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2002-06-11 Entry: "ITV Are Evil"

There's a grand prix this weekend. Unfortunately, it's Canada. Therefore, the race clashes with dinner on Sunday (so I'll have to tape it and watch it later in the evening without encountering the result elsewhere), and the qualifying should be early evening.

But apparently Ant and Dec have to entertain the nation instead. Chirpy brummy misfits get top billing, and the qualifying gets relegated to when? 11:45 start (so, midnight-1am for the actual driving portion) - are they mad?! People might actually want to watch that (and it appears that Qualifying usually gets better ratings than the Saturday evening entertainment they thrust upon us)...

After being up at the crack of dawn to check on the arrival of the paying in slip from the US Embassy (which, unsurprisingly didn't come), my only remaining task for the day was a trip to the insurance people. My car becomes uninsured on Friday, and they can't do a sensible two week / one month policy - it's a year or nothing...

There is an alternative - we insure my brother (who arrives home from University having finished all his exams today) and I get stuck on as second driver - then he can drive it when I'm gone... but this option is over 1000 pounds and getting money out of him is like getting blood from a stone (and not those really bloody stones either). This will probably be what we go for once it's been negotiated out during the week...

And I am no longer a Halifax customer - keeping track of the extra account while in the USofA seemed more work than necessary, and since they've started paying as little interest as the bank (since dropping their mutual status when the carpetbaggers moved in) it's not as if I'll miss them a great deal...

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