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2004-12-26 Entry: "Success!"

Well, it started with a minor disaster - I pulled the turkey out of the fridge to prepare it for cooking, removed the giblets, and found them still frozen. After a frantic phonecall home, and a brief ten minutes on defrost in the microwave, I decided to risk the ice anyway.

So, after preparing the stuffing, and getting the turkey into the oven for its long bake, I settled down to watch The Box Of Delights. Now, I have fond memories of this show, and it holds up pretty well after all these years, but I'm still disappointed by the ending. If they're going to make a decent fantasy show, don't ruin it at the end by grounding it back in the real world. Allow a little bit of magic in.

Unfortunately, the turkey was looking a fraction undercooked when the show ran out, so I was forced to watch an hour of Liar, Liar. Not one of Jim Carrey's best films (to be fair, he's only made two films that are even barely watchable), and watching it on cable means I've got to put up with adverts. Yeesh!

Fortunately, the food turned out perfect - the Yorkshire pudding was a fraction overcooked, and the veg was a little soggy, but otherwise the turkey and roast potatoes turned out perfectly. Of course, I've got more turkey than I know what to do with, but that's to be expected.

While eating, I watched a suitably festive film - Die Hard 2: Die Harder - hey, it's set at Christmas! And then I meandered around for something else to watch.

While trying to decide, I put on a bit of "Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus" with Steve Guttenberg as Santa's son, searching for his wife before Christmas. At least, I'm guessing that's what it's about, as I came in half way through. And having Principal Snyder as his marriage counselor (or whatever his part is) is just strange.

But then, looking for a break in the pattern, I put on "The Ranch," and then spent ten minutes faffing around trying to determine if it was really supposed to be in widescreen or not. Bar stewards decided to release a 4:3 picture, even in the uncut and unrated version - what moron was in charge of their DVD releases?! Other than the picture problems, it was a really good show... and I'm extremely jealous of Jessica Collins - blonde haired, blue eyed lesbian... bestill my heart...

Finally, and extremely inebriated, I watched Ginger Snaps, but this morning couldn't remember the ending... otherwise it was quite a good horror film.

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