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2002-06-11 Entry: "World Cup Fever"

So England play Argentina at lunch time. And, at 12-ish, the office empties of people (who've gone to the restaurant or the pub to watch).

Not being particularly bothered (and hoping for a crushing defeat), I stayed put. And then spent an hour messing with the world cup website to try and get the live coverage to work... nothing happened, but I did get auto-updating text commentary / score, so I could vaguely follow it.

By some unfortunatle miracle, we won, so now I've got to suffer another week of people insistent that we could win this thing.

The most worrying thing is that we could - as all the big teams are being thoroughly mediocre at the moment, we could win by being the least mediocre. Yes, we're the least mediocre football team in the world... doesn't really have that ring to it does it. It's not as if we deserve to win - we're thoroughly inconsistent; we either play terribly, or reasonably well (and when we play reasonably well we usually fall apart at some point in the match and make it easy for the competition).

So, inconsistency abounds - roll on Nigeria...

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