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2004-12-28 Entry: "The Day After The Day After Christmas"

Continuing with the Jetsons from last night, we start with "Elroy's TV Show" - Elroy gets to be Space Boy Zoom, and George quits his job to manage his son's budding career. Of course, Mr Spacely then has to get his son, Arthur on TV.

Then, in "Uniblab," Judy gets a ride to school with Buddy Blastoff, who looks and sounds suspiciously like Booster from two episodes ago. George has a meeting with Mr Spacely about a promotion. When he finally gets his problem with the dress-o-matic sorted out, Mr Spacely introduces him to Uniblab, the new robotic office manager. Unfortunately, Uniblab manages to get him fired in fairly short order.

"A Visit From Grandpa" sees Montague Jetson come to visit. 110 years old, and George's grandfather, he's certainly spritely. Dancing, baseball, bowling, even sky-skiing, he's up for anything. His way with the ladies certainly causes confusion with Judy and Jane, who think he's getting married and having a baby.

In "Astro's Top Secret" Mr Spacely and Mr Cogswell challenge each other after an antagonistic game of golf, and George gets the job of coming up with a strategy to put Mr. Cogswell out of business. Cogswell's spy sees George controlling Astro with what is apparently an anti-gravity device, and so has the dog kidnapped for interrogation!

And then, in a fit of insanity, I went out and watched Blade: Trinity, which would have been wretched, but Jessica Biel kinda takes your mind off how bad the film actually is (and to be fair, Ryan Reynolds stupid one liners are vaguely amusing in places). The ending is a little weak, and Dominic Purcell really doesn't have a lot to do, but otherwise, probably an improvement over the second film.

And is it me, or were they trailing a lot of horror films? The Amityville Horror, Dark Water, Constantine (which, to be fair, isn't really horror - it's Keanu Reeves finding the most wooden comic book hero he can, so he's got a chance of pulling the role off). Lots of horror trailers... but then, they're supposed to be appropriate to the film you're seeing, so other than the fact that Blade isn't horror (well, maybe the second one is... horrible, horrible, film!) they were spot on!

And then I came home and watched the first Mrs Bradley Mystery - Speedy Death. And I'd quite forgotten the twist in it... but Diana Rigg is always fun to watch, and Neil Dudgeon as the chauffeur trying to better himself by reading the dictionary gave a couple of amusing moments.

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