snaps from last night, as I couldn't remember the ending (and getting around to posting yesterday's entry).

Then I managed to finally pick up all my outstanding parcels from the site office. My brother's present had arrived in this bunch (only he'd got me the gift set rather than just the 4 disk extended DVD of Return Of The King).

Going back to Dungeons And Dragons, saw me watching "Quest Of The Skeleton Warrior" - Dekkion, the titular skeletal warrior, and former Celestial Knight, needs the Circle of Power to break the spell on him. Fortunately, Dungeon Master has already told the kids that the Lost Tower, where the circle is, has a way home.

Then, in "The Garden Of Zinn" Bobby gets poisoned by a plesiosaur, and the cure is the foot of a yellow dragon, found in the garden of Queen Zinn. However, the Queen has other plans - something to do with the test of the worm.

In "The Box" an earthquake exposes a treasure chest, that Dungeon Master claims contains something valuable, and an equal amount pain and horror. It is Zandora's Box and if they take it to Skull Mountain and open it, they can rescue Zandora and go home. And, ahah, this is the episode where Venger gets a chance to destroy the amusement park.

"The Lost Children" have a ship that can take the kids home. But when they find the children, they find Venger has the ship in his castle. And Sheila actually gets to do something thief-like when she sneaks into the castle while invisible.

In "P-R-E-S-T-O Spells Disaster" Presto summons a tornado to escape some orcs, but manages to make everyone else (except Uni) disappear. They are trapped in a giant's castle being hunted by a slime beast. Meanwhile Presto has to master his magic so that he can help rescue them and save the golden dragons.

And to finish the disk, we have "The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow" wherein a girl they rescue from lizardmen dreams of the future when she sleeps. Terri and her dog have to be helped home, but Dungeon Master tells them they have to destroy the portal home before they leave...

Back to Ripping Yarns, and we commence with "Whinfrey's Last Case." London, 1913, The War Office, and the British military are worried the Germans are trying to start the war a year early! Whinfrey, who should be able to help them, has decided to take a holiday. He's rented a cottage on the Cornish coast, but something strange seems to be afoot in the village of Torpoint.

Barstoneworth, 1935, home to "Golden Gordon," is the setting for the next Ripping Yarn. It opens with Barnstoneworth losing to Brighouse 8-1, and Gordon doesn't take it very well, nearly wrecking the house in his despair. There's more bad news when the football club is to be sold to a scrap metal company.

Finally, "Roger Of The Raj" sees Roger oppressed by the strictures of living in upper class society, and he dreams of being able to run away and open a shop. However, when he and his girlfriend are set to elope to a small shop in London, his tutor turns up wanting Roger to lead the uprising of the proletariat in the formation of a socialist state.

Then I got distracted by the source code provided with my Game Programming books, so put on the first disk of Noir in the background - I had the english dub on because I didn't want to pay too much attention to it (and I wanted to see if the dub was at all watchable as I've recommended the show to someone who's unlikely to listen to the original language track). It's a bit too talky in places, but they left the music alone, so it's bearable.

And then, to finish up the evening, I did an episode of The Jetsons - "Rosey's Boyfriend" - based on the first two minutes, I'm guessing Booster is the boyfriend in question, although it's Judy who seems to be stuck on him, as she seems to be stuck saying "yes, Booster" over and over. So where does Rosey come in? Ahhh... the apartment janitor has built a robot handyman called Mack... here's the boyfriend in question. See, I'm not with it at this point... need sleep...

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